Minut Smart Home Alarm: An Expert Review

In this post, we will take a look at yet another DIY (do-it-yourself) home security system, the Minut Smart Home Alarm system. We will also compare it with more traditional DIY home security solutions and see how it stacks up. Let’s dive right in!

There are a lot of great high-tech security products that are being released this year. We always like to keep an eye on these types of products. Every year the security industry grows which means new names in the security industry. Today we will be going over a new security system that is currently out on the market called the Minut Smart Home Alarm.

Before we go over the details of the Minut Smart Home Alarm, we would first like to give our readers some background information about the company. Minut was cofounded by a former Apple product designer. The cofounder along with to other founders of Minut wanted to design a product that was affordable for everyone. They also wanted to design a product that had your own privacy in mind and thus they came up with the Minut Smart Home Alarm.


The Minut Smart Home Alarm is very different than other security systems that are currently out on the market. Unlike other security systems, everything that is needed to monitor and protect your home is built into the hub. This means there are no sensors that are needed to be installed or messy wiring. The Minut Smart Home Alarm is a DIY (do it yourself) type of installation with the only piece of equipment that needs to be set up is the hub itself.

The hub has a cylinder-shaped design that is white, and it is very easy to place. It includes a built-in light that will turn on every time you walk underneath it. You can place the hub using the included magnetic mounting plate which can be stuck or screwed onto a celling (which is the ideal place to put your hub). It is wireless system which means it works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network. The Minut Smart Home Alarm is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last up to six months without needing a recharge.

Our take: We haven’t seen anything quite like the Minute Smart Alarm. We really like that fact that is has a rechargeable battery because it gives you the ability to place it pretty much anywhere in your home. We also like the fact that the Minut Smart Home Alarm is a single hub making installation a breeze. We didn’t quite like the fact Minut doesn’t really go into if their Minut Smart Home Alarm has a cellular backup in case your internet is down.

Advanced Features

One thing that sets the Minut Smart Home Alarm a part from other security systems that are currently out on the market is all of the advanced features that comes built into the hub.

The Minut Smart Home Alarm has a PIR motion sensors built right into the hub. Its motions sensors can detect the heat signatures from living things. It also keeps track of the number of motion events that are detected around it throughout the day. If your Minut Smart Home Alarm is armed and motion is detected you will be sent an instant alert. You can also monitor the motion around the hub even when it’s not armed.

The Minut Smart Home Alarm also monitors the noise levels around it which is a pretty standout feature. You can set your Minut Smart Home Alarm’s decibel level to a certain point, and if the noise around your Minut Smart Home Alarm goes above the pre-set level it will trigger an event. This is a great feature especially if you work away from home a lot, and have teenagers you would like to keep an eye on (teenagers are sometimes to throw parties when their parents aren’t around).

The Minut Smart Home Alarm’s advanced features don’t stop here, it also can monitor the temperature around the hub. If the temperature around the hub drops to low or rises to high the hub will send you an alert. You customize what temperature levels trigger alerts with your system. This is a super great feature because it cuts out the need to purchase a freeze, fire, and temperature sensor.

Not only can the Minut Smart Home Alarm detect the temperature around it, it can also detect the humidity around it. High humidity levels can be harmful to your electronics, structures of your home, and even your health. The Minut Smart Home Alarm will alert you when it detects rises in humidity around it. The Minut Smart Home Alarm will even combine the temperature and humidity data it collects to let you know the mold risk of your home.

The last advanced feature for the Minut Smart Home Alarm is its ability recognize sounds of other environmental safety sensors like CO2 doctors, and if these sounds are heard it will trigger an event.

Our take: The Minuit Smart Alarm is a new concept security system. We like the fact that it can collect your temperature and humidity data to give your home’s mold risk because mold can be very bad for your health. We also like the fact that it listens for noise levels because it can help you keep an eye on your kids to make sure they are behaving.

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The Minut Smart Home Alarm, as far as we can tell, only offers self-monitoring. Their self-monitoring is done through their app which works for Apple and Android devices. With the Minut Smart Home Alarm you can remotely check the status of your alarm including the temperature, motion, humidity, etc. If you alarm is triggered by an event you will instantly get a push notification that the event has happened. Minut doesn’t state if there is a charge for using their self-monitoring service, but from what we can tell there doesn’t seem to be a charge.

If a lack of 24/7 professional monitoring bothers you, consider a system that does both, self and professional monitoring: Link Interactive >

The Minut Smart Home Alarm is a unique security system. It has many of the features of basic security sensors built into its hub making for a single device that can protect your home, but the breadth of protection it can offer is dubious at best. The Minut Smart Home Alarm’s advanced features make it standout from the rest especially its ability to detect temperature and humidity levels.

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