Best Home Security Companies in 2022: ADT Blue vs Guardian vs Link

Today we will be comparing three of the top home security providers in ADT Blue, Guardian Protection, and Link Interactive. So let’s dive right in and see how they stack up! We’ll go over equipment, monitoring plans, and more!

We know it can be hard to shop around for a home security system due to the amount of information that needs to be sorted through. We are here to make that process easy for you by breaking down some of the top security companies’ products and services. Today we will be taking a look at and compare what ADT Blue (ADT’s new DIY solution), Guardian, and Link Interactive have to offer.

ADT Blue Control Panel

ADT Blue’s hub is great if you are looking for something that doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. It is not the sleekest designed panel out on the market, and it certainly doesn’t have a lot of features but it does protect your home. The panel has a simple design with a push-button keypad. The panel is meant to be placed on a desktop.

The panel is pretty expandable, allowing you to connect 250 total devices including 16 cameras, 32 key fobs, 8 touchscreens or alpha keypads, and up to 224 Z-Wave devices. You can also have up to 99 user codes for this system.

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ADT Pulse control panel

Let’s compare ADT Blue’s hub to their Pulse brand’s control panel. ADT Pulse’s interactive services (similar to our services) allow you to remotely control your system, on the go and through your smart device. Pulse branded equipment also brings newer versions of intrusion sensors meant to cater to customers looking for the most up to date kind of security equipment.

With Pulse, ADT wanted to offer a control panel that had all the unique/state of the art features that other interactive control panels currently have (such as our Qolsys IQ Panel 2), and one that would work perfectly with the Pulse app.

The ADT Pulse control panel has an HD touchscreen keypad in full color. It connects to Wi-Fi, allowing you to free yourself from the need of a landline for your system to work. It comes with an 8-hour rechargeable backup battery in case your power goes out. It can be wall mounted or placed on a surface. For the keypad to function you will need an ADT Pulse iHub which is pretty much a wireless router that connects all of your Pulse equipment to the hub. The ADT HD touchscreen allows you to view video from ADT branded cameras, displays systems status, and allows you control smart home devices all from this panel.

Guardian Protection Control Panel

When it comes to Guardian Protection, there are several control panels that are offered to you. Firstly, there is the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, which is their wireless control panel. Moreover, the Guardian IQ 2 Panel comes with a 7-inch touchscreen that is of HD resolution. Since it is very sleek, it can be positioned literally anywhere. An AC power source is leveraged by the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, albeit it also comes with a backup battery to continue operating even during power outages. The Guardian IQ 2 Panel functions effectively by connecting to your WIFI network. When the internet works intermittently, you can make use of its built-in cellular chip to keep the panel running. The Guardian IQ 2 Panel is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which enables homeowners to use a few compatible Bluetooth devices with it. The distinguishing feature of Guardian IQ 2 is its front-facing camera, which can be established to take a snapshot during the arming as well as disarming of your system. With the help of the Guardian IQ 2 Panel’s touchscreen, various features and devices can be regulated for your Guardian Protection security system.

The second control panel offered by Guardian Protection is their wireless touchscreen control panel, which comes with a full-colored touchscreen. This screen enables users to control various features of their system, as well as the devices connected to it, by merely pushing a button. The time and temperature are displayed by the wireless touchscreen control panel, which runs with an AC power source and is equipped with a backup battery. It functions in a manner similar to the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, wherein a connection is established with your home’s WIFI network, although it does come with a cellular backup chip. With this panel’s rapid response feature, one can connect with emergency services by merely pushing a button.

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Link Interactive Control Panel

Link Interactive has a couple control panels for you to choose from. Link’s best selling control panel is the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 control panel. This control panel has the most features, and has a sleek thin design that is sure to look good inside any home. It is a wireless and cellular system, but you can connect to your home’s WIFI so that you have double the connection. It is powered by an AC power source, and it includes a backup-battery. You can control your system and any connected devices right from the IQ Panel 2’s 7-inch full colored touchscreen. The touchscreen also displays your system’s status, time, and local temperature. It has a 5 MP front facing camera that will trigger to take a snap shot when your system is armed or disarmed. The IQ Panel 2 includes Bluetooth arming and disarming which is feature that will automatically arm and disarm your system when you leave or return home. One really standout feature for the IQ Panel 2 is that it has a built-in glass break detector that will listen for the sound of breaking glass. This panel also includes an internal siren that will sound if your system or any connected devices are triggered. The IQ Panel 2 includes a Z-Wave protocol that allows you to use a variety of other branded smart home automation devices with it like smart locks, making it super expandable.

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ADT Blue Equipment

Door/window sensor

The ADT door/window sensor will protect the entryways to your home. You have the option to choose from wired or wireless sensors. Wired door/window sensor will wire into your control panel. Wireless sensors will communicate wirelessly. The wireless door/window sensor is battery operated is reported to last 3 to 5 years before it requires another fresh set of batteries. Both sensors are UL listed which means they have been tested to be tamper proof so you don’t have to worry about a burglar disabling them.

With the ADT door/window sensor, whenever a door or window (that’s been secured by one of these door/window sensors) opens, you will get an instant alert through the ADT Pulse app.

