Frontpoint vs Guardian Protection An Expert Comparison

Today we will be comparing home security providers Frontpoint and Guardian Protection, and see how they stack up! We’ll go over equipment, monitoring plans, and more!

There are several ways you can find the perfect solution for your home’s security needs. The most popular way that homeowners like yourself shop for security products is by browsing for them online. You may have come across a wealth of information while on your search, and we are here to make the process of finding the perfect security solution for you much easier. There are several great companies currently out on the market that can provide your home with total security protection, and today we will be taking a look at and comparing what Frontpoint and Guardian Protection have to offer.

Frontpoint Control Panel

Frontpoint offers an easy to use control panel that connects all your devices to once place. Their control panel comes in two parts which are the base station and its separate wireless keypad. The base station has a cellular chip included so you won’t need a landline or internet connection for it to work, however it can connect to your home’s WIFI network as a backup connection. The base station and keypad are powered by AC power sources, and they have rechargeable batteries that will last up to 24 hours without the need of a recharge. The base station is controlled fully by the separate keypad which will arm and disarm your system. The keypad allows you to create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. The base station has Crash and Smash technology built in as well. Smash and crash is a feature that will allow your base station to keep transmitting a signal to your central monitoring station if your base station is damaged. The base station includes a Z-Wave protocol that allows you to really expand your system.

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Guardian Protection Control Panel

Guardian Protection has a few different control panels for you to choose from. The brains that controls and connects all of their security equipment together is the Guardian IQ2 Panel or their Wireless Control Panel. The Guardian IQ2 Panel has a 7-inch full HD touchscreen. It has a very thin design which allows it be easily placed in a variety of locations. The Guardian IQ2 Panel is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. If for some reason the power to your home goes out, the Guardian IQ2 Panel has a built-in backup battery. The Guardian IQ2 Panel works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network wirelessly. It also includes a built-in cellular chip so that if your internet connection is down your Guardian IQ2 Panel will still work. The Guardian IQ2 Panel also has Bluetooth technology allowing you to use compatible Bluetooth devices with it. It also has a front facing camera that can be set to take a snap shot when your system is being armed and disarmed. You can control all the features and devices for your Guardian Protection security system right from the Guardian IQ2 Panel. The next control panel that Guardian Protection has to offer is their Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel has a full colored touchscreen. The touchscreen allows you to control your system’s features along the devices connected to it with a simple tap. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel also displays the current time and temperature. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel is powered by an AC power source, and comes with a backup battery. It works just like the Guardian IQ2 panel by connecting to your home’s WIFI network, and comes with a cellular backup chip.

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Who wins?

There is a pretty big different in what Frontpoint has to offer with control panels and what Guardian Protection has to offer in control panels. For starters, Guardian protections offers 2 control panels for you to choose from that are full colored touchscreen control panels. Both of Guardian Protection’s control panels are packed with tons of features that are easily accessed right from the home screen. Frontpoint only offers the one control panel which limits your selection, but their control is easy to use and has a Z-Wave protocol which makes it pretty expandable. For this category we are choosing Guardian Protection as our winner due to their superior selection of control panels that are packed full of features.

Frontpoint Equipment

When it comes to basic equipment Frontpoint has you covered. All the basic sensors and devices offered by Frontpoint are wireless and battery-operated. They offer nano-sized door/window frames that are much better than regular door/window sensors at being placed in smaller spaces making installation hassle free. They have motion sensors that are pet-immune, and are great at providing protection for large areas of your home. Frontpoint has glass breaks sensors that will listen for the sound of breaking glass, and they will trigger your system if this sound is heard. For another way of arming and disarming your system you can purchase a key fob remote from Frontpoint. Their key fob remotes have a 4-button push button design that lets you quickly arm and disarm your system with the push of a button, and it includes a built-in panic button feature. If you are looking to just be able to use the panic feature, you can purchase a separate panic button. Frontpoint’s panic button also has a push button design that will instant alert emergency services that assistance is needed. Frontpoint offers both wireless and battery-operated smoke and CO2 detectors. Both of these detectors will make audible alerts if rises of either smoke or CO2 gases are detected. They will also trigger an event with your security system if these rises take place. All the equipment that your purchase through Frontpoint is totally DIY (do it yourself) which means you will need to setup all the equipment by yourself. Frontpoint does includes a setup guide for fast and easy installation.

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Frontpoint Home Automation

Frontpoint has a lot of add-on equipment that really lets you personalize your home security solution. They offer smart LED bulbs which are great at saving you some money on your energy costs for your home. You can turn on and off these smart lights remotely through the Frontpoint app. If you are looking for a way to control small appliances or light fixtures you can purchase a wireless light control from Frontpoint. Their light control plugs directly into an outlet, and you can control any small appliance that is connected to this smart plug remotely through the Frontpoint app. Fronpoint’s also offers automated door locks. Fronpoint’s automated door locks have a fingerprint resistant keypad design that will allow you to create custom user codes. Frontpoint’s offers garage controls that will allow you to remotely control your garage doors on the go. If for some reason you forget to close your garage door, an alert will be sent to you through Frontpoint app. Frontpoint offers smart thermostats as well. Frontpoint’s smart thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature of your home when a drop or rise of temperature happens past the temperature you have set for your home.

