Ring Alarm vs Xfinity Home Security: An Expert Comparison

Today we will be comparing Ring, the do-it-yourself style home security system with Xfinity Home Security. Let’s dive right in!

Home security systems can be professionally installed or they can be DIY (do it yourself), which means you will need to set up the equipment yourself. This factor along with monitoring services, types of equipment, contacts versus no-contract service fees, etc. are also important to take into consideration before investing in a home alarm system. In this post we will be comparing Ring Alarm with Xfinity Home Security.

Ring Alarm Control Panel

You have probably heard of the name Ring before due to the reputation they have built with their security cameras. Ring, over the years, has released a variety of other smart home camera, and now security products. Ring offers their Ring Alarm system which work by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. It does include a cellular chip as an optional way for you to use their system without the need of an internet connection. Ring is actually on the second generation of their control panel. Their second-generation control panel is small, compact, and has a square shaped design. The control panel includes the famous ring indicator light that will change colors to show different system statutes. The Ring Alarm control panel is controlled through a separate push-button keypad or through the Ring app. The Ring control panel includes a 24-hour backup up battery. It has a built in Z-Wave protocol which means you can expand it include other branded devices such as smart locks. The Ring system has different chime alerts for different security devices that will alert you will these devices have been triggered. If your Ring system or devices detect an event, the system will sound its built-in internal siren.

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Xfinity Control Panel

Xfinity is widely known as a provider of cable, phone, and internet services. Just like many other cable companies, Xfinity also offers a security system to their customers called Xfinity Home. Xfinity has a offers a full colored touchscreen control panel that is packed full of features. It has a very thin designed which means it can be placed pretty much anywhere. The panel works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. If your WIFI is down the Xfinity Home touchscreen control panel has a cellular chip as a backup so it will still continue to work even if your internet is down. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. If your power does go off, the touchscreen has a backup battery. The touchscreen displays the current time and weather in your specific area. You can also arm and disarm your system, add sensors, and view video right from the touchscreen. Xfinity Home control panel is pretty expandable as well, and you can use other branded devices with it.

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Who wins?

The control panel offered with Ring Alarm is pretty similar to Xfinity’s basic panel. Both of these panels don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, and need to be controlled through a separate keypad. Xfinity however does offer their digital keypad control panel with a full colored touchscreen with tons of features. Because Xfinity offers a superior control panel to that of what Ring has to offer, we are giving them the win for this category.

Ring Alarm Equipment

Ring offers a lot of great basic equipment for you to choose from. To keep the doors and windows of your home protected, Ring offers wireless and battery-operated door/window sensor. Ring also offers wireless and battery-operated motion sensors that are great at detecting motion in large areas in your home. Ring offers secondary keypads you can add to your Ring Secure system. Their keypads have an illuminated push-button keypad and include a rechargeable battery. Ring also offers a battery-operated panic button that will trigger your system, and alert emergency services when it has been pushed. They also offer a battery-operated external siren that will trigger when your Ring Secure system triggers. Ring offers a wireless and battery-operated smoke/CO sensor and a freeze/flood sensor to keep your home safe from the elements. Both these sensors will make an audible alert if rises in smoke, CO gas, rises/drops in temperature, and floods/ leak occur. All equipment offered by Ring is DIY, but they do include a step by step setup guide for a fast and easy installation.

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Home Automation

Due to the Ring control panel having a Z-Wave protocol, you can really expand it to includes a lot of home automaton devices, and these devices don’t have to be a Ring Brand. Ring offers a ton of home automation and video surveillance equipment for you to choose from. Today we will only be going over some of these, and if you are looking for a more complete list you can visit the Ring website. Ring offers several different brands of smart locks including Schlage. These locks have a push-button keypad, can be remotely controlled, and you can create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. You can also use a variety of smart bulbs, smart switches, and light controls you can choose from including brands like Phillips HUE and GE. These particular types of devices are great at cutting down your home’s energy consumption per month due to their ability to have custom timers set and to be controlled remotely.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

When it comes to video surveillance equipment, Ring has more of selection than many other security companies. They offer, indoor, outdoor, video doorbell, and flood light cameras. Their video surveillance cameras come in two versions: powered by an AC power source, and a rechargeable battery powered version. Their cameras work by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network. You will need to check which camera you are interested in specific specifications but generally most Ring cameras includes 2-way audio, night vision, custom motion zones, motion sensors, and the ability to capture video in either 720P or 1080P.

