GetSafe Home Security An Expert Review 2019

There are several great companies out on the market currently that can offer you really great security system, and today we will be taking a look at one of them which is called GetSafe Home Security.

The dog days of summer are officially here which means that for many of us the temperature will be the hottest during August. Most people during this time are trying to find ways to stay cool so they spend a lot of time outside of their actual homes. Also, August is the peak vacation month for many people in the United States. You may not know this, but burglars are very aware of these facts. Generally, home burglaries increase during the month of August. You shouldn’t have to worry about your home during your vacation, or during the time you are spending outside of your home with your family. One way to give yourself piece of mind, and protect your home from home burglaries, is to invest into a home security system.

GetSafe Home Security’s main goal is to provide you, the end user, with quality security products. They also provide consumers like yourself with medical alert systems. They have over 30 plus years of experience in this type of medical/security market.


The equipment that is offered by GetSafe Home Security is DIY. What this means is that you will have to set up your security equipment yourself. GetSafe Home Security does include a step-by-step guide on how to set up all of our equipment which makes installation super easy and quick.

GetSafe also offers a 30-day risk free trial with their systems. If you are not satisfied within 30-days of receiving your system you can return it for a full refund. GetSafe does offer a year warranty on all of its equipment as well.

Smart Hub

GetSafe’s Smart Hub is a wireless and cellular security hub. It is powered through an AC power source, but GetSafe does not mention if it comes with a backup battery. Most home security systems, if not all, include a backup battery of some sort, but you will need reach out to GetSafe directly to make sure that their Smart Hub includes this.

The Smart Hub has a couple of different ways it transmits data. The first way is that the Smart Hub will directly connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. The second way is through an AT&T cellular chip which will automatically kick in if your internet goes down. All devices that you connect to your Smart Hub connect wirelessly. The Smart Hub includes Z-Wave technology which allows you to use a variety of home automation devices with their Hub.

We aren’t really sure what to think of the Smart Hub offered by GetSafe due to the fact that there is very limited information about it. We do however really like the fact that the Smart Hub has a cellular backup chip. It seems from the GetSafe website that their Smart Hub is very compact, making it easy to place around your home. We also like the fact that the Smart Hub includes Z-Wave so that you can use smart home devices with your system.

Note: If you’re really into Z-Wave, check out Link Interactive. At Link Interactive we use the platform - the gold standard when it comes to Z-Wave and home automation.

Door/window sensor

GetSafe has a few basic sensors that will help protect the entryways to your home. The first type of sensor they offer are door/window sensors. Their door/window sensors are wireless and battery operated. You simply place a door/window sensor on a door or window frame that you want some protection for. If a door or window that a door/window sensor has been installed on is opened it will trigger a response with the Smart Hub and you will be instantly notified.

Motion sensor

The other type of intrusion sensor GetSafe offers are motion sensors. These motion sensors are also battery operated and wireless. You generally want to place a motion sensor in the top corner of a larger room you want covered, such as the living room. Motion sensors are really great in providing protection for whole rooms reducing the amount of door/window sensors you will need with your system. When your motion sensor detects motion, you will be instantly notified.

GetSafe’s motion sensors are pet immune so you don’t have to worry about your four-legged friends setting them off. Speaking of pet immune, we provide pet-immune motion sensors as well; see our system here.

Glass break sensor

GetSafe’s glass break sensor is the same exact glass break sensor that we here at Link Interactive provide. It goes off every time it detects the sound and vibration of break glass. It has a 20 ft. range all around, and comes with double sided tape so you can mount it on a wall adjacent to the windows you’re trying to secure.


GetSafe also offers keyfobs. Their keyfob remotes are battery operated, and they can easily be placed on a key chain. In addition, they have a push-button design that allows you to disarm or arm your system with a touch of button.

Smoke sensor

Now we are going to look at what type of life safety devices and home automation devices GetSafe has to offer you.

GetSafe Home Security offers a couple of different types of life safety devices. The first type of life safety device they offer is the smoke alarm. Their smoke alarm is wireless and battery operated. It easily detects smoke and will make an audible alarm any time smoke has been detected while triggering your security system.

