Xfinity Home Security: An Expert Review

There are several great companies that offer security solutions to both home and business owners that are currently out on the market, and today we will be taking a look at home of them called Xfinity Home Security.

Summer is officially over which means we are now starting to get into all of the fall festivities. Fall can be a busy time for families which means they are spending less time in their homes. Home invaders are aware of this which means that home invasions have a high chance of occurring during this time. There are several small things that homeowners can do to protect their homes, but the most secure action a homeowner can take to protect their homes is to invest into a home security system.

You have probably heard of the name Xfinity before but we would like to give our readers some background information about Xfinity before we go over their security services. Xfinity is a USA based cable, phone, and internet provider. They used to operate under the name Comcast but they have made the change to Xfinity. Xfinity in recent years have expanded their product line to include home security which is becoming a popular service with already existing Xfinity customers.

There are many reasons for consumers like yourselves to purchase a home security system. You may have unfortunately been the victim of a home invasion, and you are looking for a way to protect you and your family. There are many factors to take in consideration when shopping around for a home security system. There are a lot of different security companies out on the market currently that offer different promotions, equipment, and services, and you want to find the one that works best for you. So let’s take a look at the Xfinity Home Security system by taking a look at the monitoring services, video surveillance, equipment, and mobile app.

Basic Equipment

Xfinity touchscreen control panel

Xfinity offers a wide variety of products to provide your home with a security solution. We will first be taking a look at is their basic security equipment. The brains of the Xfinity Home Security system is a full colored touchscreen control panel. It has a very thin designed which makes it easy to place. The panel works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. If your WIFI is down the Xfinity Home Security touchscreen control panel has a cellular chip so it will still continue to work even if your internet is down. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. If your power goes down, the touchscreen has a backup battery. The touchscreen displays the current time and weather in your specific area. You can also arm and disarm your system, add sensors, and view video right from the touchscreen.

Door/window sensor

Xfinity Home Security offers a variety of basic sensors that work great with their touchscreen. The first type of sensor they offer are door/window sensors. Their door/window sensors are wireless and battery operated. They work by alerting users when a door or window has been opened or closed. You will be instantly notified whenever these sensors have been triggered.

Motion sensor

Xfinity Home Security also offers motion sensors. Their motion sensors are wireless and battery operated as well. A motion sensor should be placed in the top corner of a large area inside your house you want protected. When motion has been sensed by a Xfinity Home Security motion sensor you will be instantly notified. Xfinity

Wireless keypad

Home Security offers a wireless keypad as another way for you to arm and disarm your system. The Xfinity Home Security keypad has a pushbutton design that allows you to easily arm and disarm your system with a push of a button. It is wirelessly and battery operated.

Smoke sensor

Xfinity Home Security offers a smoke detector. Their smoke detector is wireless and battery operated with a battery life up to 5 years. When smoke has been detected the Xfinity Home Security smoke detector makes an audible alert, and you will also be sent an instant notification that this event has taken place.

Xen Thermostat

Xfinity Home Security offers Zen Thermostats. The Zen Thermostat has a LED touch display and works for the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems. The Zen Thermostat works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network, and it is powered by it being directly wired to your home’s power source. The Zen Thermostat allows you to set custom timers for when your heating and cooling system comes on and goes off which can save you money on your home’s energy bill.

Light appliances

Xfinity Home Security also offers a smart outlet. Their smart outlet plugs directly into an AC power source, and works with a variety of small appliances. You can set timers for when the appliances connected to the smart outlet come on and go off.

**All of the basic security equipment that is mentioned above is installed via a Xfinity professional installer so you do not have to worry about setting up the equipment yourself. Xfinity offers a nice variety of basic equipment for their security system. We like their touchscreen and all of its features. We also like the fact that all of their equipment is set up through a professional installer. The one thing we didn’t like is the fact Xfinity does not offer a glass break sensor like most other major security companies. Now, if you’re tempted to get a DIY system instead, where you do all the installation, take a look at us. We’re Link Interactive, and we provide 100% DIY home security services. If you would like a professional installer, speak with one of our reps and we’ll arrange a professional installer for you too. The great thing about DIY is that it’s easy to install, and you save a ton of money on installation costs.

Video Surveillance/Cameras

Indoor/outdoor camera

Xfinity does not have a lot to offer when it comes to video surveillance equipment. The only piece of video surveillance equipment that they offer is their Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera. The Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera is a versatile video surveillance camera that has a compact design. Due to the material the Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera is made of it can be placed indoors, and it will also withstand the elements when placed outdoors. It is powered through an AC power source so want to make sure you have one nearby. It works by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network.

The Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera streams video in HD quality. It comes with night vision technology that allows you to capture video clips in little or no light scenarios. There are a few different ways you can view the video clips captured through your Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera. If you have Xfinity X1 you can stream you video clips right to your TV. You can also view live and recorded view right from the touchscreen that comes with your Xfinity Home Security System or through the Xfinity app.

Xfinity does not have a variety of video surveillance equipment but the camera they do offer is satisfactory for the job it is designed to do. If you’re looking for more camera options, check out Link Interactive’s security cameras. We have many different types of home security cameras, including wireless and PoE. Check them out here!


Xfinity Home Security offers several different ways for you to monitor your Xfinity Home Security system. Xfinity offers video, professional, and self-monitoring services. Their professional monitoring is done through their professional monitoring stations and will monitor your home 24/7 for emergencies. Their self-monitoring is done through their Xfinity Home app which you can download for Android and Apple Devices. This service allows you to receive instant alerts sent to your smart phone anytime your system is triggered. The last service they offer is video monitoring services which allows you to store video clips and stream live video. You can do this through numerous devices such a TV, phone, or on the touchscreen of your Xfinity Home Security system’s control panel.


The Xfinity Home app gives you total control over your system even when you are on the go. You will receive push notifications for security, home automation device, and video surveillance events. You can also control smart home devices right from the Xfinity Home app. The Xfinity Home app also allows you to add new security devices, arm and disarm your system, and view video all from the app. The app itself is free to download, and is included in your monitoring package. The advanced features for the Xfinity Home app can not be used unless you have the Home Security Plus Plan.


Xfinity Home Security’s monitoring services vary when it comes to their pricing.

Home Security Plan

Their Home Security Plan gives you 24/7 professional monitoring, smart home control, real-time alerts, cellular backup, live HD video streaming, and the ability to use the Xfinity Home App. This plan is quoted at $40 per month but pricing can be subject to change due to the area you are located in and your current Xfinity package.

Home Security Plus Plan

The next plan they offer is their Home Security Plus Plan which includes all of the features of their Home Security Plan plus 24/7 video recordings and motion activated recordings. This plan is quoted at $50 per month, but just like the Home Security Plan’s price this can be subject to change. In our honest opinion the Xfinity Home Security Plan should suffice for most home owners unless their focus is on video surveillance protection for their homes.

**Xfinity Home Security’s monitoring pricing is a bit high when compared to most. Check out Link Interactive for a more affordable home security system plus monitoring.

Xfinity is a major provider of internet, phone, and now home security. Their security system has a lot of great features and is easy to use. They have a lot of add-on equipment that turns your Xfinity Home Security system into a home automation system as well. However, installation costs with Xfinity can really add up. Here’s why we feel a DIY system is the way to go if you’re on a budget. Enter Link Interactive, a home security and home automation system that you can install yourself in less than 5 minutes.

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