Garage Controllers: LiftMaster 821LM vs Linear GD00Z-4

Today we will be taking a look at two popular models of garage door controllers, the LiftMaster 821LM and the Linear GD00Z-4 garage door controller.


LiftMaster 821LM Features

The LiftMaster 821LM is an extremely popular garage door controller in the United States. It lets you control any garage door remotely while on the go - in fact you can use it to control two garage doors at a time. The 821LM is compatible with Link Interactive home security systems - so if you’re looking to connect your garage door controller with a security system, give us a look.

The LiftMaster 821LM is a wireless garage door controller that works by using its hub to connect it to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. The sensors for the LiftMaster 821LM will detect any time your garage door has been opened or closed. If you for some reason forget to close your garage door, you will be sent an instant alert and be able to control your garage door through the MyQ app.

The MyQ technology for the LiftMaster 821LM allows you to connect and use the LiftMaster 821LM with other compatible smart home automation devices that also use MyQ technology.

MyQ with LiftMaster

Using the MyQ mobile app with your Liftmaster 821LM allows you to use a variety of features with it. The MyQ mobile app is free to download, and it works for Apple and Android devices. The MyQ mobile app allows you to receive instant alerts any time your garage door has been opened or shut. You can also control your garage door remotely right from the MyQ mobile app. The app also allows you to set custom timers for when your garage opens and closes. It will give you the ability to create custom users so that you can allow access to whomever you would like when you are away.

Linear GD00Z-4 Features

The Linear Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4 is another really popular brand of garage door controller. The GD00Z-4 allows you to open or close a sectional garage door remotely through a Z-Wave certified gateway or security panel, such as Link Interactive’s Qolsys control panel. It is compatible with pretty much any automatic garage door currently out on the market and has a super simple installation - you will only need to mount it, connect two wires, and pair it with a Z-Wave gateway or security panel (such as Link Interactive’s Qolsys panel).

The GD00Z-4 has a 100 ft. range for its Z-Wave protocol, allowing you to easily connect it to your nearest Z-Wave gateway, security panel, or Z-wave range extender. It comes with a wireless tilt sensor that will alert you any time your garage door has been opened or closed. When the GD00Z-4 detects that your garage door has been opened or shut it will send you an instant alert through the GoControl app. It has an audible alert that will sound when your garage door has been opened or shut.

GoControl App with GD00Z-4

Just like with the Liftmaster 821LM you can use a native mobile app called the GoControl mobile app with your Linear GD00Z-4 door opener (but we recommend using instead). The GoControl app is free to download for Android and Apple devices, and it will send you instant alerts any time your GD00Z-4 has detected a garage door being opened or shut. It also will allow you to remotely control your garage door on the go. App with LiftMaster 821LM and Linear GD00Z-4

One of the standout features that we really like about the LiftMaster 821LM and the Linear Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4 is that you can use them with the app. is the gold standard in home automation, home security and smart device control. The app allows you to customize features, set timers, customize users, receive push-notifications, and remotely control these garage door controllers. Not only will you be able to control these garage door controllers with the app, you will also be able to control your security, video surveillance equipment, and other smart home automation devices right from the app. There is a monthly charge to use the app, and you can subscribe through Link Interactive, an extremely affordable powered home security company that makes home security, home automation and smart home control a reality.

Verdict: Liftmaster 821LM or Linear GD00Z-4?

Both the Liftmaster 821LM and Linear Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4 are really great garage door controllers, but if we had to choose one, we would go with GD00Z-4.

The Linear GD00Z uses Z-Wave protocol which allows it to be used with a wider variety of smart home automation and security products than the Liftmaster 821LM. The LiftMaster 821LM uses MyQ technology which means it will only work with LiftMaster products. We also like the fact that the Linear GD00Z-4 is directly powered through the zone wiring unlike the Liftmaster 821LM which requires an AC power source. The Linear Garage Door Controller GD00Z-4 is cheaper than the LifeMaster 821LM, but still offers the same great quality.

Link Interactive garage door control

Garage door controllers are becoming ever so popular with home owners in today’s world. They are a great way to add an extra layer of security to your home. They also make your life more convenient by allowing to remotely control your garage doors when you are away from your home. If you are looking to purchase either of the garage door controllers that we talked about in this post, take a look at our offer here at Link Interactive.