The Pros & Cons of DIY Vs. Professionally Installed Home Security

January 14, 2020 DIY Vs. Professionally Installed Home Security DIY Vs. Professionally Installed Home Security

The world is a very dangerous place. The need for home security systems is very high at the moment.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, about 1.03 million home invasions happen each year. And you know what’s messed up? It’s so easy for burglars to break in. Unfortunately, homeowners indirectly let them. Only 17% of homes in the U.S. have any type of security system. There are multiple choices to thwart burglars. You can buy from someone like ADT and get your cameras professionally installed, or you can buy from someone like us and install you cameras DIY style. The choice is up to you, but today, we will go through the pros and cons of each. First, let’s list the pros and cons of professionally installed security cameras.

Pros: 1. If you get your cameras installed this way, there is a higher chance that there will not be any mistakes in the installation. Cons: 1. Sometimes, professional installation involves drilling. 2. You have to schedule a proper time that will fit into your and their schedule.

Now, we talk about the pros and cons of DIY home security cameras. Pros: 1. There is no drilling so you can have it in most apartments and dorm rooms. 2. Since you install it yourself, there are no installation fees. 3. You can adjust the security system to place it where you want it when you install your cameras. 4. One amazing thing about installing cameras yourself is that you can install them at any time. Cons: 1. You can’t get a warranty so if you mess the installation up, it’s all on you. 2. Another downside to having a DIY security system is that you have to monitor them yourself but often you can have alerts sent to your phone if anyone tries to break in.

Nationally, the average installation cost of an alarm system is $694 but can range anywhere from $85 to $1,850. That is a lot of money that can easily be saved if you install your system yourself. Going the do-it-yourself route is definitely cheaper. The only thing is that you may not believe you are capable of installing your own security system. But don’t worry because we at Seek Safety Now are ready to guide you step by step through the entire process with just a simple phone call. Even someone with little to no technical abilities could do it!

Still, if that is not the route you want to take, you can hire a professional to do the job. Then, you will know for a fact that it will be set up and ready to use. It is good to know you are safe. And if the installers did not set it up right, most security companies have a warranty you can get ahead of time.

So, both of these have their pros and cons as you can see, but it is up to you to decide what you want. I hope this is helpful to you And Remember, Let’s Be Safe Out There.

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