Motion sensor

The next type of basic intrusion sensor that ADT offers is motion sensors. The ADT motion sensor can cover large areas - they have a 35 x 40 ft. range. If you have a pet, you do not have to worry about these sensors being triggered by their movement due to the fact that ADT’s motion sensor is pet immune for pets up to a certain size (usually around 60 lbs). The motion sensor has been reported to be more ‘immune’ to dogs then cats, as cats tend to jump around and get on top of things around the house more.

The ADT motion sensor is battery operated, with a battery life of up to 8 years. When a motion sensor is triggered you will be instantly notified via the ADT Pulse app that this event has happened.

Glass break sensor

If you are looking to add on some equipment other than door/window sensors and motions sensors, you will find out that ADT has a lot to offer. If you are looking for other intrusion sensors, you can purchase an ADT Glass Breaks Sensors. Glass Break sensors are really neat intrusion sensors meant to detect the sound of glass breaking in your home. ADT’s Glass Break Sensors are wireless and have a detection range of 25 feet. They are battery operated and are powered by two 3V batteries.

Hold Up Button

ADT also offers a Hold Up Button. This button is designed for situations where you are faced with an intruder and need to press a panic button without the intruder noticing. This is great if you have a business and would like to have a panic button that works silently. You can mount it underneath a desk or any discreet location.

ADT’s Hold Up Button comes in both wired and wireless forms. ADT also offers keyfobs that have panic buttons built-in and that will allow you to quickly arm and disarm your system with a push of a button.

Water/flood sensor

ADT offers a wide variety of environmental sensors that will help protect you from natural disasters like flooding, fires and CO2 leakage. ADT offers flood sensors that will alert you when a leak or flood have been detected inside your home or office. The flood sensor is wireless and includes a wireless transmitter with a 6 ft. long cord.

The ADT flood sensors is powered by one 3V battery and has a battery life to up to 10 years.

Smoke sensor

One essential environmental sensor that every home and business owner must have is a smoke detector. ADT offers a smoke detector that will protect your home and office from potential fire damage.

The smoke detector comes with an LED indicator light to let you know that your smoke detector is working. It also includes an audible alarm that will alert you when smoke from a fire has been detected. These sensors come in both wireless and wired versions. They are battery operated and last several years on 3V CR123A lithium batteries.

Carbon monoxide sensor (CO2)

Another essential environmental sensor that is a must have for home and business owners are CO2 detectors. ADT’s CO2 detectors use electro-chemical sensing technology that can detect even the lowest levels of CO2 in your home.

The ADT CO2 detector has an audible alarm that will alert you any time rises of CO2 gases are detected in your home or office. Just like ADT’s smoke detectors, the CO2 detector has an LED indicator light that will let you know that this sensor is working. You do have the option to purchase these sensors in a wired and wireless version. They are battery operated and have a battery life to up to 10 years.

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ADT also offers you ways to use smart home devices such as smart locks, thermostats, garage door controllers and light controllers.


The smart door locks that ADT offers can be controlled via ADT’s Pulse app and are a great way to control access to your property. You can set up multiple user codes, and give each user/family member access to the door lock through the app. ADT is compatible with Schlage, Kwikset and Yale Z-Wave door locks and can be purchased directly through ADT, an ADT authorized dealer or from an off-the-market store like Amazon or Home Depot.


The smart thermostat that ADT offers allows you to control the temperature at home from anywhere in the world. All you need is the ADT Pulse app. These thermostats can be set to be turned off and on during different times of the day which can cut down on the cost of your energy bill per month.

Garage door controllers

Just like the thermostat, ADT’s garage door controllers can also be controlled from anywhere in the world, where you can open and close the garage door and be notified through the app as well any time there is a change in the status of the garage door. For example, you can set up alerts any time the garage doors opens or closes as well as when it remains open for an extended period of time. This a great feature for times when you forget to close your garage door!

Light controllers

ADT also offers Z-Wave enabled smart switches or light controllers. These smart switches will plug into your outlets and will allow you to control lights and small appliances on the go. You can also set timers for these switches which will also cut down your energy costs per month.

If you are looking for some smart light bulbs that will also help cut down on your energy costs, ADT has you covered. You can purchase smart bulbs which do not use a lot of energy. These smart bulbs can also be controlled on the go through the ADT app. You can set timers for when your lights come and go off all through the app.

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Guardian Protection Equipment

There is a range of basic sensors offered by Guardian Protection, which are compatible with their control panels. Guardian Protection’s door/window sensors run on battery and are completely wireless. Moreover, they also offer the Smart Sensor, specifically meant for doors (although they can be used with windows too). Each time a door or window equipped with a Smart Sensor is opened, the system will be triggered. Guardian Protection also offers motion sensors, all of which are wireless and battery-operated. Their range is outstanding and each time they identify some movement around them, you will be notified. Guardian Protection also offers glass break sensors for the protection of your home’s windows. These glass break sensors operate on battery and they sense the sound of the shattering of glass, upon which they will trigger your system and alert the homeowners. Guardian Protection also offers key remotes that function with batteries. They help with the quick arming and disarming of the system merely with a touch of a button. Moreover, Guardian Protection’s wireless and battery-operated smoke, flood, and CO detectors will generate an audible alert when they detect any increase in smoke, water, or CO gases. They will also trigger your system.

