vs Guardian Protection: An Expert Review

T**his article will compare two different home security providers; and Guardian Protection to see how they stack up against each other*!* Among other things, their equipment, monitoring plans, and more will also be discussed.

In your everyday life, there are many things you should not be worried about, and one primary aspect among them is the security of your house when you are away. However, home break-ins are commonplace in America. In order to ensure that your home remains safe from break-ins, it is crucial to integrate a security system. This post will describe and compare with Guardian. Compatible Control Panels

Although is popular for its flexible compatibility in terms of control panels, this post will particularly look at the most superior control panel known as the Qolsys panel that works well with A wireless control panel, the Qolsys control panel comes with a multi-touch screen in its 7-inch full-color LCD capacitive glass screen, that exhibits a resolution of 1280 x 800. In the control panel, there is a built-in 5MP fixed-focus front-facing camera, which enables the homeowner to click still images. Furthermore, it comes with a slot for an SD card, which permits homeowners to store each picture in their SD card. In the Qolsys control panel, there is a built-in 85-decibel internal siren, that is backed up by a built-in battery to ensure continuous functioning even when the power goes out. An AC power source helps operate it and it functions by connecting with the WIFI network of your home. Moreover, the panel is compatible with a cellular chip that has LTE coverage, which can be helpful if you experience intermittent internet connectivity. In the Qolsys panel, users are allowed to have 242 user codes. Moreover, it comes with Smart Z-Wave technology facilitating connections with up to 119 smart home devices. Its Crash and Smash technology ensures that a signal is transmitted even if the panel sustains damage during a break-in.

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Guardian Protection Control Panel

When it comes to Guardian Protection, there are several control panels that are offered to you. Firstly, there is the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, which is their wireless control panel. Moreover, the Guardian IQ 2 Panel comes with a 7-inch touchscreen that is of HD resolution. Since it is very sleek, it can be positioned literally anywhere. An AC power source is leveraged by the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, albeit it also comes with a backup battery to continue operating even during power outages. The Guardian IQ 2 Panel functions effectively by connecting to your WIFI network. When the internet works intermittently, you can make use of its built-in cellular chip to keep the panel running. The Guardian IQ 2 Panel is equipped with Bluetooth technology, which enables homeowners to use a few compatible Bluetooth devices with it. The distinguishing feature of Guardian IQ 2 is its front-facing camera, which can be established to take a snapshot during the arming as well as disarming of your system. With the help of the Guardian IQ 2 Panel’s touchscreen, various features and devices can be regulated for your Guardian Protection security system.

The second control panel offered by Guardian Protection is their wireless touchscreen control panel, which comes with a full-colored touchscreen. This screen enables users to control various features of their system, as well as the devices connected to it, by merely pushing a button. The time and temperature are displayed by the wireless touchscreen control panel, which runs with an AC power source and is equipped with a backup battery. It functions in a manner similar to the Guardian IQ 2 Panel, wherein a connection is established with your home’s WIFI network, although it does come with a cellular backup chip. With this panel’s rapid response feature, one can connect with emergency services by merely pushing a button.

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Who wins?

Because Guardian Protection makes use of equipment compatible with for all of their security systems, this specific category would be a tie. But, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting an powered system, give our offer a look here. Compatible Equipment

To ensure that your home remains safe from home invaders as well as environmental dangers, several wireless and battery-operated intrusion and environmental safety sensors are compatible with For the protection of your door and windows, there are several types of door or window sensors that work well with If you have a few large areas in your house, make use of’s range of pet-friendly motion sensors. Moreover, is compatible with glass break sensors, which can capture the sound of glass shattering. You can leverage key fob remotes equipped with a built-in panic button, to arm and disarm your system at a quick pace. They come equipped with secondary full-colored touchscreen keypads that can be used in tandem with the control panel powered by Their external sirens can help alert you regarding the triggering of your security system. To ensure that your home remains protected from environmental dangers, remains compatible with smoke/heat, CO, and water leak sensors, which will alert you audibly upon the triggering of your system by their respective environmental factors. Every piece of equipment compatible with is DIY (do it yourself). However, it is very simple to set them up.

