Ooma Home Security: An Expert Review

Today we will take a look at yet another DIY (do-it-yourself) home security system, called the Ooma home security system and compare it with more traditional DIY home security. Let’s dive right in.

There are a lot of security companies on the market. When you find one that you like, you want to make sure they have everything to fit your specific security needs. Many companies offer a variety of security equipment along with home automation and video surveillance equipment. This equipment can vary from company to company along with the prices.

You also want to make sure they offer the monitoring services that fit your specific security needs. Today we will be taking a look at Ooma’s home security system, and go over their video surveillance equipment, monitoring services, apps, and some pricing information.

Before we go over what Ooma has to offer, we would first like to give our readers some background information about the company. Ooma is a tech company that provides security products for small business and consumers, and they also provide phone services for consumers and small business.


Control panel

The control panel that connects all of your Ooma home security devices is called the Ooma Telo. The Ooma Telo has a basic white design that goes well with any style of home. The hub is wireless which means it connects all your devices wirelessly, and is powered by an AC power source. The Ooma Telo doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles. Most of the functions for this control panel will be controlled via the Ooma app or through their external keypad. The Ooma Telo works by connecting directly to your home’s WIFI network. The Ooma Telo also allows you to use it as a VoIP which means you can also make calls with the hub, and the Ooma Telo design even resembles a VoIP phone hub.

Our take: **Ooma Home Security offers a very simplistic control panel. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but the fact that you can make phone calls with this control panel makes it stand out. The design however is a bit confusing, and it seems like it is made for mainly VoIP phone class. Also, their website really lacks any real information about their Ooma Telo which doesn’t make the buying process easier for consumer who may be split between them and another company.

Door/window sensor

Ooma Home Security offer a lot of great security devices to protect the interior of your home. They offer door/window sensors. Their door/window sensors are battery operated and are wireless. Their door/windows can be placed in a variety of different styled door or window frames. When a door or window has been open in which a door/window sensor has been placed, you will be notified instantly and it will trigger your system.

Motion sensor

Ooma Home Security offers motion sensors that are battery operated and wireless. Motion sensors are great at providing protection for large areas insides of your home. You generally want to place these in the upper corner of a large room. Ooma Home Security’s motion sensor will monitor the area in which they are placed for motion. If motion is dedicated you will be instantly notified along with your system being triggered.

Our take: Ooma Home Security offers high-quality basic sensors that are great at protecting the interior of your home. We like the design of their door/window sensors, and that they are battery operated. We also really like their motion sensor’s ability to cover large areas of your home. The one thing we didn’t really care for is that they do not offer glass break sensors which are important sensors for consumer who have a lot of breakable glass windows in their homes.

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Additional Equipment

Ooma Home Security doesn’t have much variety when it comes to what they have to offer for their addon equipment. Ooma Home Security offers flood sensors. Their flood sensors are wireless and batter operated. They can detect any leaks or rises of water in the area that they are placed. When these are detected the sensor will trigger your system, and you will be instantly notified.

Ooma Home Security offers an external siren that has 105-decible siren. It is battery operated and wireless. It can be placed in numerous places around your home so that you can easily hear when your system has been triggered.

Ooma Home Security also offers external keypads that are wireless. Their keypads have a push-button design. You can quickly arm and disarm your system with the push of button using Ooma Home Security’s external keypad.

The last piece of add-on equipment that they offer is their garage sensor. Their garage sensor is wireless and battery operated. This sensor will send you an alert when you garage door has been opened and closed, and you can even customize it to trigger your system to create an event when you garage door has been opened.

Our Take: **Ooma’s home security system may not have a large selection of add-on equipment, but what they do offer is high-quality made. We really like the fact that they offer garage sensors because many times people often forget to close their garage doors which can cause a lot of stress. We also really like that they have an external keypad for another way to quickly arm and disarm their system. We do however wish they had more to offer when it comes to life safety devices like a CO2 detector.

