Battle of the Doorbell Cameras 2024: SimpliSafe vs Frontpoint vs Link Interactive

This article aims to provide a comprehensive comparison of the most recent doorbell cameras offered by three prominent providers: SimpliSafe, Frontpoint and Link Interactive. By delving into the features, capabilities, and performance of their devices, we aim to equip you with the necessary information to make a well-informed decision.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera

The Wi-Fi-enabled SimpliSafe doorbell camera necessitates connection to your home's Wi-Fi network, and its power source relies on an existing doorbell wiring configuration. Boasting exceptional video quality, the camera delivers a sharp 1080p resolution and an expansive 162-degree wide-angle field of view. This broad perspective ensures comprehensive visibility around your door, extending to cover areas beyond the immediate vicinity.

For enhanced nighttime surveillance, the doorbell camera features advanced infrared night vision technology, providing clear visibility in low-light conditions. The Video Doorbell Pro is equipped with two motion sensors to enable precise motion detection. One sensor identifies human images, while the other detects unique heat signatures emitted by humans, minimizing unnecessary alerts by filtering out non-human objects.

The camera includes 2-way HD audio functionality with a noise cancellation feature, facilitating clear and effective communication with individuals near your door. Although the installation may require advanced DIY knowledge, SimpliSafe offers a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you through the process.

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Smart Home Integration

The SimpliSafe doorbell camera seamlessly meshes with SimpliSafe's array of smart home products, delivering heightened functionality and control. Through the SimpliSafe mobile app, users can effortlessly access and oversee their doorbell camera and other linked devices through a unified interface. This centralizes control and monitoring of the entire smart home ecosystem, delivering a seamless and cohesive user experience.

Moreover, the SimpliSafe doorbell camera is adaptable to integration into custom routines and automation scenarios. For instance, users can establish automated actions, such as activating specific lights or unlocking the door in response to motion detected by the doorbell camera. This integration not only elevates convenience but also bolsters security by establishing a synchronized and intelligent smart home environment. By interconnecting with other SimpliSafe smart home products, the doorbell camera emerges as an essential component within a comprehensive and interconnected home security system.

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

Frontpoint's doorbell camera stands out as a robust and dependable choice, providing homeowners with an added layer of security and convenience. Its sleek and modern design seamlessly blends into any home's exterior, offering a compact and stylish solution. The camera ensures high-definition video quality, delivering crisp and clear visuals day and night. With enhanced night vision capabilities, it captures detailed footage even in low-light conditions, enabling constant monitoring of the front porch.

Equipped with advanced motion detection technology, Frontpoint's doorbell camera sends timely notifications to homeowners when activity is detected near their front door. This feature ensures prompt awareness, whether it's a package delivery or a potential security concern. The two-way audio functionality facilitates seamless communication with visitors, allowing for remote conversations and the potential to deter intruders. Additionally, the Frontpoint doorbell camera integrates smoothly with the Frontpoint mobile app and can connect to other compatible smart home devices, offering a comprehensive and unified smart home experience.

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Smart Home Integration

The process of connecting Vivint's and Frontpoint's doorbell cameras to a home automation system is seamless, enabling homeowners to seamlessly integrate their doorbell cameras into their broader smart home setup. Both companies ensure compatibility and integration with various home automation systems, offering users centralized control and monitoring capabilities.

Vivint's doorbell camera can be linked to the Vivint smart home system, serving as a central hub for managing security, automation, and other smart devices. Through the Vivint app or control panel, users can effortlessly connect their doorbell camera to the system and access its features alongside other connected devices. This integration allows homeowners to view live video feeds, receive motion alerts, and even control their doorbell camera through voice commands if they have a voice assistant compatible with the Vivint ecosystem.

Similarly, Frontpoint's doorbell camera seamlessly integrates into a home automation system using the Frontpoint mobile app and compatible smart home platforms. By connecting the doorbell camera to the app and linking it with other smart devices such as smart locks, lighting systems, or thermostats, homeowners can establish personalized automation routines. For instance, when the doorbell camera detects motion, it can trigger the lights to turn on, providing an additional layer of security and convenience. This integration empowers users to have a centralized control center for managing their doorbell camera and other smart home devices, enhancing their overall home automation experience.

Link Interactive Doorbell Camera

Distinguishing itself from Vivint and Frontpoint, Link Interactive's Video Doorbell excels in video quality, a broader field of view, advanced features, and seamless integration with the smart home platform. Featuring high-definition resolution, the video doorbell ensures clear visuals for effective monitoring, while its expansive field of view provides comprehensive coverage of the property. Integration with the platform introduces advanced features such as intelligent video analytics, customized activity zones, two-way audio, and visitor detection, enhancing both security and personalization.

When linked to the platform, the doorbell camera seamlessly integrates with other smart home devices, offering centralized control and monitoring capabilities. Users can establish automation routines and rules, connecting the doorbell camera with compatible devices like smart locks, thermostats, and lights. Real-time notifications and alerts keep homeowners informed about events at their front door, providing remote access and control of their smart home ecosystem through the app or web portal. This seamless integration with elevates the overall smart home experience, delivering a comprehensive solution for homeowners.

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Smart Home Integration

Link Interactive's doorbell camera effortlessly links with's robust smart home products, allowing users to establish a fully integrated and intelligent home automation system. Through integration with the platform, the doorbell camera becomes a central component within a comprehensive smart home ecosystem. Users can seamlessly connect the doorbell camera with other devices, including smart locks, lights, thermostats, and more.

Utilizing the app or web portal, users attain centralized control and monitoring capabilities over their smart home devices. They can craft automation routines and rules involving the doorbell camera, facilitating customized and automated responses to specific events or conditions. For instance, when the doorbell camera detects motion or a visitor, it can trigger actions such as activating porch lights, unlocking the front door, or sending notifications to other connected devices.

The integration with's smart home products also empowers users to receive real-time alerts and notifications on their mobile devices. Whether accessing a live video feed from the doorbell camera, remotely adjusting the thermostat, or controlling other connected devices, users experience seamless access and control over their smart home system through the platform. In essence, Link Interactive's doorbell camera integration with's smart home products provides users with a comprehensive and interconnected solution, enhancing convenience, security, and control within their smart homes.

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