Vivint Ping Indoor Security Camera Review

If you have been shopping around for an indoor security camera, you have probably come across a lot of different brands. In this post, we will be taking a detailed look at the Vivint Ping Indoor Security Camera and see how it stacks up.

You may have recently purchased a system through Vivint and are looking to add some equipment, or you may be one of the thousands of homeowners today looking for their first ever home security system. No matter what stage of the buying cycle you’re at, getting a security camera to go along with your security system is always a great idea. Today we will be looking at Vivint’s Ping Indoor Camera and see what all the fuss is about.


One of the first types of video surveillance cameras that most people, like yourselves, add to their security system is an indoor camera. The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera is the perfect camera to add to your Vivint security system to provide some protection for the inside of your home. It has a basic white cylinder shape design that will go well with design of any room it is placed it. It has a compact design with it measuring 5.2 inches H by 3.2 inches D making it super easy to place. The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera is wireless camera that works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered through an AC power source so you will want to make sure you have an outlet nearby. You can set up this camera yourself, but Vivint offers professional installation on all their equipment. You will have to a Vivint security system to use this camera, and it is mainly meant to be used indoors. You can use indoor cameras outside as long as you have a covered surface that will protect them from the elements.

Our take: The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera is a great indoor camera to add to your Vivint security system. We like the compact design of the Vivint Ping Indoor Camera due to how it makes it easy to place. We also like the simple design and think it will look great in area inside your home. We do however wish this camera could be used as a stand-alone device without the need of a Vivint security system.

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Advanced Features

The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera has a lot of great advanced features. The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera sports an amazing video resolution. You can capture and stream live and recorded video is crystal clear 1080P video resolution. It has an amazing field of view of 150-degree horizontal and 80-degree vertical allowing to capture a huge area in which your Vivint Ping Indoor Camera is placed.

The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera has great night vision technology that is powered by 3 high-powered infrared LEDs with IR cut filter that allows you to capture stunning clear images even when there is no light around. It has motion detectors that will trigger your Vivint Ping Indoor Camera to start to record when motion is detected around it. You can actually customize the zones that motion can be detected in so that it will cut down on unwanted alerts. It also sports a microphone with a 2-way audio feature that will let you directly communicate with whomever is around your camera.

You can set your Vivint Ping Indoor Camera to trigger your Vivint security system whenever motion is detected, and you will also be sent an instant notification when your Vivint Ping Indoor Camera starts to record. The Vivint Indoor Camera will also incorporate with your other devices, such as home automation equipment, allowing for one cohesive system that can do more than just give your home basic security.

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Our take: The Vivint Ping Indoor Camera has a lot of great features that we really like. We really like the fact that it can capture high quality images even when there is no light around due to its high-tech night vision technology. We also really like that fact that you can customize motion zones which allow you to only capture the things in your home that you want to keep an eye one. The only thing we didn’t really like is that Vivint doesn’t state what material their Vivint Ping Indoor Camera is made out of which would be really useful in telling how well it can withstand the elements if used outside in a covered surface.

Video Storage and App

You can stream live and recorded video right through the Vivint app. The Vivint app is free to download and works for Apple and Android devices. The Vivint app will allow you to customize any camera that you have connected to your Vivint system along with receiving alerts for any events triggered by your cameras. The Vivint app is not free to use, and you will need to have a month to month subscription to be able to use the features of the Vivint app.

You have the option of storing your video clips on Vivint’s Playback DVR which allow to keep your video clips until you delete them. Vivint’s Playback DVR is sold separately, and you will need to contact them for pricing for this device. If you do not have their Playback DVR you will still be able to view 20 second record clips that have limited days in which they are stored, and you will have the still have the ability to stream live video without the need of their Playback DVR.

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Vivint Ping Indoor Camera vs Video

Vivint’s Ping Indoor Camera however can be a great addition to an existing Vivint system, thanks to its many features and ease of use. However, if you would like a more versatile camera that can work with a variety of panels and devices, including smart home automation systems, look into our indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras. Not only are they more affordable, but they will give you the most amount of flexibility in terms of how you want them to interact with your new ‘smart’ home. You can also call us at (877) 826-5443 for a free quote! Or visit us here.