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Home Automation’s above-average range of add-on equipment is compatible with its platform. Some of the equipment includes smart locks manufactured by different brands that are very reputable in the field. Custom user codes can be created, and the smart locks can be used to enable and disable them at any point. The smart locks can be unlocked and locked on the go. Each time they are locked or unlocked, you will be notified about it. In case there are garage doors equipped in your home, the Linear garage door controller can be used to open and close the garage doors remotely. The app will alert you each time this happens. There are many environment-friendly devices offered by, all of which will contribute to the decrease in your carbon footprint. Some categories of smart thermostats, a smart outlet, and light switch control are also offered by them, all of which can be regulated using the app. To determine each time they switch on and off, custom timers can be set. Moreover, their smart thermostats are eco-friendly as well and they will help decrease your house’s energy consumption per month.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

A set of video surveillance cameras are also offered by, which can be used with its powered systems. The cameras offered by them include indoor, outdoor, and video doorbell cameras. The cameras are equipped with night vision, 2-way audio, motion sensors, as well as the capacity to create HD videos.’s video surveillance cameras directly connect to your home’s WIFI network.

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Guardian Protection Equipment

There is a range of basic sensors offered by Guardian Protection, which are compatible with their control panels. Guardian Protection’s door/window sensors run on battery and are completely wireless. Moreover, they also offer the Smart Sensor, specifically meant for doors (although they can be used with windows too). Each time a door or window equipped with a Smart Sensor is opened, the system will be triggered. Guardian Protection also offers motion sensors, all of which are wireless and battery-operated. Their range is outstanding and each time they identify some movement around them, you will be notified. Guardian Protection also offers glass break sensors for the protection of your home’s windows. These glass break sensors operate on battery and they sense the sound of the shattering of glass, upon which they will trigger your system and alert the homeowners. Guardian Protection also offers key remotes that function with batteries. They help with the quick arming and disarming of the system merely with a touch of a button. Moreover, Guardian Protection’s wireless and battery-operated smoke, flood, and CO detectors will generate an audible alert when they detect any increase in smoke, water, or CO gases. They will also trigger your system.

Additional Equipment

Guardian Protection’s distinguishing feature is the range of home automation and video surveillance equipment that they offer. They also offer a smart thermostat equipped with a push-button design, which is compatible with most HVAC heating and cooling systems. With their smart thermostat, you can remotely regulate your heating and cooling system and also use the timers to predetermine when it must switch on and off. Guardian Protection’s automatic door locks enable users to generate customized user codes and using the Guardian app, you can control it remotely. Homeowners with garage doors can leverage the garage door controller that Guardian Protection offers. This device will notify the owners each time the garage doors open and close and you can accomplish these actions remotely. Finally, Guardian Protection also offers a light switch module, which uses an AC power source. You can adjust the brightness of any light that is connected to this module, and you can predetermine when they turn on and off. You can also regulate them on the go.

When it comes to video surveillance, Guardian Protection offers an array of alternatives, including a video doorbell, outdoor, and indoor cameras. Each camera that they offer uses an AC power source and they connect to your home’s WIFI network to function seamlessly.

Video Monitoring

With their indoor, doorbell, and outdoor cameras, you can record videos in full color. They are equipped with night vision technology. Moreover, their doorbell cameras include a 2-way audio feature, enabling users to communicate with people close to the doorbell camera. Finally, an image sensor is also offered by Guardian Protection, which is motion-activated and pet-friendly. Any time it detects motion nearby, a picture is clicked.

Who wins?

Because Guardian makes use of equipment compatible with, we are calling this category a tie. However, if you would like to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to getting an powered system, give our offer a look here. vs Guardian App offers professional video monitoring services, which can be availed by using the devices that are connected to it to help monitor your security system. To use their self-monitoring services, you can use their app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. With their self-monitoring service, you hold power to regulate your system as well as the connected devices when on the go. You can use their app to arm and disarm your system, monitor your device status, add/remove devices, and watch both live as well as recorded videos. Moreover, the app also provides push notifications regarding events that trigger your security system, home automation, environmental safety, or video surveillance equipment. Since Guardian’s app is powered through, the features offered on their app for self-monitoring services are the same. One advantage of opting for a brand such as Guardian is the professional monitoring service that they offer.

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