Best Home Security Companies in 2023: Vivint vs Xfinity vs Link Interactive

Today we will be comparing three of the top home security providers in Vivint Smart Home, Xfinity, and Link Interactive. So let’s dive right in and see how they stack up! We’ll go over equipment, monitoring plans, and more!

We understand that searching for a home security system can feel overwhelming due to the extensive amount of information that needs to be sorted through. To simplify this process for you, we have assembled a comprehensive analysis of the products and services provided by three prominent security companies: Vivint, Xfinity, and Link Interactive. By comparing their offerings, we aim to make your decision-making process more manageable.

Vivint Smart Home Control Panel

Vivint goes beyond traditional home security by offering a range of smart home solutions. Their flagship product, the Smart Hub control panel, enhances your living space with its advanced features. Sporting a 7-inch full-color touchscreen, the Smart Hub serves as a centralized control center for your home. It conveniently displays the system's status, current time, and temperature. Through the intuitive touchscreen, you can effortlessly manage all system functions and connected devices. The Smart Hub employs a secure wireless signal to transmit data, ensuring the privacy and integrity of your security information. It comes equipped with a built-in cellular chip, enabling secure transmission even without a landline or internet connection. While it primarily operates wirelessly, it can also connect to your home's Wi-Fi network as a backup. For continuous operation, the device relies on an AC power source but includes a 24-hour backup battery to sustain functionality during power outages. In times of emergencies, the Smart Hub features 2-way audio functionality, enabling communication with Vivint's monitoring station. When a security event is detected, the Smart Hub triggers its internal siren, alerting occupants and deterring potential intruders. Furthermore, the device offers expandability, allowing integration with other compatible security and home automation devices using the Z-Wave protocol.

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Xfinity Control Panel

Xfinity, a well-known provider of cable, phone, and internet services, extends its offerings to include a security system known as Xfinity Home. Similar to other cable companies, Xfinity equips its customers with a feature-rich, full-color touchscreen control panel as part of their security package. The Xfinity Home control panel is remarkably slim, allowing for versatile placement options throughout your home. It operates by wirelessly connecting to your home's Wi-Fi network, granting convenient access to its functionalities. In the event of a Wi-Fi outage, the control panel seamlessly switches to a cellular chip backup, ensuring uninterrupted operation even without internet connectivity. To power the control panel, it requires an AC power source conveniently located nearby. In the event of a power outage, the touchscreen is equipped with a backup battery to maintain its functionality. The touchscreen display not only provides access to security features but also showcases the current time and weather in your specific area. Through the touchscreen control panel, you can easily arm and disarm your system, add sensors, and even view video feeds. Furthermore, Xfinity Home's control panel is highly expandable, offering compatibility with other branded devices, allowing for a customizable and comprehensive security setup.

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Link Interactive Control Panel

Link Interactive provides a variety of control panels to suit different preferences, but their most sought-after choice is the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. This wireless and cellular system boasts a sleek and slim design and seamlessly connects to your home's Wi-Fi network, ensuring reliable connectivity. Powered by AC power, it also includes a backup battery, providing an extra layer of security. The IQ Panel 2 features a 7-inch full-color touchscreen, offering effortless control of your security system and connected devices. It also displays vital information such as system status, current time, and local temperature. Equipped with a front-facing 5 MP camera, the IQ Panel 2 captures snapshots when the system is armed or disarmed, enhancing monitoring capabilities. One notable feature is the built-in glass break detector, actively listening for the sound of breaking glass and triggering an alarm if detected. Additionally, the panel includes an internal siren that sounds when the system or connected devices are triggered, alerting occupants and deterring intruders. Thanks to its Z-Wave protocol compatibility, the IQ Panel 2 is expandable, enabling the integration of other smart home automation devices like smart locks. The Bluetooth arming and disarming feature adds convenience by automatically arming and disarming the system as you leave or return home. In summary, the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 from Link Interactive is a premium control panel option offering a wide range of features and capabilities to enhance your home security and automation requirements.

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Vivint Smart Home Equipment

Vivint offers a wide range of wireless and battery-operated sensors that ensure complete coverage of your home. They have intrusion and environmental safety sensors that include door/window, motion, glass break, and tilt sensors. The door/window sensors notify you when a door or window with a sensor installed has been opened or closed. The motion sensors detect motion in rooms and are pet immune, making them suitable for smaller pets. Glass break sensors listen for the sound of breaking glass and trigger your security system, while the tilt sensor alerts you when your garage doors have been opened or shut.

