Review: Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera

In this post we will be taking a look at the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera and go over it’s many app control and monitoring features

Home owners know how important is to keep their homes safe from home invasions so many homeowners invest in home security systems including surveillance systems and security cameras. However, a lot of the times the security products that home owners purchased are focused on protecting the interior of their homes. Homeowners often over look providing protection for their outside of their home which can be a costly mistake. A lot of stolen property crimes happen with the items that are outside of your home like your car. A really great way to provide some protection for the exterior of your home is by purchasing an outdoor camera.

Swann Outdoor Camera Features

The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera has a lot of great basic features that sets it apart from other outdoor security cameras. The shape of the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera is like a cone. Swann wanted to shape their Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera this way so it was easier to blend into the environment it is placed in making it more discreet. It is made from IP67 weather proof material that will protect it from the elements.

The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera is an outdoor camera, but it can also be used indoors. It is also a special type of camera by this way it is powered; it is actually powered through an Ethernet connection that not only powers the camera but also connects it to your home’s internet network. This style powering allows for continuous power with means less interruptions of when your camera goes down. Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera comes with a super long Ethernet cable that is 100 feet long so you don’t have to worry about limiting where you place it. You will connect your Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera to their NVR.

An NVR is a type of video storage system much like a DVR that stores all of your video clips. The biggest difference between an NVR and DVR is that the video data stored in an NVR is encoded allowing for an extra layer of protection for your video clips. The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera is a DIY (do it yourself) type of installation, but Swann includes everything your need including a setup guide for fast and easy installation. It also includes mounting bracket so you can practically place your Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera anywhere.

Our take: The basic features of the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera are one of the factors that helps it stand out from its competition. We really love the cone shaped design because it allows you to have discreet video surveillance protection. We also really like the fact that is powered over Ethernet, which also gives the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera continuous power. Also, the NVR is a really cool device that allows you to feel secure about the video clips that are captured by your Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera.

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Advanced features

One reason we like the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera is because it is packed full of features that not a lot of other cameras that are like it have. Its video resolution amazing with the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera sporting ultra 4k video resolution. This allows you to capture video like you were actually there in real life watching it. The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera has a super wide 75-degree field of view. Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera’s field of view allows you to capture a wide area allowing for more coverage than other outdoor cameras. It also has incredible night vision technology that allows you to capture images up to 100 feet at night. The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera uses a different kind of LED that doesn’t cause the spotlight effect which is common with other outdoor cameras’ night vision. It instead illuminates the whole area allowing for a clearer picture when there is no light around, and it will switch automatically to night vision when it detects there is little to no light.

Our take: The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera has a lot of advanced features that we really like. The video resolution is amazing, and we really like that you are able to capture images in 4K Ultra HD. The night vision technology is also a really standout feature of the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera due to its ability to capture clearer images at night than most other outdoor cameras. The one thing we didn’t really like about the Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera is that it doesn’t have a 2-way audio feature which is pretty standard now when it comes to outdoor and indoor video surveillance cameras.

Swann App

The video capture from your Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera can be viewed via the Swann app. The Swann app is free to download and works for Apple and Android Devices. The Swann app will allow you to stream live and recorded video while on the go. You can also download video clips from the Swan NVR which is where you video clips are stored. Unfortunately, the NVR is normally sold separately, but you can buy it in a bundle with a Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Cameras but this will be pricey. The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera goes for around $150 which is about average when compared to other outdoor cameras with similar features.

Owning an outdoor video surveillance camera is a great way to keep an eye of the things that matter that are outside of your home. The Swann 4K Outdoor Bullet Camera captures clear video allowing you to see minute details that other outdoor cameras can’t catch. It is made from weather proof material which means it is built to last.

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