Frontpoint Video Monitoring/Cameras

Frontpoint has a great selection of video surveillance equipment that you can use with their system. Frontpoint offers the V622 Indoor Camera. This camera is wireless, and it is powered by an AC power source. The video resolution of this camera is 1080p HD with a 180-degree viewing angle which allows this camera to capture video in a wide area. The V622 indoor camera also has 2-way audio built-in with Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities. You can also use other cameras with your Frontpoint system such as their outdoor and doorbell cameras.

Guardian Protection Equipment

Guardian Protection offers a variety of basic sensors that will work great with their control panels. Guardian Protection offers door/window sensors that are battery-operated and wireless. These sensors are meant to be placed on the door or window frames of the doors and windows you want some protection for. They also offer a very similar sensor called the Smart Sensor. The Smart Sensor is pretty much the same as their door/window sensors with the exception that they are primarily meant to be used with doors. When these doors or windows are opened, you will immediately be notified using their Smart Sensor or door/window sensor. Guardian Protection also offers motion sensors which are battery-operated and wireless. Motion sensors are great for covering large areas of your home, and they will alert you to when motion has been detected in the room they are placed in. If you have a lot of windows in your home Guardian Protection has glass break sensors to protect the windows in your home. Their glass break sensors are wireless and battery operated. You can place a glass break sensor near a few windows in your home you want protection for. They will listen for the sound of glass breaking, and you will be immediately notified. If you are looking for a quick way to disarm and arm your system then you would want a Guardian Protection key remote. Their key remote is battery-operated and allows you to quickly arm and disarm your system with a touch of a button. Guardian Protection offers wireless and battery-operated smoke, CO2, and temperature sensors. Theses sensors will look for rises in smoke and CO2 gases with the temperature sensor, it will look for drastic rises and falls in temperature in the area it’ placed. The equipment sold to you by Guardian Protection is professional installed so you don’t have to worry about setting up the equipment yourself, but Guardian Protection isn’t offered everywhere in the United States so you will need to call them to make sure your area is covered.

Guardian Protection Home Automation

Guardian doesn’t have a huge selection of add-on equipment for you to choose from. When it comes to home automation equipment, they only offer a limited selection. They offer Kwikset locks that have a push button design that allows you create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. You can also remotely lock and unlock these locks through the Guardian Protection app. They offer smart thermostats that allow you to remotely control your home’s temperature. You can also set timers for when your homes heating and cooling system comes on and goes off which can cut down on your home’s energy costs per month. Guardian has garage door controllers that you let you remotely open and shut your garage door. You will receive push notifications for when your garage door has been open and when it has been shut.

Guardian Protection Video Monitoring/Cameras

You will receive push notifications for when your garage door has been open and when it has been shut. When it comes to video surveillance equipment Guardian Protection offers a video doorbell, outdoor, and indoor camera. All of their cameras are powered through an AC power source, and they work by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. Their indoor, doorbell, and outdoor cameras allow you to capture video in full color, and include night vision technology. Their doorbell camera has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your doorbell camera. Guardian Protection offers an image sensor for those of you not looking for video coverage, but some sort of image protection. Their image sensor is motion activated, and pet friendly. It will snap an image any time motion has been detected around it.

Who wins?

You will find a lot more similarities between Frontpoint and Guardian Protection when it comes to their basic equipment. They both offer wireless and battery-operated sensors. Guardian Protection however does have a few more sensors that Frontpoint doesn’t offer. The main deciding factor here was the accessibility of the equipment and services. Frontpoint offers equipment and services to all of the United States and thus we are choosing them as our winner for this category.

Frontpoint and Guardian Protection offers a nice selection of add-on equipment. We really love the selection of home automation products that Frontpoint offers. When it comes to video surveillance equipment, we really like Guardian Protections image motion activated image sensor. This was a tough category to call, but because Frontpoint has more home automation equipment with upfront pricing we are giving them the win for this category.

Frontpoint vs Guardian Protection App

Frontpoint and Guardian Protection offer self, professional, and video monitoring services. Their self-monitoring services are done through their apps which are free to download and work for Windows, Apple, and Android devices. Both of their self-monitoring apps are powered through which means you will have a ton of more features you can use with your equipment and system. You can customize all devices connected to your system, stream live and recorded video, get push notifications for events, remotely arm and disarm your system plus much much more all through the app while on the go. Because both Fronpoint’s and Guardian Protection’s apps are powered through, you can use the geo-fencing service which is a feature that will automatically turn on/off your system, devices, cameras, etc. when leaving and entering your home. Their professional monitoring services work the same where you have a professional monitoring station watching over your home 24/7. Frontpoint however is upfront about their pricing, while Guardian Protection only gives pricing information via a free email quote. Also, just to reiterate that Guardian Protection doesn’t offer their services everywhere in the United States while Frontpoint does.

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Frontpoint and Guardian Protection offer great security systems that are built to last. We really love the really nice colored touchscreen control panels offered by Guardian Protection. Frontpoint has a ton of equipment that you can use with their system, and they have upfront pricing. Because Frontpoint has a bigger selection of equipment with upfront pricing we are choosing them as our overall winner. If you are looking to make a purchase from either of these companies you can do so by visiting their websites or calling their toll-free numbers.

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