Guardian Protection Home Security: An Expert Review

Today we will be taking a look at Guardian Protection, a home security company in the United States that deals in intrusion, environmental, video monitoring and home automation.


There are many dangers that homeowners have to worry about. One of the dangers that is constantly lurking around the corner is the potential for a home invasion to happen. There are some basic home improvements you can do around your home to help protect you from this type of danger, but investing in a home security system one of the best ways to do it.

Before we go over what types of services and equipment Guardian Protection has to offer, we would first like to give our readers some background information about the company. Guardian Protection is a major security provider for homes across the United States and have been providing home security for around 50 years now.

Guardian Equipment

Guardian Protection offers customers two different kinds of control panels to choose from. They have a great variety or basic sensors that further allows you to personally customize your security package. So let’s go over the remainder of their equipment, and the kinds of monitoring services that they have to offer.

Guardian IQ 2 Panel

Guardian Protection has a few different control panels to offer you. The brains that controls and connects all of their security equipment together is the Guardian IQ2 Panel or their Wireless Control Panel. The Guardian IQ2 Panel has a 7-inch full HD touchscreen. It has a very thin design which allows it be easily placed in a variety of locations. The Guardian IQ2 Panel is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. If for some reason the power to your home goes out, the Guardian IQ2 Panel has a built-in backup battery. The Guardian IQ2 Panel works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network wirelessly. It also includes a built-in cellular chip so that if your internet connection is down your Guardian IQ2 Panel will still work. The Guardian IQ2 Panel also has Bluetooth technology allowing you to use compatible Bluetooth devices with it. It also has a front facing camera that can be set to take a snap shot when your system is being armed and disarmed. You can control all the features and devices for your Guardian Protection security system right from the Guardian IQ2 Panel.

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Guardian Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel

The next control panel that Guardian Protection has to offer is their Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel has a full colored touchscreen. The touchscreen allows you to control your system’s features along with the devices connected to it. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel also displays the current time and temperature. It is powered by an AC power source, and comes with a backup battery. It works just like the Guardian IQ2 panel by connecting to your home’s WIFI network, and comes with a cellular backup chip. The Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel has a rapid response feature that allows you to contact emergency services with the push of a button.

Guardian Protection has some really great control panels that are easy to use and setup. Their Guardian IQ2 Panel has an amazing design, and we really like its large touchscreen design (in fact, we use the same panel here at Link Interactive - find out more about our offer). Guardian Protection’s Wireless Touchscreen Control Panel’s rapid response feature is super useful especially if you are unable to get to your phone to call in an emergency.

Door/window sensor

Guardian Protection offers a variety of basic sensors that will work great with their control panels. Guardian Protection offers door/window sensors that are battery operated and wireless. These sensors are meant to be placed on the door or window frames of the doors and windows you want some protection for.

Smart Sensor

They also offer a very similar sensor called the Smart Sensor. The Smart Sensor is pretty much the same as their door/window sensors with the exception that they are primarily meant to be used with doors. When these doors or windows are opened, you will immediately be notified.

Motion sensor

Guardian Protection also offers motion sensors which are battery operated and wireless. Motion sensors are great for covering large areas of your home, and they will alert you to when motion has been detected in the room they were placed in.

Glass break sensor

If you have a lot of windows in your home Guardian Protection has glass break sensors to protect the windows in your home. Their glass break sensors are wireless and battery operated. You can place a glass break sensor near a few windows in your home you want protection for. They will listen for the sound of glass breaking, and you will be immediately notified.


If you are looking for a quick way to disarm and arm your system then you would want a Guardian Protection key remote. Their key remote is battery operated and allows you to quickly arm and disarm your system with a touch of a button.

Guardian Protection has a lot of options for you to choose from when it comes to basic equipment for your Guardian Protection security system. We really like the design for their door/window and Smart Sensor. We also like the fact that their basic sensors are wireless and battery operated. The variety that they offer is also really nice due to the fact it gives you a lot of customization options for your Guardian Protection security system.

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Guardian Add-on Equipment

Shopping around for a security system can be time consuming for most of us. There is a lot of information to decipher through to find out what system and security company will work best for you. There are a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when purchasing a security system for your home, and one of those factors is what type of services and add-on equipment the company you are researching has to offer. So now let’s talk about the type of add-on equipment and monitoring services Guardian Protection has to offer.

