Battle of the Doorbell Cameras 2024: Ring vs vs Link Interactive

In this article, we strive to offer a detailed comparison of the latest doorbell cameras provided by three leading companies: , Ring Alarm,, and Link Interactive. Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the features, capabilities, and performance of their devices, enabling you to make an educated choice based on well-rounded information.

Ring Doorbell Camera

Blink Video Doorbell: Affordable Security for Your Home

Looking for a budget-friendly way to boost your home security? The Blink Video Doorbell offers all the essential features at a competitive price.

Easy to Install, Works Your Way

Enjoy the flexibility of installing the Blink Video Doorbell either wired or wire-free. Choose the setup that best suits your existing doorbell wiring and preferences for a hassle-free installation.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Get years of wire-free security with Blink's long-lasting battery life. The Blink Video Doorbell boasts a battery life of up to two years, so you won't have to worry about constantly changing batteries.

See, Hear, and Speak from Anywhere

Stay connected to your home with clear 1080p HD video and two-way talk functionality. Answer your door remotely using your smartphone, wherever you may be.

Stay Focused on What Matters

Customize motion detection zones to receive alerts only when there's activity in the areas you care about. This helps reduce notifications for unimportant movements like passing cars or stray animals.

Focus on What Matters

The Blink Video Doorbell prioritizes core functionalities over extravagant features. It delivers what you need most in a video doorbell: a clear view of your doorstep, two-way communication, and reliable performance. This makes it a strong choice for homeowners seeking a basic and dependable security solution.

Simple and Familiar Control

Blink keeps things simple with a focus on user-friendly features:

By focusing on core functionalities and offering basic compatibility with Alexa, Blink prioritizes a user-friendly experience for everyday security needs.

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Capture Every Detail (Subscription Required)

Maintain a watchful eye over your doorway with continuous video recording (with an subscription). This allows you to rewind and review footage for a complete picture of activity at your door, ensuring you stay informed of any visitors or events.

Focus on What Matters Most

The doorbell camera prioritizes what matters most – you. It utilizes advanced video analytics to distinguish between people and other moving objects, like passing cars or stray animals. This significantly reduces false alarms, ensuring you only receive alerts for important events.

Customizable Motion Detection Zones

Tailor your security to your specific needs. Define custom motion zones to monitor specific areas around your doorway. Receive alerts only when activity is detected within these zones, ensuring you stay focused on what truly matters.

Two-Way Talk and Live View for Remote Interaction

See, hear, and speak to visitors directly from your smartphone with the doorbell camera's two-way talk functionality. This allows for remote interaction from anywhere, providing peace of mind and the ability to manage unexpected situations.

Tailored Security for Your Needs

Stylish Design Options: Select a doorbell finish that complements your home's aesthetics, ensuring your security solution blends seamlessly with your existing decor.

Flexible Power Options: Choose between wired or wire-free installation based on your preferences and existing electrical wiring.

Smart Home Compatibility (Limited): While integrates with Amazon Alexa, it currently does not support other smart home assistants.

Important Considerations Before You Buy

Making an Informed Decision

Evaluate your desired features and existing smart home ecosystem. The ADC-VDB770 doorbell camera excels with its person detection, customizable motion zones, and two-way talk functionality. If these features are important to you, and you utilize's security system already, this doorbell camera could be an excellent fit. However, if superior night vision or broader smart home compatibility are top priorities, you might want to consider other doorbell camera options available on the market.

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Link Interactive Doorbell Camera

Transform Your Home Security with the Link Interactive Doorbell Camera

Experience the future of smart home security with the Link Interactive Doorbell Camera. This innovative device empowers you to manage your entire security system with incredible ease.

Command Center in Your Pocket

Introducing the user-friendly Link Interactive app, your one-stop hub for complete control. See live video directly from your doorbell camera, manage smart locks, lighting, thermostats, and other compatible devices – all from a single, convenient platform.

Automated Peace of Mind

Imagine a world where security becomes effortless. Set custom rules to automate various scenarios. Picture porch lights illuminating and the doorbell chime sounding when motion is detected, or for added convenience, have your door automatically unlock for expected guests. The Link Interactive Doorbell Camera empowers you to create a personalized security ecosystem for ultimate peace of mind.

Real-Time Security at Your Fingertips

Stay informed, no matter where you are. Receive instant mobile notifications whenever motion is detected or someone rings the doorbell. Respond remotely with two-way talk functionality or view live video footage for complete control over your home's security, right from your smartphone.

Upgrade Your Security Arsenal (Subscription Optional)

For an extra layer of protection, consider adding a video monitoring service (subscription sold separately). This service offers features like secure cloud storage for captured video clips, anytime live streaming of your doorbell camera, and high-definition recording, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of your home's activity.

The Future of Smart Home Security is Here

The Link Interactive Doorbell Camera unlocks a new era of intelligent security. Take advantage of centralized control, real-time security updates, and automated features – all designed to simplify your life and elevate your peace of mind.

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How to buy Link Interactive’s Doorbell Camera

At Link Interactive, we have an amazing video monitoring package that includes the Skybell doorbell camera and a highly affordable monitoring fee. You can check out our offer here.