SimpliSafe Front Door Lock and Camera: An Expert Review

In this post, we will review SimpliSafe’s perimeter security products; the doorbell camera and smart door lock, and compare them with Ring’s doorbell and the Kwikset door lock.

SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Camera

SimpliSafe’s doorbell camera is called the SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Cam. The Doorbell Pro Cam has a simplistic cylinder shape design that works well with any styled area it is placed. It is a wireless camera which means it works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network.

The Doorbell Pro Cam is powered by being directly wired into your existing doorbell setup, and it will work with 8-24 VAC power setups. It also includes wedges for end-users who wish to set it up on shingles or corners.

It has a video resolution of 1080P which means it can capture crystal clear video clips. It has a 162-degree wide viewing angle allowing you to cover a large portion of your home. The camera also has a pan and zoom feature that really lets you get the finest details from your video. It has infrared night vision technology that allows you to capture images even when there is no light around.

The doorbell camera has a motion sensor that will trigger it to start to record. The motion sensing technology uses smart detection which means it will ignore the small stuff and only record and send alerts for the things that matter.

The Doorbell Pro Cam also includes a 2-way audio feature that lets you talk to and hear whomever is in front of your camera. When the camera is triggered it has a chime alert that will let you know that an event is taking place. Installation is DIY (do it yourself), but they do include everything you need for a fast and easy installation.

Our take: We like that SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro Cam can capture images in stunning HD. We also really like that the fact that it uses smart detection technology due it cutting down on the number of unwanted alerts. The 2-way audio feature is another feature we really like. In all we think SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro Cam is a a great camera especially if you already have a SimpliSafe security system.

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SimpliSafe Smart Door Lock

Another hot ticket item by SimpliSafe is their Smart Lock. SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock also has a cylinder-shaped design, and it comes in cloud, nickel, or obsidian colors. SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is easy to install and will fit over and work with your existing deadbolt lock. The SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock comes in two parts which is the pin pad and lock.

The pin pad can attach to any surface, and has an illuminated push button keypad. It incorporates wirelessly with other SimpliSafe products allowing you to control them from one place.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock allows you to create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. If someone enters the wrong pin number 15 times it will automatically lock for 30 minutes and you will be notified by your SimpliSafe security system. It also allows you to set timers or set automatic locking for when your SimpliSafe Smart Lock unlocks and locks. This is another DIY (do it yourself) type of install but SimpliSafe includes everything you need for an easy installation.

Our take: We like the new SimpliSafe Smart Lock. Its design is sleek and it can easily be installed by anyone. We like the fact that the SimpliSafe Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt lock. The ability to set timers for when your lock unlocks and locks is another feature we like. We do however wish that SimpliSafe listed how this lock is powered, we can only assume by its design that it is battery operated.

SimpliSafe App & Pricing

If you are looking to purchase a SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro Cam you will pay around $169. Compared to other video doorbell cameras, SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro Cam’s price is pretty standard. If you are looking to purchase a SimpliSafe Smart Lock you will pay around $99 for one.

The price for their Smart Lock is about average when comparing it to other smart locks that are similar as well. You can control both of SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro Cam and Smart Lock through the SimpliSafe app which is free to download and works for Apple and Android Devices.

The SimpliSafe app will allow you to stream live and recorded video. You will also get instant alerts any time your Doorbell Pro Cam detects motion. The SimpliSafe Smart Lock can be remotely locked and unlocked through the SimpliSafe app. You also can set notifications to be sent to you through the app for when your Smart Lock has been unlocked or locked. You can also check both the Doorbell Pro’s and Smart Lock’s history right through app.

Both of these products can be used with smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa to be controlled via voice commands.

SimpliSafe vs Ring Doorbell Camera

SimpliSafe is known for their affordable security products which is reflected in their Doorbell Pro Cam. Ring is known mainly for their video surveillance products, which they have several different models. Today we will be taking a look at Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro because it is the most comparable model to SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam.

Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro and SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam are wireless cameras which means they work by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. They are both powered by being directly wired into your already existing doorbell setup.

Both SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam and Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro record video in stunning HD. They both have a video resolution of 1080P. SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro Cam and Ring’s Doorbell Pro use infrared night vision to capture video even when there is no light. They both sport 2-way audio features that lets you hear and directly communicate with whomever is around these cameras.

You can also use smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa with both of these cameras to control them using voice commands.

Their fields of view differ slightly, with SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro having a field of view of 162-degrees and Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam having a 160-degree field of viewing which means SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam can cover a slightly larger area.

Both of these cameras have motion sensors, but they also work a little different from one another. SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro Cam uses smart motion technology which means it will only capture larger items. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro uses motion zones. Ring’s Doorbell Pro motion zones allow you to set certain areas for your camera to detect motion in, and you can also adjust the sensitivity of these zones.

Winner: Both SimpliSafe and Ring make great video doorbell cams. We however tend to pull for SimpliSafe’s Doorbell Pro due to its ease of use, and how well it incorporates with other SimpliSafe Products. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro is a great camera, and we really like the features but unfortunately Ring has had some privacy issues with their video clips. Due to these privacy issues it may be a good idea to pass on Ring video surveillance cameras until this issue is resolved.

SimpliSafe Door Lock vs Kwikset 914 (

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock is a new item to hit the SimpliSafe product line, and it has had some great reviews. On the hand, Kwikset is known for their high-quality smart locks, and have been making smart locks for some time now which is reflected in the quality of their Kwikset 914 Smart Lock.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock and Kwikset’s 914 Smart Lock allow you to create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. They both also allow you to remotely lock and unlock them while on the go. They start to differ when it comes to their keypad.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock has a separate keypad while the Kwikset 914 Smart Lock’s keypad is built into the lock. Both keypads for both locks are illuminated and have a push button design. Kwikset’s lock however has one touch arming and unlocking built right into the lock unlike SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock.

SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock and Kwikset’s 914 Smart Lock are both battery-operated. SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. Kwikset’s 914 Smart Lock also works by connecting to your home’s WIFI, but it also includes a Z-Wave protocol that lets you connect it with and use it with other home automation, video, and security devices.

The biggest difference between the two is when it comes to the apps you can use with them. SimpliSafe’s app is very simplistic which means you will have very simple controls for your SimpliSafe Smart Lock like remote lock and unlocking, and push notifications.

The app for the Kwikset 914 Smart Lock is powered by powered apps allow you to customize your smart home security like no other. For instance, you can use’s Geo-fencing technology to have your Kwikset 914 Smart Lock automatically unlock when you are close to home and lock automatically when you leave your home.

Winner: SimpliSafe and Kwikset make really high-quality smart locks. We do however prefer the Kwikset 914 Smart Lock over SimpliSafe’s Smart Lock due to all the additional features this lock has - we love all the customizations you can do with your Kwikset 914 Smart Lock through

SimpliSafe vs Ring vs

SimpliSafe is a well-known top provider of security. They offer high-quality products that are affordable. They have several different products that you can use to keep your home protected. and their Doorbell Pro Cam and Smart Lock are new additions to the SimpliSafe family.

However, if you are looking for a great video doorbell camera that won’t cost you an arm and a leg then we suggest giving SimpliSafe’s Video Doorbell Pro Cam a try. Or better yet, check out Link Interactive’s Skybell doorbell camera.

If you are looking for a really high-quality smart lock with a ton of features that will incorporate well with your other branded security, home, and video surveillance products then we suggest you give the Kwikset 914 Smart Lock a try.

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