EufyCam E (Battery Operated Camera): An Expert Review

There are several great video surveillance cameras out on the market, and today we will be taking a look at one of them which is called the EufyCam E.

Eufy products are actually produced by Anker Innovations. Anker Innovations is located in China. They specialize in making electronic products such as cell phone chargers, batteries, video cameras, etc. In recent years Anker Innovations has started to produce video surveillance equipment, and their Eufy Cam has gotten them a lot of attention from consumers due to its popularity and high-quality manufacturing.

EufyCam Features

The EufyCam is a really great wireless video surveillance camera. The Eufy Cam has a really great design. It is small and compact making it easy to place. The Eufy Cam is made from IP-65 material that allows it to be used indoors or outdoors.


To set up your EufyCam, you simply install the magnetic mount and attach your EufyCam. The magnetic mount serves as a way for your to quickly mount and dismount your EufyCam. One really standout feature of the Eufy Cam is that it is a battery-operated video surveillance camera. The EufyCam battery is rechargeable, and this is another reason why it has a magnetic mount. It has super long-lasting battery life, with a single charge lasting most users a year of use.

Base station

The EufyCam comes with a EufyCam base station which is used to connect your EufyCam to your home’s WIFI network. It has a video resolution of 1080P with a field of view of 140-degrees. This allows you to capture images in crystal clear definition within a larger area of where your camera is placed.

Standard features

The Eufy Cam also has really outstanding night vision. The EufyCam uses a top of the line Sony Exmor sensor with a light sensor that allows you to capture clear images in low light scenarios. The cameras also includes an audible anti-theft siren that is 100-decibels loud. If a burglar tries to dismount the camera or tamper with it, it will automatically sound its 100-decibel siren.

Another standout feature of the EufyCam is that it has a 2-way audio feature. With EufyCam’s 2-way audio feature you will be able to hear and communicate with whomever is around your EufyCam. It also includes a 16GB Micro SD card that allows you to store your video clips. All of the data that is transmitted by your EufyCam comes with military grade encryption services so you don’t have to worry about someone stealing your data. You can purchase a EufyCam for around $230.

Live streaming

Video from your Eufy cam can be viewed directly from the Eufy app for smartphone devices. You can also take out the Micro SD card that is installed in your EufyCam and place into your PC or Mac to view your recorded video clips. The Eufy app will allow you to stream and view live and recorded video clips. You can also customize the features of your EufyCam right from the app. If your EufyCam triggers a recording event you will be sent a push notification through the Eufy app that this event is happening.

Our opinion

The EufyCam has a really great design, and we like the fact that it has a magnetic mount making it easy to install. We also really like the fact that the EufyCam’s battery is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to a year. However, pricing is a little steep for the EufyCam when comparing it to other video surveillance cameras that are similar.

A more affordable alternative to the EufyCam are cameras, as sold here by Link Interactive. security cameras are more feature packed, do not need batteries to function and are used by hundreds of thousands of people in the United States.

EufyCam E vs Arlo Pro

The best way to really understand the features of the EufyCam is to compare it to another camera that is similar which is called the Arlo Pro. Both the Arlo Pro and EufyCam are battery operated, but the Arlo Pro does offer a wired version with continuous powering.

The EufyCam has the same video resolution as the Arlo, but the EufyCam has a wider viewing angle allowing you to capture larger areas. Both the Arlo and EufyCam require a base station for you to able to connect to your home’s WIFI network, and both of them include this with the video camera.

Video storage works a little differently between the two cameras. The Arlo’s video clips can be stored on a USB drive while the EufyCam’s video clips are stored on a Micro SD card. When it comes to the features that these cameras have, they are pretty much the same. The pricing is about the same between the Arlo and EufyCam with the Arlo coming out about $20 cheaper.

Roundup: EufyCam E vs

Today we have taken a look at a newer security camera on the market today called the EufyCam E. The EufyCam E is packed full of features and comes with a long battery life, but we feel battery powered cameras still have a long way to go in terms of delivering reliable and robust home security. video monitoring is a home security company that is famous for it’s smart home security app called - it is used by over hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the United States, and comes with a stellar set of video monitoring features.

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