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Ooma Video Surveillance Cameras

One of the better things about owning an Ooma home security system is that you can use their Butterfleye Smart Security Camera. Ooma Home Security’s Butterfleye Smart Security Camera has a rectangle shaped design that is modern, and very easy to place.

The Butterfleye Smart Security Camera has a built-in rechargeable battery that will keep it running even when the power goes out. It works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network wirelessly. The camera also has a video resolution of 1080p HD. It has low light technology that allows it to capture video in low light scenarios.

The Butterfleye Smart Security Camera also uses facial recognition technology that allows it to distinguish between known and unknown faces. This technology helps to cut down on the number of unnecessary alerts. The camera’s facial recognition technology also allows you to tag familiar faces to help cut down on unnecessary alerts.

It includes motion and sound sensors that will trigger it to start to record. And then it has a 2-way audio feature that well let you directly communicate and hear whomever is around your camera.

The Butterfleye Smart Security Camera has a 16GB internal storage system that allows you to store you video clips easily. Ooma also includes 7-day free cloud storage at no cost for 5 second video clips. You can purchase a month to month plan that allows for more storage, and allows you to use the facial recognition technology. You do not have to have the Ooma control panel to use the Butterfleye Smart Security Camera, but it can be linked with your Ooma home security system.

Our take: We really like the Butterfleye Smart Security Camera that has to offer. We really like the fact that it offers internal storage as well as free cloud storage. The facial recognition technology is also a really cool feature that we really like especially the fact that it lets you tag familiar faces.


Ooma has a variety of monitoring services that you can use to monitor your system and equipment. First off, they have traditional 24/7 professional monitoring services. This service watches over your home through a professional monitoring station for any security event that is triggered, and they make sure you are always protected.

They also offer self-monitoring services which is done through their app. The app also incorporates video monitoring services for all of your Ooma Butterfleye cameras.

Ooma Home Security App

Ooma’s self-monitoring service takes place on their app. Their app works for Apple and Android devices, and it is free to download. The app allows you to receive push-notifications whenever your system or equipment connected to your system has been triggered. You can also use the app’s remote services to arm and disarm your system, customize features, and view video while on the go.

The Ooma Home Security app also offers Geo-fencing technology as well. Geo-fencing technology allows your equipment and system to automatically arm or disarm along with other various functions when you arrive or leave home without you having to do anything.


This is what pricing looks like for the various pieces of hardware and sensors Ooma has to offer:

Ooma Home Security does make you pay for your equipment upfront. By the way, this is where a home security company like Link Interactive shines; minimal upfront costs.

Ooma Home Security also offers a few different monitoring plans. Their Mobile Plan is actually free, but it only includes the very basics of the self-monitoring services.

Their Security Plan is $5.99 per month and it includes all the features for your self-monitoring services but no professional monitoring services.

The last plan that Ooma Home Security has to offer is their Pro Secure Plan. This plan includes all of the features for the self-monitoring services and 24/7 professional monitoring. It cost $14.99 per month.

Our take: **When it comes to monitoring services what Ooma Home Security has to offer is pretty standard. Their app is really easy to use, and it has a lot of features that allows for in-depth customization, however we feel it lags behind Alarm.com - the most popular home security monitoring service in America.

Ooma Home Security offers a decent security system. They may be a newer company when it comes to home security which may limit what they have to offer, but the security products and solutions they do offer are made with the DIY customer in mind.

However, we feel their home security service is no match for more traditional DIY home security companies. With a more traditional DIY home security system, not only will you save a lot of money, but you’ll get the latest in home security and home automation technology. Here at Link Interactive, we can provide you with just that.

Meet Link Interactive

Our Link Interactive system is built on the Alarm.com platform. With our Z-Wave compatible system, you can connect several home automation devices such as smart thermostats, automated door locks, light switches and modules to convert your home into a smart home. If you’re not into home automation, you can simply use the system as a basic home security system.

Ooma and Link Interactive both offer DIY, self-install systems. However, the major difference is in the monitoring app, customer services and variety of hardware. To learn more about our system and to get a quote, click here.