Wink Lookout Home Security: An Expert Review

There are countless DIY home security systems on the market. Today we will be taking a look at one of them called the Wink Lookout.

Before we go over what the Wink Lookout has to offer, we would first like to give our readers some background information about the company. Wink Labs originally started off being mainly a software company. They then made the move to start to provide their own branded video, smart home, and security devices. In 2015 Wink was used by 300,000 homes across the United States, and they are still expanding.


Control panel

The main brains of the Wink Lookout security solution is the Wink Hub 2. The Wink Hub 2 is shaped mostly like an internet modem device. It’s what connects all of the devices for your Wink Lookout to one place and it works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network wirelessly. It is powered through an AC Power source so you want to make sure you have on nearby. The Wink Hub 2 has all of the modern tech protocols including Z-Wave which allows you to use home automation devices with it.

Door/window sensor

To protect the inside of your home Wink offers a variety of intrusion sensors. Wink offers door/window sensors to keep the doors and windows of your home protected. They are wireless and batter operated which makes them easy to place. When a door or window has been opened, the Wink door/window sensors will trigger your system and you will receive an instant alert.

Motion sensor

The next intrusion sensor offered by Wink is their motion sensors. Their motion sensors are also wireless and battery operated. Motion sensors are great at providing protection for a larger area of your home. You generally want to place a motion sensor in the upper corner of the room you want some protection for. When motion has been detected, Wink’s motion sensors will trigger your system and you will be sent an instant notification.


The last type of basic equipment offered by Wink is their siren and chime. Their siren and chime is wireless and battery operated. When your system is triggered the Wink siren and chime will make an audible alert. The siren and chime will also make chime sounds for when your door/window or motion sensors have been triggered. You can customize your chime with up to 10 different chime sounds.

Our take: The basic equipment in the Wink Lookout’s security package is pretty standard when compared to other security companies. We do like the modern design of their door/window sensors, and we think they would look good in any home they are placed. We do however wish that they offered glass break sensors for those homeowners who have a lot of glass windows.

Additional Equipment

Wink does not offer a lot of add-on equipment for their Wink Lookout security solution. The only product offered on their website is the Wink Bright. The Wink Bright is a smart home lighting system that can be used with your Wink Lookout. The Wink Bright is made up of 2 smart bulbs and the Wink 2 Hub. If you already have the Wink 2 Hub you can just purchase the 2 smart bulbs. The Wink Bright allows you to remotely turn off and on the smart bulbs that are with this system. You can also set timers for when your smart bulbs come on and go off. The Wink Bright has a moonlight feature as well that will automatically track when the sun rises and sets, and it will turn on and off the smart bulbs accordingly.

Our Take: When it comes to additional equipment the Wink Lookout security solution is a bit limited in what they have to offer when compared to other security companies that are similar. For example, with Link Interactive, not only do you get a state of the art home security system but you also get virtually limitless compatibility with smart Z-Wave devices.

The Wink Lookout Security solution is DIY. What this means is that all of the equipment that comes with the Wink Lookout security system will need to be set up by you, the end-user. Wink however does include everything that is needed for you to easily get your system up and running in a short amount of time.

The Arlo Pro 3 has a lot of features that makes it stand out from other video surveillance cameras that are out on the market. The Arlo Pro 3 can capture images in stunning 2K HDR and has a field of view of 160-degrees. The Arlo Pro 3 has high-grade night vision technology that allows you capture images in full color even when there is no light unlike the Arlo Pro 2 which can only record images at night in black and white. The Arlo Pro 3 includes an auto track and zoom feature that will track the images it is recording along with allowing you to zoom up to 12x on an image unlike the Arlo Pro 2 that only has an 8x zoon. Just like with the Arlo Pro 2, the Arlo Pro 3 has a built-in siren that can be customized for when it is triggered.

Our take: The Arlo Pro 3 has a lot of features that we like. We really like the enhanced video resolution for the Arlo Pro 3 due to it giving you crystal clear images that many other cameras can’s provide. We also really like the track and zoom feature for the Arlo Pro 3. The full colored night vision technology is another feature we really like.