Smoke sensors

The first type of add-on equipment we will be going over is Guardian Protection’s life safety devices. Guardian Protection offers smoke detectors. Their smoke detectors are battery operated and wireless. Guardian Protection’s smoke detectors will detect drastic changes in heat along with smoke. When these have been detected their smoke detectors will make an audible alert letting you know this event has taken place.

Carbon monoxide sensors (CO2)

Guardian Protection also offers CO2 detectors. Their CO2 detectors are battery operated and wireless. Guardian Protection’s CO2 detectors will pick up any rises in CO2 gas, and when this is detected it will make an audible alert.

Temperature sensors

If you live in areas known for drastic temperature changes then it may be a good idea to purchase a Guardian Protection temperature sensor. Their temperature sensors are wireless and battery operated. When the temperature drops drastically around your Guardian Protection temperature sensor you will be immediately notified. They also offer a sensor like this just for heat which works the same.

Guardian Video Monitoring

Guardian Protection does offer some video surveillance equipment as well. They offer a video doorbell, outdoor, and indoor camera. All of their cameras are powered through an AC power source, and they work by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. Their indoor, doorbell, and outdoor cameras allow you to capture video in full color, and include night vision technology.

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Guardian Protection’s doorbell camera has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your doorbell camera. Guardian Protection offers an image sensor for those of you not looking for video coverage, but some sort of image protection. Their image sensor is motion activated, and pet friendly. It will snap an image anytime motion has been detected around it.

Home Automation

Guardian Protection has a really wide variety of home automation devices as well. They offer a really nice smart thermostat that has a push button design, and it works for the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems.

Smart thermostat

Their smart thermostat allows you to remotely control your heating and cooling system as well as set timers for when it comes and goes off.

Automated door lock

Guardian Protection offers automated door locks as well. These door locks will allow you to create and customize user codes and can be controlled remotely through the app.

Garage door opener

For those of you who have garage doors you can purchase a garage door controller through Guardian Protection. Their garage door controllers will alert you to when your garage doors have been open or shut. You can also remotely shut and open your garage door on the go.

Light switch

The last type of home automation device that Guardian Protection has to offer is their light switch module. This module is powered through an AC power source. Any lights that are connect to this module can have their brightness adjusted, have schedules for when they turn on and off, and can be remotely controlled on the go.

Guardian Protection has a ton of add-on equipment that gives you the ability to really customize your Guardian Protection security system. We really like that they give you 3 options to choose from when it comes to video surveillance equipment. They also have a ton of smart home and life safety devices for you to choose from. The one thing that we didn’t really like is the lack of detailed information about their add-on equipment on their website. So if you’re interested, give Link Interactive a shot. At Link, we give you detailed information about our equipment (which happens to be the exact same equipment Guardian uses).

Guardian Monitoring Services

Guardian Protection offers both professional and self-monitoring for their security products. Their professional monitoring is done through a professional monitoring station, and it provides you with 24/7 professional monitoring for all emergencies. Their self-monitoring is done through their app which you can download for Apple and Android devices. At Link Interactive, we use the same exact app. The Guardian app gives you the ability to customize and control all the devices connected to your Guardian Protection security system. You can also view video clips right from the app, and you will be sent push notifications any time your security system has triggered an event.

Guardian Pricing

Guardian Protection pricing for their equipment and monitoring services is done via a free quote sent to your email so you will need to reach out directly for pricing. If you would like to get a free quote from us, you can get the same equipment and monitoring Guardian provides for a lot less. Their equipment is setup through professional installers which means that you do not have to setup the equipment yourself. Their services are not available in all areas in the United States and you will need to reach out directly to them to see if your area is covered. Guardian Protection also offers a lifetime repair service for all the equipment that is purchased through them. Guardian Protection also offers takeover services so if you already have an existing security system, and are just looking to switch providers then you can contact them to see if your system is compatible for a takeover.

Guardian Protection is all about customization, and they have several different products and ways for you to customize your security solution with them. They use Qolsys products, together with monitoring, which means the you’re getting a great security product.

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