Google Nest Hub Max: An Expert Review

There are countless DIY home security systems on the market. Today we will be taking a look at one of the newer players on the market, the Google Nest Hub Max, which is a home automation alarm system.

Every year we see more advancements when it comes to home security systems. Recently there has a been a big push for home automation systems that include security system features. This is due to the rise of recent smart home technology, and it becoming the top focus of home security systems. Recently Google partnered up with Nest to release a home automation system that has security system features called the Google Nest Hub Max. Today we will be going over the control hub, equipment, and monitoring that can be used with the Google Nest Hub Max.


Control panel

Nest is a well known producer of top of the line video surveillance equipment. Over the years they have branched out the product line to include smart home automation and security technology. They decided to partner with Google to produce one of most home automation friendly hubs currently out on the market. It is a wireless hub which means it works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered through an AC power source. You can connect devices to your Google Nest Hub Max via Bluetooth due to it having Bluetooth built right into it.

The Hub has a 10-inch HD touchscreen that includes a Nest cam built right in. You can capture video clips with the built-in Nest cam, and you can also stream live video. You will need a Nest Aware subscription to use the premium video features of the built-in Nest Cam. You can also make video calls right form you Google Nest Hub, and it includes a microphone with a 2-way audio feature. The Google Nest Hub Max has stereo speakers with 3-inch sub-woofers that produce high quality sound. You can easily stream your music to your Google Nest Hub Max, and they are currently offering 3-months of Sirius XM radio.

Another really awesome feature of the Google Nest Hub Max is that you can use your Google Home virtual voice smart assistant that is built-in, to control the functions of your Google Nest Hub Max using simple voice commands. It’s really expandable too, and it will allow you to add a ton of security, home automation, and video surveillance equipment to it. The Google Nest Hub Max is a DIY (do it yourself) type of install, but it includes everything you need for a quick and easy installation.

Our take: The Google Nest Hub Max is really breaking the mold on how we think of home security systems. Google and Nest created a hub that focuses more on the video surveillance side of home security, and the Google Nest Hub Max’s built-in cam is a great way for you to keep an eye on things. We really love its full-colored HD 10-inch touchscreen due to the crystal-clear imaging it produces. We also really love the fact that it has a Google Home assistant built-in so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate one. In all we really thinking the Google Nest Hub Max is a great control panel especially if you are more interested in the home automation side of security.

Sensors and Devices

The Google Nest Hub Max doesn’t come with any sensors, everything you want to add to it you will need to be purchased separately. Today we will only be going over some of the equipment that is offered for the Google Nest Hub. When it comes to security equipment that can be used with the Google Nest Hub Max, you can use brands like Nest and August security devices with your Google Nest Hub. They don’t state exactly which Nest security devices will work with your Google Nest Hub, but we are assuming they will allow you to use any Nest security sensors out on the market. When it comes to home automation you can use Phillips smart bulbs, Yale smart locks, Nest thermostats, and Leviton smart plugs just to name a few. You can also stream and connect your Google Nest Hub Max to your entertainment devices such as your Phillips smart TV. When it comes to video surveillance equipment you will be able to use any Nest cam that is out on the market with your Google Nest Hub.

Our take: The Google Nest Hub Max doesn’t offer any equipment that comes with it, but there are several ways you can expand it. You can add several different brands of smart locks, lights, thermostats, and smart home assistants to your Google Nest Hub Max. You can also use top of the line Nest cams with your Google Home Max Hub. The one thing we didn’t really care for is that it doesn’t really list what types of security products can be used with the Google Nest Hub Max on their website, and this information would be handy especially when setting up an interior security equipment.


The only real monitoring that is offered for the Google Nest Hub Max is self and video monitoring through the Google Home app. You can control all of the features for you Google Nest Hub Max including all of equipment connected to it through the Google Home App which is free to download and works for Apple and Android devices. All basic features of the Google Home App are free to use, but if you are looking for recorded video clips you will have to subscribe to a month-to-month plan. You can stream live video at no cost.

Google Nest Hub Max vs Link Interactive (

The Google Nest Hub Max is a great home automation hub that comes with standard security features. It has a great built-in camera that allows you to keep an eye on the things that really matter the most to you. It also includes a lot of streaming and home automation functions that will turn your home into a smarter home. If you are looking to purchase a Google Nest Hub Max you pay around $230 for it. For something more complete, security-wise, consider getting a Link Interactive system.

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