When you are shopping around for a home security system, you want to take a close look at what type of monitoring services are offered for the equipment you will be using. Different companies have different monitoring features, so it’s always a good idea to make sure they have what you are looking for. In today’s age you want to also make sure they have products that are keeping up with today’s technology. So let’s go over Wink’s monitoring services, their app, compatible equipment, and some pricing information.


The monitoring service offered with Wink Lookout is self-monitoring. Self-monitoring means you will be personally responsible for watching over your security system via audible alerts from the system itself or through notifications through the Wink app. All the features for your Wink Lookout system are unlocked with the self-monitoring services that are offered. There is no charge for you to use any of the self-monitoring features that come with your Wink Lookout system. Wink does not currently offer video monitoring or professional monitoring services for their Wink Lookout security system.

Wink App

The Wink app is what you will need to fully access all of your self-monitoring services. The Wink app is free to download, and it works for Android and Apple devices. The Wink app allows you to add and remove equipment for your Wink system. You can also customize all the features for your Wink system right from the app. When any of your sensors are triggered the Wink app will send you instant push notifications. You will also be able to remotely arm and disarm your system right from the Wink app.

Our take: Wink does not have a lot to offer when it comes to the types of monitoring services they offer for their Wink Lookout security system. Most other security companies also offer professional monitoring and video monitoring which puts Wink below the norm. We do like the fact that the self-monitoring services are unlocked and free to use. The Wink Lookout’s monitoring services are also great for consumers looking to avoid monthly fees. Also, the Wink app is a bit below standard when it comes to other security companies’ apps. The app lacks any real depth when it comes to the number of features it has to offer.


The Wink Lookout security system includes the Wink Hub 2, 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1 siren and chime, 1 power adapter and 1 Ethernet cable. The Wink Hub 2 will work for the Wink Bright and other Wink products as well. You will pay roughly $200 for the basic kit. You can purchase additional door/window sensors for $29 each. Motion sensors are $39 each. Their siren and chime are also $39 each.

Our take: The pricing for the Wink Lookout is a bit cheaper than many other security companies. You do have to pay for the equipment upfront, but you will not be under contract. The pricing for their actual system is great if you are looking for just a basic security system setup. Since the equipment is DIY, you will also not have to worry about paying an installation fee.

If you’re interested in a lower upfront cost, consider Link Interactive. For as a little as $99 down, you get a whole lot more than just a basic security system kit. Find out more by going here:

Home Automation

As we previously mentioned, the Wink Lookout system is compatible with a lot of other branded equipment. Wink may not offer video monitoring services, but you can still view live video through the Wink app if you add a camera to your system. Both Ring and Nest cameras will work with the Wink Lookout security system plus many other brands of security cameras. If you are looking for automated door locks you can use Kwikset, Yale, Schlage and August branded smart locks with your Wink Lookout system. You will be able to incorporate other branded life safety devices such as smoke, CO2, and leak detector as well. There are also numerous smart plugs, lights and switches you can use with it as well. There is a full list of what co-branded home automation, life safety, security, and video surveillance equipment you can use with your Wink system on Wink’s website.

Our take: What makes the Wink Lookout security system stand out from the rest is the amount of compatible equipment that you can use with it. We like that you can use Nest and Ring cameras with the system due to their high-quality reputation. We also like the brands of smart locks you can use with it as well. We do wish however that they did offer more monitoring services for the equipment they offer and are compatible with.

The Wink Lookout security solution has everything you need to get a basic security setup going for your home. Wink offers security products that are high quality and meant to last.

The Wink Look Out security solution is a great way to give your home a basic security setup. There are no month-to-month costs and no contract.

If you’re looking for a security system where you do not have to spend a lot upfront but can still get a whole lot of equipment, consider getting Link Interactive.

Meet Link Interactive

Our Link Interactive system on other hand is made of top-notch materials and built to withstand commercial use. With our Z-Wave compatible system, you can connect several home automation devices such as smart thermostats, automated door locks, light switches and modules to convert your home into a smart home.

That being said, we do share some similarities with the Wink Lookout system. We both offer DIY, self-install systems. But that begs the question - are they worth investing in? Here’s our answer. If you’re a first-time security system owner, maybe. In all honesty we think your money is better spent investing in a more versatile, professionally monitored system like ours that offers more features. To learn more about our offer, click here.