SimpliSafe vs Abode: An Expert Comparison

Today we will be comparing home security providers SimpliSafe and Abode, and see how they stack up! We’ll go over equipment, monitoring plans, and more!

You are probably interested in what else SimpliSafe and Abode have to offer you after doing your research. They have a lot of great monitoring services that you can use with either of their systems. They also have a great selection of some add-on equipment you can use to expand your system to do more than just protect your home. Today we will be taking a look at SimpliSafe and Abode by going over their monitoring services, apps, and add-on equipment.

SimpliSafe Control Panel

If you are looking for an easy to use control panel that has a simplistic design, SimpliSafe offers their cellular and wireless screen-less security control panel. This control panel connects all your devices wireless, and it includes a cellular chip so you don’t have to worry about having an internet connection or a landline for it to work. The SimpliSafe security control panel can connect to your home’s WIFI network as a form of a backup. If you power goes, this control will automatically switch to its 24-hour backup battery. You can fully control your SimpliSafe control panel though a separate push-button keypad that is battery-operated. You can control all the features of your SimpliSafe control panel along with any of the connected devices from the SimpliSafe keypad. The SimpliSafe security control panel includes chimes alerts for when your devices are triggered and for different system statuses. It includes an LED ring indicator light that will change color to show different statutes as well. The SimpliSafe system is not super expandable due to it being only able to work with SimpliSafe branded devices.

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Abode Control Panel

Abode is a newer name in the security world, but they have been rapidly to expanding their security product line, and they now offer two different control panels for you to choose from. Today we will only be focusing on their more premium panel which is the Abode iota. The Abode iota has really nice design, it looks a lot like a smaller version of computer tower. It works by connecting directly to home’s WIFI network, but you do have the option to upgrade it to include a cellular chip. The Abode iota is powered by an AC power source, and it has a backup battery that will last up to 5-hours. All of the features of the Abode iota are controlled through its keypad including arming and disarming your system, and it has a push-button design. The Adobe iota has 1080P camera that is built right into it. The Abode iota’s built-in camera includes motion sensors that will trigger it to start to record. If your Abode system or any connected devices are triggered, the Abode iota will sound its 93-decibel internal siren. It also includes a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your Abode iota. The Abode iota comes with Crash and Smash protection which means if your Adobe iota is damaged it will still transmit a signal. The Abode iota works with a Z-Wave device which means you will be able to use smart home devices with it like smart thermostats. You can actually connect up to 160 devices to your Abode iota making super expandable.

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Who wins?

SimpliSafe’s and Abode control panels have some similarities, but still they are quite different from one another. They are both wireless security control panels that connect everything wirelessly. SimpliSafe’s control panel and the Abode iota also both need to be controlled by a separate push-button keypad. The Abode iota however has Z-wave, a built-in camera, and motion sensors which are features that the SimpliSafe control panel doesn’t have. Because the Abode iota has more premium features than that of the SimpliSafe control panel, we are choosing them as our winner.

SimpliSafe Equipment

SimpliSafe has a variety entryway and environmental sensors to give your home total protection. They offer door/window, motion, and glass break sensors that are wireless and battery-operated and are used to protect the areas that intruders target the most to get into your home. They offer external sirens that are wireless and battery-operated that will trigger when your system or devices have been triggered. To quickly arm and disarm your system, SimpliSafe offers their battery-operated key fobs. Their key fobs have a push-button design, and they will allow you to arm and disarm your system with the touch of a button. They also offer battery-operated panic buttons that have a singe push-button that when pushed when immediately trigger your system, and let this will let your central monitoring station know that emergency services are needed. To protect your home against the dangers of the environment, SimpliSafe offers wireless and battery-operated temperature, smoke, and water sensors. These sensors will look for the dangers of rises and drops in temperature, smoke from fires, CO gas, and water leaks. If these are detected these sensors will trigger your system will making an audible alert. All equipment offered by SimpliSafe is DIY (do it yourself), so you will need to setup the equipment yourself which is super easy, but if you prefer not to, then you do have the option to pay a one time fee for a SimpliSafe technician to come out an setup all of your equipment for you.

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Home Automation

SimpliSafe is in the process of expanding their product line, but for now you will only be able to purchase their smart lock as the only home automation equipment they offer. Their smart locks fits over your existing deadbolt lock, and your key will still work for your lock as well. It is wireless which means it connects directly to your home’s WIFI network. It comes with separate illuminated push-button keypad that allows you to quickly lock and unlock your SimpliSafe smart lock. You can also create custom user codes for different users. You can remotely control your SimpliSafe smart lock on the go through your smart phone. If for some reason someone enters an incorrect code too many times, the SimpliSafe smart lock will lock for 30 minutes to prevent further tampering.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

If you are looking to add some video surveillance equipment to your SimpliSafe system, SimpliSafe offers their Simpli Cam and Video Doorbell Pro. The Simpli Cam can be placed indoors or outdoors. It is powered by an AC power source, and it connects to your home’s WIFI network. It can capture and stream video in HD, and can even capture video even when there is no light around. It has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your Simpli Cam. It also includes motion sensors that will trigger it to start to record. Their video doorbell is also wireless. It can record video in 1080p, has advanced night vision and motion sensors, customizable doorbell chimes, and a 2-way audio feature.

