Home Security System Q&A: What Every Homeowner Should Know

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"What are the best places to place indoor cameras throughout your home?"

"When deciding where to place your indoor camera, it’s important to think about what you’re trying to capture. If you’re trying to see what’s happening around your home, generally we recommend putting your camera in a high traffic area like the family room or the kitchen. You’ll be able to see most of what’s going on in your home. If you’re looking to see something specific — like your pet or a child coming home from school — you’ll want to place the camera in that area. Facing the camera at the front door will allow you to see every time a child comes home. Our video services have analytics with them, so they can alert you when it sees an animal or a person. You can even be alerted if a person or pet goes somewhere you don’t want (think of your pet getting on your sofa)." - Click Here to read the full article