Additional Equipment

Guardian Protection’s distinguishing feature is the range of home automation and video surveillance equipment that they offer. They also offer a smart thermostat equipped with a push-button design, which is compatible with most HVAC heating and cooling systems. With their smart thermostat, you can remotely regulate your heating and cooling system and also use the timers to predetermine when it must switch on and off. Guardian Protection’s automatic door locks enable users to generate customized user codes and using the Guardian app, you can control it remotely. Homeowners with garage doors can leverage the garage door controller that Guardian Protection offers. This device will notify the owners each time the garage doors open and close and you can accomplish these actions remotely. Finally, Guardian Protection also offers a light switch module, which uses an AC power source. You can adjust the brightness of any light that is connected to this module, and you can predetermine when they turn on and off. You can also regulate them on the go.

When it comes to video surveillance, Guardian Protection offers an array of alternatives, including a video doorbell, outdoor, and indoor cameras. Each camera that they offer uses an AC power source and they connect to your home’s WIFI network to function seamlessly.

Video Monitoring

With their indoor, doorbell, and outdoor cameras, you can record videos in full color. They are equipped with night vision technology. Moreover, their doorbell cameras include a 2-way audio feature, enabling users to communicate with people close to the doorbell camera. Finally, an image sensor is also offered by Guardian Protection, which is motion-activated and pet-friendly. Any time it detects motion nearby, a picture is clicked.

Who wins?

Because Guardian makes use of equipment compatible with, we are calling this category a tie. However, if you would like to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting an powered system, give our offer a look here.

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Link Interactive Equipment

Link Interactive wanted to make sure you could really expand your Link Interactive security system to give your home total coverage which is reflected in the selection of basic equipment. All the basic equipment we will be going over is wireless and battery-operated. Link Interactive offers a variety of intrusion sensors. Link offers door/window, gate, tilt, glass break, motion, and image sensors. The gate sensor is unique in that it is a door/window sensor but for the gates/doors of the outside of your home. The image sensor is another unique sensor due to it being able to take snap shots when motion is detected in an area it is placed. Tilt sensors are used for the garage doors of home, and they will alert you to when your garage door has been opened or shut. Link Interactive offers a secondary full colored touchscreen remote. You can control all of the basic functions for your IQ Panel 2 through this keypad. Link interactive offers a panic button that will immediately trigger your system if the button is pushed. To protect your home from the elements, Link Interactive offers a temperature/smoke sensor and a CO sensor. Their temperature/smoke sensor will detect for smoke and detect rises and drops in temperature while their CO detector will monitor for dangerous rises in CO gas. If these are detected these sensors will make an audible alert while triggering your Link Interactive security system. All equipment offered by Link Interactive is DIY, but a step-by-step setup guide for a fast and easy installation is included.

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Home Automation

Link Interactive has a ton of home automation and video surveillance equipment you can use with the Qolsys IQ Panel 2. Today we will only be going over some of these items. If you are looking for a more complete list you can visit Link Interactive’s website at https://www.linkinteractive. Link Interactive offers a few different smart locks that you can buy directly from them. The smart locks offered by them have a push-button keypad that allows for quick one touch arming. You can create custom user codes along with remotely control the smart locks offered by Link Interactive through their smart phone app. Links offers smart lights and modules in where custom timers can be set for when they come on an off. These devices are great at cutting down on your home’s energy consumption down, and they can also be remotely controlled through the Link Interactive App. To remotely control the garage doors of your home, Link Interactive offers a garage door controller. You will also receive push notification anytime your garage doors have been opened or shut. To make your home a little greener you can add a smart thermostat from Link Interactive to your system. The smart thermostat offered by them works for the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems. Custom timers along with remote control of this thermostat is just some of its features.


Link Interactive also offers a huge selection of indoor, outdoor, and video doorbell cams. The basic features for all the cameras include HD video resolution, motion sensor, 2-way audio, and advanced night vision. Due to the IQ Panel 2 having a Z-Wave protocol you can also use other home automation equipment not listed or offered by Link Interactive with your Link Interactive security system.

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ADT Blue vs Guardian vs Link App

All three companies offer professional, self, and video monitoring services. For self-monitoring, the apps are free to download and work for Apple and Android devices. Their apps will allow you to remotely control your system and all connected equipment while you’re on the go. You will also receive push-notifications whenever your system is triggered. You can also view and stream video through their apps. Professional monitoring services work the same. You will have a professional monitoring station watching over your home 24/7.

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ADT Blue vs Guardian vs Link Interactive

The winner: Link Interactive. A Link Interactive system is one of the few powered security systems on the market (the gold standard in home security), that not only fits your budget, but blows every other security system on the market out of the water in terms of features and reliability. Don’t believe us? Try a Link system for yourself, hassle-free and with no obligations for 30 days. Click here to see Link Interactive’s offer >>

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