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Xfinity Equipment

Xfinity Home offers every sensor you could need to keep your family and home totally protected. The first type of sensors they offer are door/window sensors. Their door/window sensors are wireless and battery-operated. You will be instantly notified whenever these sensors have been triggered. Xfinity Home also offers motion sensors. Their motion sensors are wireless and battery-operated. Xfinity Home offers a wireless and battery-operated keypad as another way for you to arm and disarm your system. The Xfinity Home keypad has a push button design that allows you to easily arm and disarm your system with a push of a button. Xfinity Home offers a smoke detector as well. Their smoke detector is wireless and battery-operated with a battery life up to 5 years. When smoke has been detected the Xfinity Home smoke detector it will make an audible alert, and you will also be sent an instant notification that this event has taken place. All of the basic security equipment that is mentioned above is installed via a Xfinity professional installer so you do not have to worry about setting up the equipment yourself.

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Home Automation

Xfinity has a lot of great add-on equipment that allows you to really expand your system. They have some great home automation equipment that can help cut down on your home’s energy costs per month. Xfinity Home offers Zen Thermostats. The Zen Thermostat has a LED touch display and works for the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems. The Zen Thermostat works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered by it being directly wired to your home’s power source. The Zen Thermostat allows you to set custom timers for when your heating and cooling system comes on and goes off which can save you money on your home’s energy bill. Xfinity Home also offers a smart outlet. Their smart outlet plugs directly into an AC power source, and works with a variety of small appliances. You can set timers for when the appliances connected to the smart outlet come on and go off. There are also a wide variety of other branded smart home devices that will work with the Xfinity Home system such as Phillips and Yale. You can find a list of compatible devices on Xfinity’s website.

Video Monitoring

When it comes to video surveillance equipment Xfinity Home offers their indoor/outdoor camera. Their indoor/outdoor camera can be used for providing video coverage for the areas that are on the outside or the inside of your home. It is a wireless camera that works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered by an AC power source. Xfinity Home’s indoor/outdoor camera can capture HD video clips, and it comes with night vison technology that allows you to capture images when there is little to no light around.

Who wins?

Ring Alarm and Xfinity offer some great basic equipment that will keep your home protected from home invaders as well as environmental factors. Both Ring Alarm and Xfinity offers wireless and battery-operated sensors that are great at protecting the inside of your home. Both companies offer roughly the same basic sensors, so this category is a tie.

Ring Alram and Xfinity both offer a lot of add-on equipment that really lets you personalize your security solution. We really like the fact that Xfinity Home offers Zen thermostats which are really great at helping you cut down on your home’s energy costs per month. Because Xfinity has a wider selection of home automation equipment than Ring Alarm, and for this reason we are giving them the win for this category.

Ring Alarm vs Xfinity App

Ring Alarm and Xfinity offer professional, self, and video monitoring services. Their self-monitoring services are done through their apps which are free to download and work for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. With their apps you will be able to remotely arm and disarm your system, receive push-notifications for events, stream live and recorded video, control home automation devices, and customize system and device features which can be done on to go. Ring Alarm and Xfinity Home Security’s professional monitoring services work the same where you have a professional monitoring station watching over your home 24/7. However, Xfinity Home Security requires a contract, and may not be available in all places. Also, Ring Alarm’s month to month cost for their monitoring services are generally cheaper than that of Xfinity Home Security’s, and both companies offer no-contract options.

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Ring Alarm vs Xfinity vs Link Interactive

Today we took a look at what Ring Alarm and the Xfinity Home Security have to offer and how they compare. Ring Alarm system and Xfinity offer a pretty sound security setup that will provide your home or office with some security protection.

Because Xfinity actually has a better overall value for equipment, we are choosing them as our winner. But, if you’re looking for something even better than Xfinity or Ring Alarm, check out Link Interactive’s home security system below.

Why you should get Link Interactive instead

Link Interactive and Ring Alarm are pretty similar in terms of equipment and monitoring services. At Link we offer the Qolsys control panel, Alarm.com self-monitoring and third-party professional monitoring. We both also offer home automation control and cutting-edge video monitoring services. The difference is in the experience. With our Alarm.com security system, you open yourself up to more features and compatibility with various on-market smart devices.

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