Blink Mini Home Security Camera Review

In this post we will be taking a look at the Blink Mini, a home security camera, and go over it’s many features, including plans and pricing!

In today’s age home security companies are always making improvements to their line of video surveillance products. Recently there has been a movement for video surveillance cameras to be more compact, making them easier to place and more discreet. A lot of the major players in the video surveillance camera market have seen this need, and some have already designed very compact video surveillance cameras. Today we will be taking a look at one of these compact cameras called the Blink Mini.

Before we go over the features of the Blink Mini Cam, we would like to give our readers some background information on the company first. Blink Home was founded back in 2009 as a home automation company. Blink Home specializes in making a wide a variety of video surveillance cameras. They have recently been acquired by Amazon.

The Blink Mini Cam is a compact camera that packs a lot of power. The Blink Mini Cam is 2 inches x 1.9 inches x 1.4 inches which allows you to place it pretty much anywhere around the inside of your home. It’s size also helps it to not be seen easily by the naked eye which is a great tool for shoppers who have kids they would like to keep an eye on. The Blink Mini Cam is meant for indoor use only, so make sure you are placing it on the inside of your home. Also, it’s a good idea to place it away from the elements. The Blink Mini Cam is wireless cam which means it works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered by an AC power source and it includes a Micro USB power outlet.

Our take: **The Blink Mini’s basic features are pretty standard when compared to other video surveillance cameras that are similar. Just like most other video surveillance cameras, the Blink Mini is wireless and is powered by an AC power source. One thing we wish that the Blink Mini had due to its size is rechargeable battery. One really standout feature we really liked about the Blink Mini camera is its size, and how its size makes it easy to place.

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Advanced features

The Blink Mini may be small, but it has all the great features that other much larger video surveillance cameras have. The Blink Mini camera captures video in stunning 1080P quality. It has a 110-degree field of view that allows you to capture video clips in large areas. When there is no light in the area that your Blink Mini is placed, it will automatically switch to its IR night vision so you can still capture images even when there is no light around. The Blink Mini has an advanced motion sensor that will trigger your Blink Mini to start recording if motion is detected in the area in which it is placed. You can always customize the zones in which motion can be detected around your Blink Mini camera. The Blink Mini includes a 2-way audio features that allows you to hear and communicate with whomever is around the camera. If you have Amazon’s Alexa you can use voice commands to control the camera.

Our take: **Just like with the Blink Mini camera’s basic features, its advanced features are pretty standard when compared to other cameras that are similar. The great part of the Blink Mini’s advanced features is that all the features fit into the Blink Mini camera despite its size. We like the fact that the Blink Mini can capture video in stunning HD. We also like the fact that the Blink Mini gives you the option to customize its motion zones.

You can access all of your video including live and recorded video either through your PC or Mac, or through your smartphone. You can download the Blink app for free and it works for Apple and Android devices. The Blink app will allow you to stream live and recorded video clips on the go. You can also access the Blink Mini’s 2-way audio feature right through the app. If motion is detected by your Blink Mini camera it will automatically send you a push-notification to the app and start to record. You will be able to stream live video through the app at no cost, but for recorded clips there is a month-to-month price associated with it. Right now, Blink is offering free 30-day cloud storage of your video clips through December 2020. After December 2020 you will need to pay $3 per month per camera for 30-days of recorded video or $10 a month for unlimited cameras. Blink is currently working on a device that would allow you to store your video clips on it, much like a DVR, and they will be announcing more information when it is released.

The Blink Mini is nice little video surveillance camera that is small but packed full of features. The most standout feature of the Blink Mini is its size. Its size allows it to be placed indoors in places that most other security cameras can’t be placed. Its basic and advanced features are nothing really outstanding, and most other video surveillance cameras that are currently out on the market have the same advanced and basic features of the Blink Mini Cam. In all we would give the Blink Mini Cam a 3 out 5-star review. In the future we hope that Blink Home decides to add some features besides their cameras’ sizes to really make them standout from their competition.

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