vs Alder Security: An Expert Comparison

In this post we will be compare home security providers and Alder Security and see how they stack up! We’ll go over equipment, monitoring plans, and more!

Everyday there are thousands of homeowners who fall victim to home invasion crimes. These types of crimes can be costly, and can leave you and your family feeling insecure. The best way to protect yourself from being a victim of a home invasion crime is to invest in a home security system. There are a lot of great companies out on the market that can create customize security solutions that will fit your specific security needs. Today we will be looking at and comparing what and Alder Home Security have to offer. Compatible Control Panels

Although is popular for its flexible compatibility in terms of control panels, this post will particularly look at the most superior control panel known as the Qolsys panel that works well with A wireless control panel, the Qolsys control panel comes with a multi-touch screen in its 7-inch full-color LCD capacitive glass screen, that exhibits a resolution of 1280 x 800. In the control panel, there is a built-in 5MP fixed-focus front-facing camera, which enables the homeowner to click still images. Furthermore, it comes with a slot for an SD card, which permits homeowners to store each picture in their SD card. In the Qolsys control panel, there is a built-in 85-decibel internal siren, that is backed up by a built-in battery to ensure continuous functioning even when the power goes out. An AC power source helps operate it and it functions by connecting with the WIFI network of your home. Moreover, the panel is compatible with a cellular chip that has LTE coverage, which can be helpful if you experience intermittent internet connectivity. In the Qolsys panel, users are allowed to have 242 user codes. Moreover, it comes with Smart Z-Wave technology facilitating connections with up to 119 smart home devices. Its Crash and Smash technology ensures that a signal is transmitted even if the panel sustains damage during a break-in.

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Alder Control Panel

Alder home security offers a really modern control panel that has all the features you could want built right into the control panel. Alder Home Security control panel is called the Simple Panel. This is a full colored touchscreen control panel that allows you to control your Alder Home Security System with a simple touch of a button. The Simple Panel is a wireless panel which means it connects all your sensors wirelessly. Alder Home Security’s Simple Panel can be wall mounted and placed on a desk top surface which makes it very portable. The Simple Panel has a cellular chip so you do not have to worry about having a landline or internet connection for it to work. It is powered by an AC power source so you will want to make sure you have one nearby. The Simple Panel does include a backup battery just in case your power goes down. It has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with your central monitoring station.

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Who wins?

As is compatible with a wider range of home security equipment, this category goes to them! Compatible Equipment

To ensure that your home remains safe from home invaders as well as environmental dangers, several wireless and battery-operated intrusion and environmental safety sensors are compatible with For the protection of your door and windows, there are several types of door or window sensors that work well with If you have a few large areas in your house, make use of’s range of pet-friendly motion sensors. Moreover, is compatible with glass break sensors, which can capture the sound of glass shattering. You can leverage key fob remotes equipped with a built-in panic button, to arm and disarm your system at a quick pace. They come equipped with secondary full-colored touchscreen keypads that can be used in tandem with the control panel powered by Their external sirens can help alert you regarding the triggering of your security system. To ensure that your home remains protected from environmental dangers, remains compatible with smoke/heat, CO, and water leak sensors, which will alert you audibly upon the triggering of your system by their respective environmental factors. Every piece of equipment compatible with is DIY (do it yourself). However, it is very simple to set them up.

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Home Automation’s above-average range of add-on equipment is compatible with its platform. Some of the equipment includes smart locks manufactured by different brands that are very reputable in the field. Custom user codes can be created, and the smart locks can be used to enable and disable them at any point. The smart locks can be unlocked and locked on the go. Each time they are locked or unlocked, you will be notified about it. In case there are garage doors equipped in your home, the Linear garage door controller can be used to open and close the garage doors remotely. The app will alert you each time this happens. There are many environment-friendly devices offered by, all of which will contribute to the decrease in your carbon footprint. Some categories of smart thermostats, a smart outlet, and light switch control are also offered by them, all of which can be regulated using the app. To determine each time they switch on and off, custom timers can be set. Moreover, their smart thermostats are eco-friendly as well and they will help decrease your house’s energy consumption per month.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

A set of video surveillance cameras are also offered by, which can be used with its powered systems. The cameras offered by them include indoor, outdoor, and video doorbell cameras. The cameras are equipped with night vision, 2-way audio, motion sensors, as well as the capacity to create HD videos.’s video surveillance cameras directly connect to your home’s WIFI network.

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Alder Equipment

Alder Home Security has a variety of basic equipment that will work great with their Simple Panel in keeping your home protected. The first type of basic equipment they have to offer is their door/window sensors. These sensors are wireless and battery-operated. Adler Home Security offers motion sensors that are also wireless and battery-operated. Their motion sensors are meant to be used in the corner of your larger room to help protect the doors and windows in that room. Alder Home Security’s motion sensors can be installed using double-side adhesive tape or with the included wall mounts. Alder Home Security also offers key chain remotes. Alder Home Security’s keychain remotes are battery-operated and will allow you to quickly arm and disarm your system with a simple push of a button. Alder Home Security’s keychain remotes also have a built-in panic button that quickly alerts your monitoring station that an emergency is happening, and that you need immediate assistance. Alder Home Security offers wireless and battery-operated smoke and CO detectors. These detectors will look for irregular smoke or rises in CO gas, and they will make an audible alert if these are detected. The equipment offered by Alder Home Security is DIY so you will need to install all the equipment yourself. Alder Home Security does offer a step by step installation manual which makes installation fast and easy.

Home Automation

Unfortunately, Alder Home Security doesn’t offer any home automation equipment that you can use with their system. You may be able to use other branded home automation equipment with their system, but they do not state this on their website so you will need to contact them to make sure.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

Alder offers a really nice brand of video surveillance cameras. The first Arlo camera that they offer is the Arlo YI indoor camera. This camera is a wireless camera that works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one near by the camera. It has a video resolution of 1080P with 111-degree field of view. It has night vision technology that allows you to see images in the dark. The Arlo Yi also has a 2-way audio feature that will allow to hear and communicate with whomever is around your camera. The Arlo YI has motion sensors that will trigger the camera to start recording along with sending you a push notification letting you know that this event has taken place. The next Arlo camera that Alder Security offer is the Arlo Pro. The Arlo Pro can be used indoors or outdoors. This camera also works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. The Arlo Pro can be powered through an AC power source or you can use the camera without an AC power source by using its rechargeable battery. You can stream video in HD with the Arlo Pro, and it has advanced night vision that allows you to capture images up to 25 feet at night. It also includes at 2-way audio feature that will allow you to directly communicate with whomever is around the camera. The Arlo Pro also uses motion sensors that will trigger the camera to start recording and also send you an alert that this event has taken place.

Who wins?

This category goes to They have a wider variety of compatible equipment to choose from, and an impressive lineup of video cameras and video monitoring options as well. vs Alder App offers professional video monitoring services, which can be availed by using the devices that are connected to it to help monitor your security system. To use their self-monitoring services, you can use their app, which can be downloaded for free on your smartphone. With their self-monitoring service, you hold power to regulate your system as well as the connected devices when on the go. You can use their app to arm and disarm your system, monitor your device status, add/remove devices, and watch both live as well as recorded videos. Moreover, the app also provides push notifications regarding events that trigger your security system, home automation, environmental safety, or video surveillance equipment. Since Alder’s app isn’t powered through, the features offered on their app for self-monitoring services are not the same. The winner here is

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