Blink XT Wireless Security Camera: An Expert Review

The Blink XT is a popular wireless, battery-operated security camera that is most often compared to wire-free security cameras like the Arlo Pro. Let’s see how the Blink XT stacks up.


The Blink XT camera is one of the few wire-free, battery operated cameras on the market. This means that the Blink XT does not need a power source and only needs a WIFI connection to work. Most battery-operated cameras need to be recharged or batteries replaced frequently. The Blink XT runs off of two AA lithium batteries. Depending on the usage, two AA lithium batteries can keep the Blink XT charged up for almost 2 years. This is due to the Blink XT’s energy friendly design. The Blink XT also comes with the option to convert the power from battery to AC power source.

Indoor + Outdoor camera

The Blink XT is also a combination camera. It can be placed indoors or outdoors. It sports a weather proof design, using IP-65 weather proof material that will allow the camera to function rain or shine. A lot of consumers have made the move to combination indoor/outdoor cameras in recent years. These combination types of cameras allow the consumer to focus on purchasing one single brand saving hours of shopping.


The Blink XT is really expandable. You can add up to 10 cameras to one Blink Sync Module! Most cameras systems of the recent past, normally only allowed for up to 4 cameras on one system, but with the Blink XT you can completely cover the inside or outside of home with one simple camera set up. The Blink XT standard package includes the Blink Sync Module, so no need to make a sperate purchase for your camera system to work.

Video footage

The Blink XT has a great video resolution. Since an update early in 2018 the Blink XT now records in full 1080P. The camera also has a built-in LED illuminator coupled with advanced low light performance of their proprietary technology which allows the Blink XT to record in high quality full HD day or night. Many other wireless battery-operated cameras only have the ability to record night vision footage in black and white. The Blink XT has a 110-viewing angle allowing for a wide field a view.

Built-in motion sensor

The Blink XT recording system works by a Passive Infrared sensor or PIR for short. The Blink XT has an instant-on feature which allows the camera to start recording in a split second once an event has been triggered. You can access your video Blink’s Android/iPhone app or through a computer. Blink allows for live streaming allowing you to check in on your home or office at any time. The Blink XT also allows your footage storage to be stored free via their Cloud service so you do not have to worry about a monthly subscription fee.

Two-way voice

The Blink XT also sports 1 one audio allowing you to hear exactly what is going on around your camera. One stands out feature that most wireless battery operated cameras do not have, is the Blink XT’s temperature. With the Blink XT temperature sensor, you can view and monitor the temperature in the area where your camera is placed. This is a feature that you will not find in most security cameras out on the market today.


The Blink XT is extremely compatible with other smart devices. Most consumers are looking for security products that work easily with their existing smart home devices. The Blink XT is compatible with Amazon’s Alexia. This allows for everything to be controlled simply by the sound of your voice. The Blink XT also easily integrates with any other existing Blink security products allowing for one cohesive security system.


Placing and setup for the Blink XT is a breeze due to the Blink XT’s small design. The Blink XT can pretty much be placed anywhere. Its small design allows for it to be placed in the most discreet locations around your home or office. The Blink XT comes with a mounting kit allowing consumers to easily install their cameras in a matter of minutes.


The pricing can vary for the Blink XT. If you are looking to purchase a single camera to protect a single area of your home, it will cost around $130. The Blink has several different bundle packages. If you are looking for a little more coverage than you can go with their 3-camera package. This package costs around $320. If this still isn’t enough coverage to fit your specific security need then you can purchase a five-camera system for around $500. Bundling these cameras will save a your around $20 per camera.


Consumers tend to rate this camera highly. The Blink XT currently holds a 4-star review on Amazon. Some of the positive reviews state that this camera is super-fast to respond to events, has great picture quality and is really easy to set up. Some of the negative reviews are focused on placement seeing that the Blink XT camera needs to be a certain distance to the sync module to work. Connection problems like this are frequent with home security cameras, so these types of reviews are not out of the ordinary.

The Blink XT is a great camera for the price. The ability of the Blink XT to be used as an indoor or outdoor camera allows you to focus on setting up a single cohesive smart home or office. However, if you’re looking for more video monitoring options, look no further than video monitoring is a home security company that is famous for it’s smart home security app called - it is used by over hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the United States, and comes with a stellar set of video monitoring features.

How to get video monitoring

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