Vivint also provides keychain remotes that are battery-operated and easy to use. With a simple push-button design, these remotes allow you to disarm and arm your system quickly and easily. For environmental safety, Vivint has smoke, CO, and flood sensors available. These sensors feature built-in audible alert chimes that notify you when there are dangerous levels of smoke, CO gas, or water leaks. They will also trigger your Vivint security system and send you an instant alert.

All of Vivint's equipment is installed by a professional security technician, so you don't have to worry about setting it up yourself. With Vivint's comprehensive range of equipment and expert installation, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is fully protected.

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Xfinity Equipment

Xfinity Home offers every sensor you could need to keep your family and home totally protected. The first type of sensors they offer are door/window sensors. Their door/window sensors are wireless and battery-operated. You will be instantly notified whenever these sensors have been triggered. Xfinity Home also offers motion sensors. Their motion sensors are wireless and battery-operated. Xfinity Home offers a wireless and battery-operated keypad as another way for you to arm and disarm your system. The Xfinity Home keypad has a push button design that allows you to easily arm and disarm your system with a push of a button. Xfinity Home offers a smoke detector as well. Their smoke detector is wireless and battery-operated with a battery life up to 5 years. When smoke has been detected the Xfinity Home smoke detector it will make an audible alert, and you will also be sent an instant notification that this event has taken place. All of the basic security equipment that is mentioned above is installed via a Xfinity professional installer so you do not have to worry about setting up the equipment yourself.

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Home Automation

Xfinity has a lot of great add-on equipment that allows you to really expand your system. They have some great home automation equipment that can help cut down on your home’s energy costs per month. Xfinity Home offers Zen Thermostats. The Zen Thermostat has a LED touch display and works for the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems. The Zen Thermostat works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered by it being directly wired to your home’s power source. The Zen Thermostat allows you to set custom timers for when your heating and cooling system comes on and goes off which can save you money on your home’s energy bill. Xfinity Home also offers a smart outlet. Their smart outlet plugs directly into an AC power source, and works with a variety of small appliances. You can set timers for when the appliances connected to the smart outlet come on and go off. There are also a wide variety of other branded smart home devices that will work with the Xfinity Home system such as Phillips and Yale. You can find a list of compatible devices on Xfinity’s website.

Video Monitoring

When it comes to video surveillance equipment Xfinity Home offers their indoor/outdoor camera. Their indoor/outdoor camera can be used for providing video coverage for the areas that are on the outside or the inside of your home. It is a wireless camera that works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered by an AC power source. Xfinity Home’s indoor/outdoor camera can capture HD video clips, and it comes with night vison technology that allows you to capture images when there is little to no light around.

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Link Interactive Equipment

To provide complete security coverage for your home, Link Interactive has curated a selection of wireless and battery-operated basic equipment. This equipment includes various intrusion sensors such as door/window, gate, tilt, glass break, motion, and image sensors. The gate sensor is designed for the doors and gates outside your home, while the image sensor captures snapshots when motion is detected. Tilt sensors are perfect for monitoring garage doors, alerting you when they are opened or closed. To control basic functions of the IQ Panel 2, Link Interactive provides a secondary full-colored touchscreen remote and a panic button for immediate system triggering. Link Interactive also offers temperature/smoke and CO sensors to protect your home from environmental hazards. These sensors will sound an audible alert and trigger your security system if dangerous levels are detected. All equipment is DIY, and a simple setup guide is included for easy installation.

Link Interactive provides a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras and video doorbells. All cameras feature high-definition video resolution, motion detection, two-way audio, and advanced night vision. The IQ Panel 2 uses the Z-Wave protocol, so you can integrate other home automation devices not available or suggested by Link Interactive with your Link Interactive security system.

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Vivint vs Xfinity vs Link App

The mentioned companies offer diverse monitoring services tailored to different needs and preferences. Self-monitoring is an ideal choice for individuals who prefer to retain control over their home security system and connected devices. These companies provide free apps for Apple and Android devices, allowing you to remotely manage your system and receive push notifications when it's activated. You can also access and stream video footage from your connected cameras, providing an extra sense of assurance and control over your home security. On the other hand, professional monitoring services cater to those who desire a more hands-off approach to their home security. With this option, a dedicated monitoring station keeps a vigilant eye on your home 24/7. In the event of an emergency, the monitoring station will promptly contact you and dispatch the appropriate authorities, ensuring a swift and efficient response to any security threats. Both self-monitoring and professional monitoring services offer distinct advantages based on your lifestyle, budget, and preferences. Video monitoring services provide an additional layer of security, allowing you to remotely monitor your home through real-time video footage. This is especially beneficial for frequent travelers or owners of vacation homes that require consistent monitoring. Each company offers a range of options to accommodate your specific needs and budget, regardless of the monitoring service you choose.

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Vivint vs Xfinity vs Link Interactive

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