Canary Flex Home Security Camera: An Expert Review

Today we be taking a look at the Canary Flex Camera, another easy to install surveillance option for home dwellers concerned about their safety.

There are several really cool video surveillance cameras currently out on the market, and you may be in the process of shopping around for one. It can be a little frustrating trying to sort through all the video surveillance cameras out on the market to find one that fits your specific needs. When it comes to finding the right video surveillance camera, we are here to make that process a lot easier for you. And so we’ll be going over the Canary Flex, and pit it against other more popular video camera options out there, such as’s indoor and outdoor cameras.

Basic Features

The Canary Flex Camera is packed full of features. It can be used indoors or outdoors, making it super versatile when it comes to where you can use this camera. It has a capsule-shaped design that is modern but also very discreet. You can get the Canary Flex Camera in either black or white.

The Canary Flex Camera is a wireless camera that works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, or you can keep it plugged into an AC power source for continuous power. The Canary Flex Camera has a video resolution of 1080P with a 116-degree field of view allowing you to capture crystal clear video clips in a wide area. It also includes night vision technology that allows you to capture images in little or no light scenarios. It has a 2-way audio feature so that you can directly communicate with whomever is around your camera.

Our take: When it comes to the basic features for the Canary Flex Camera, they are pretty standard. One of the features that we really like that makes the Canary Flex Camera stand out from other video surveillance cameras is that fact you can use it indoors or outdoors. Also, the video resolution that the Canary Flex Camera has allows you to capture some really nice video clips. One feature we did wish the Canary Flex Camera had was a Micro SD card slot so that there was a little bit more flexibility when it comes to its video storage.

Advanced Features

The Canary Flex Camera’s advanced features allow you to do much more than capture video clips. The Canary Flex Camera has a 360-degree magnetic swivel base, allowing you to capture any area where your Canary Flex Camera is placed.

The Canary Flex Camera includes AI-powered person detection technology which cuts down on the amount of unnecessary video alerts. It can also detect familiar faces from the ones of strangers, and you can customize your Canary Flex Camera settings to only send video alerts for the faces you don’t know.

Another really neat feature of the Canary Flex Camera is that you can use Google Assistant to control this camera using voice commands. All video clips that are captured have AES 256-bit encryption so you never have to worry about your video clips being compromised.

Our take: The advanced features of the Canary Flex Camera make it stand out from a lot of other video surveillance cameras that are out of the market. We really like the 360-degree magnetic swivel base due to the fact it allows for really flexible placement. The person detection technology is another really great feature. The fact that the video clips captured from the Canary Flex Camera are encrypted allows for a secure recording which is another feature we really like.


All of the features of your Canary Flex Camera can be customized from the Canary app. The Canary app is free to download and works for Android and Apple Devices. With the Canary app you can also view live and recorded clips, and you will receive video alerts when your camera starts to record. The Canary app allows you to use the Canary Flex Camera’s 2-way audio feature right from the app to directly communicate with whomever is around your camera.


You can purchase a Canary Flex Camera for around $140. The pricing for the Canary Flex Camera is about average when compared to other cameras that are similar to it.

When you purchase a Canary Flex Camera it comes with basic video services. The basic video services that are included with the Canary Flex Camera are live video streaming and 1 day of storage of short video clips. You also have the option to go with Canary’s premium service plan which gives you live video streaming, 30-day storage of full-length videos, person detection technology, 2-way audio through the Canary app, and unlimited video downloads. You will only pay $9.99 per month for Canary’s premium plan.

When you purchase a paid service plan through Canary during your initial purchase, they will give you a discount on the price of your Canary Flex Camera. If you sign up for a 2-year service plan you can actually get the Canary Flex Camera at no cost.

This camera is a DIY (do it yourself) type of install, and it includes everything your need to get your Canary Flex Camera up and running in a matter of minutes. It also includes a 1-year limited warranty so that you can purchase a Canary Flex Camera with confidence.

Canary Flex vs Cameras

The Canary Flex Camera is a great investment for those of you looking to get some video surveillance protection for your home. The Canary Flex Camera has some really outstanding basic and advanced features that consumers like yourselves love. It is a relatively newer brand of video surveillance camera, but the reviews have been very positive from consumers who have used the Canary Flex Camera.

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