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Abode Equipment

The Abode iota is super expandable so Abode wanted to make sure they offered all the basic equipment you could need. They have environmental safety devices and intrusion devices, and all devices offered for the Abode iota are wireless and battery-operated. To protect the doors and windows of your home, Abode offers several different models of door/window sensors. They offer standard, mini, slim, and recessed door/window sensors that are easy to place. They offer two different models of glass break sensors which are an acoustic and vibration glass break sensor which are used to listen and feel the sounds and vibrations from breaking glass. They have two different types of motion sensors as well. Abode offers a standard motion sensor that will detect motion in an area that it is placed, and a wide-angle motion cam that will take snaps shots when motion is detected in the place it is located. They also offer an outdoor external siren and an indoor external siren that is super loud. For quick and easy way to arm your system, Abode offers keypads and keychain remotes. Their keypads have a push-button design with an illuminated keypad. This keypad has a rechargeable battery that last up to 6-months so you don’t have to worry about constantly recharging it. Their key fob has a push-button design that allows you to quickly arm and disarm your system with the push of button. Adobe also offers separate push-button panic buttons that will let your central monitoring station know that emergencies services know help is needed. To protect your home from environmental dangers, Abode offers a smoke and water leak sensor. These sensors will look for rises in smoke and water. If these are detected they will make a loud audible alert while triggering your Abode system. All the equipment offered by Abode is DIY (do it yourself) which means you will need to setup all the equipment yourself, but they include a setup guide making installation a breeze.

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Home Automation

The Abode iota is super expandable, and that is due to its built in Z-Wave protocol. Abode wanted to make sure you could purchase a lot of great home automation and video surveillance equipment directly through them, and they have a nice variety. You can use other branded home automation devices that are offered by other companies that are not offered on the Abode website. Abode made some really cool addon sensors that we haven’t really seen with other security companies. Abode offers a Multi Sensor which a wireless and battery-operated sensor that will detect light, motion, and humidity changes. Abode also offers a system status sensor that plugs directly into an AC outlet. This sensor has an LED indicator light that will always show the same light color as your system which lets you know your system’s status. Abode doesn’t directly offer any other home automation devices for you choose from, but you can use smart locks, smart thermostats, smart bulbs, etc. with your Abode iota. Brands like Yale Smart Locks, Phillips Bulbs, and other brands home automation equipment will work with your Abode iota.


Abode does offer a nice selection of video cameras you can use with your Abode iota. Abode offers their Abode Cam and Outdoor Smart Cam. The Abode Cam is an indoor camera that is powered by an AC power source, and it works by directly connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. It can capture video clips in 1080p HD, and it includes 2-way audio, motion sensors, and night vision. The Abode Outdoor Smart Cam is a compacted video surveillance camera that can work as a doorbell camera as well as a regular outdoor camera. You can power the Abode Outdoor Smart Cam two ways; through your existing doorbell wiring or through an AC power source. It works by connecting to your homes WIFI network, and it can capture video in 1080P in a 152-degree wide field of view. It has 2-way audio, night vision, and even facial recognition technology.

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Who wins?

You will find a lot of similarities between SimpliSafe’s basic equipment, and the basic equipment offered for the Abode iota. They both offer wireless and battery-operated security and environmental safety devices for their control panels. Also, their equipment is DIY with the exception of SimpliSafe offer professional installation for a one-time fee. However, Abode offers a much larger selection of basic equipment than SimpliSafe for their Abode iota, and for that reason we are choosing them winner for this category.

SimpliSafe and Abode offer some nice add-on devices that lets you use your system in other ways other than just as a security deterrent. We really like the SimpliSafe smart lock due to its ease of use and design. Abode may not offer a lot of home automation equipment on their website, but due to the Abode iota having a Z-wave protocol you can really expand it to turn it into a home security hub as well a security hub. Due to the Abode offering some nicer cams and unique sensors than SimpliSafe, we are choosing them as the winner for this category.

SimpliSafe vs Abode App

To keep an eye on your system and connected devices, SimpliSafe and Abode offer professional, video, and self-monitoring services. Their self-monitoring services are done through their apps which are free to download and work for apple, PC, and smartphone devices. Their self-monitoring services allow you to arm and disarm your system, stream live and recorded video, control home automation devices, and customize system and devices features while on the go right through their apps. You will also get push notifications anytime your system or connected devices detect an event. The Abode app however, has a bit more features than that of SimpliSafe’s especially when it comes to home automation control. Their professional monitoring services work the same in where you have a 24/7 professional monitoring services watching over your home. Abode’s month to month fee for this service is cheaper than SimpliSafe’s month to month fee is.

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SimpliSafe and Abode offer really great security products. SimpliSafe’s system is easy to use, and they offer a ton of intrusion and environmental safety sensors to keep your home totally protected. The Abode iota has features that the SimpliSafe control panel doesn’t have like a built-in camera. The Abode iota also is really expandable which allows you to really personalize your home security solution. Due to Abode offering the nicer control panel that is more expandable than SimpliSafe’s, we are choosing them as our overall winners.

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