YI Outdoor Security Camera An Expert Review 2019

The YI Outdoor Camera is a video surveillance camera that is packed full of features. In this post we will be going over its features, pricing and more!

Basic Features

We are going to start our discussion on the YI Outdoor Camera by looking at some of its basic features. The YI Outdoor Camera is a wireless camera that works by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network. It is powered with through AC power source, and it comes with a 3-meter power cable which makes it easy to place.

The material that the YI Outdoor Camera is made of is waterproof, dustproof, and very durable which allows this camera to withstand the changing environment in which it is placed. It has an amazing video resolution of 1080P and a field of view of 110-degrees. It has enhanced night vision technology that allows you to capture crystal clear video even when there is no light.

The YI Outdoor Camera also includes a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your YI Outdoor Camera. The YI Outdoor Camera is a self-install camera, but everything is included with the YI Outdoor Camera for installation. It also includes a step-by-step setup guide which makes installation a breeze.

The basic features for the YI Outdoor Camera are pretty standard when it comes to the features of other outdoor cameras that are similar. We really like the YI Outdoor Camera’s modern simplistic design. We also really like that it comes with a long power cord which makes installation much easier than some of the other outdoor cameras out the market currently. We like the fact that installation is pretty easy, and that someone who isn’t very tech savvy can easily setup it up.

Advanced Features

**One thing that consumers like yourself are looking for when it comes outdoor cameras are features that make an outdoor camera stand out from the rest. The YI Outdoor Camera is definitely packed full of some really great advanced features.

It has advanced motion detection technology that detects human signatures which cuts down on unwanted alerts. You can also customize area alarms, motion detection alarms, customize time period alerts, and customize alert sensitivity which really gives this camera a personal feel.

Another really great advanced feature that the YI Outdoor Camera has is local storage. You can store from 8 to 32 GB of video clips right on to your camera. It also includes financial-industry level encryption so you never have to worry about your video data being compromised. Another really neat feature of the YI Outdoor Camera is that has an audible alarm, which can be set to be triggered when your YI Outdoor Camera detects motion.

The YI Outdoor Camera’s advanced features are all about customization. We like the fact that the YI Outdoor Camera allows you to really dive deep into the customization for its alerts. We also like the fact that this camera has an advanced motion sensing technology that can distinguish human signatures. The one thing we wished was included with the advanced features for the YI Outdoor Camera was a Micro SD Card slot so that more local storage could be added.

Cloud Storage

Another great feature of the YI Outdoor Camera is that it includes Cloud storage. If for some reason your local storage runs out, your video clips will be stored on the Cloud. If you are a new user to YI products you will get a month free of this service. You can pick from several different storage plans that will fit anyone’s particular budget.

YI Home App

YI offers the ability to remotely control your camera through their app. You can download their app for smartphones, PC’s, or Macs. You can customize all the features of your YI Outdoor Camera right from the app. The YI Home app also allows you to stream live video with up to 5 people at the same time. You can customize the alerts for you YI Outdoor Camera right from the app as well. When an alert has been triggered you will get a push notification of this event.


Pricing for the YI Outdoor camera is competitive. You can purchase one for around $80. Generally, most outdoor cameras cost north of $100, and don’t have as many features as the YI Outdoor Camera. One exception to this are Alarm.com cameras. Alarm.com cameras are feature packed, and often can be purchased for around the same price as a YI camera. No only that, but Alarm.com cameras are compatible with Alarm.com powered home security systems. If you would like to learn more about Alarm.com cameras, check out Link Interactive. At Link Interactive, we provide top of the line home security, powered by Alarm.com.

YI Cameras vs Alarm.com Cameras

YI Outdoor Camera is a great video surveillance camera that can provide you with some protection for the things that are outside of your home. It has some really great basic and advanced features, and a really great low price.

However, as much as the YI camera is loaded in terms of features, it’s limited in the sense that it cannot be integrated with a fully fledged home security system. If you’re wanting to get an alarm system for your home, and would like to control your cameras, smart home devices and security system all from one in place, we highly suggest that you take a look at our Alarm.com powered home security systems and cameras.

Alarm.com cameras are highly advanced, easy to install and come in variety of different models - indoor, outdoor as well as PoE cameras (Power over Ethernet).

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