Flood sensor

The next type of life safety device that GetSafe offers is the flood sensor. Their flood sensors are also battery operated and wireless. You can place a flood sensor in any area where you can potentially have a water leak, such as your bathroom. When the GetSafe Home Security flood sensor detects a leak, it will trigger an event with your GetSafe home security system.

GetSafe Home Security falls a little short when it comes to the variety of life safety sensors they offer. We do really like that both their smoke alarm and flood sensor are battery operated. We also like the fact that they easily connect to your system wirelessly (we have all of that at Link Interactive as well). We didn’t really like the fact that GetSafe does not offer a CO2 detector. Most security companies offer a CO2 detector.

Home Automation

Most modern homes are becoming more environmentally friendly due to the invention and improvement of smart home devices. Smart home devices such as smart thermostats are a really great way to reduce your carbon footprint. One really great feature of current smart home devices is that they incorporate well with home security and home automation systems (such as ours).

GetSafe Home Security has really wide and impressive variety of smart home devices that they offer for their security system. The majority of their smart home devices are made by other companies, but due to GetSafe’s Hub using Z-Wave technology you are able to use these other branded devices with their system.

Nest Pro Thermostat

The first smart home device GetSafe offers are Nest Pro thermostats. Nest Pro thermostats have really great features such as climate control for individual rooms. You can also set timers for when your heating and cooling system goes on and off which can reduce your home’s energy cost per month.

They also offer another smart thermostat but they do not list what brand it is, but it has about the same functions as the Nest Pro Thermostat minus the ability to control the climates of individual rooms. Also, you will need a Z-Wave adapter for this other thermostat which they also offer on their website. Both thermostats can be controlled remotely through the GetSafe Home app.

Garage door control

GetSafe also offers Go Control garage door controllers. These controllers will allow you to remotely open and close your garage door. You will be notified when your garage door has been open or shut through the GetSafe app. The Go Control garage door controller also requires a Z-Wave adapter for you to be able to use it with your GetSafe home security system.

Light control

GetSafe has a variety of smart bulbs. Smart bulbs can be remotely controlled through the GetSafe app. They have a LED version of smart bulbs along with a smart bulb that you can change the color of its light. Adding a smart bulb to your GetSafe security system is another great way for you to cut down on your home’s energy bill per month. These smart bulbs will also need a Z-Wave adapter for you to use them with your system.

GetSafe also offers smart light switches and smart dimmer modules. The smart light switches they offer, like the smart bulbs, can be controlled remotely on the go. The dimmer that they offer plugs directly into an outlet. You can connect your lights or even small appliances to it, and control them remotely through the GetSafe app. Both their smart light switch and dimmer require a Z-Wave adapter.

Home automation: the good and bad

One of the most standout things about GetSafe is that they are compatible with a wide variety of smart home devices. We really like the fact that they use Nest Pro Thermostats due to the quality and the features that the Nest Pro Thermostats have. Also, we really like the fact they incorporated the ability for the end user to use certain Go Control products such as the Go Control garage door controller with their system. Go Control is a very trusted name in the home security world, and they make high quality products - in fact they’re compatible with the our system as well.

The one thing we didn’t really care for is that you will need to purchase a Z-Wave adapter to use the majority of their smart home devices. Most other security companies’ panels have this type of adapter built in so that you do not have to spend more money to use different branded smart home devices. This is where Link Interactive shines - our control panels come equipped with Z-Wave compatibility, so that you do not need to purchase any additional modules or chips in order for the Z-Wave appliances to work.

Other notable items

GetSafe wanted to be a one stop shop for even the smallest of items you may need for your security system. They offer Ethernet cables which can be used with their video surveillance equipment. They offer power cords for their Hub just in case something happens to yours. They even went as far as offering AA Energizer batteries on their website for their sensors just in case you need them.

It looks like GetSafe really wanted to make their system expandable so that you can use the latest smart home devices on the market with your system. They may be a little limited on the variety of life safety sensors they have to offer, but that’s where you can look into alternatives such as Link Interactive.


When you are looking to purchase a security system for your home, you want to make sure that they offer the equipment you are looking for. You also want to make the company you purchase through includes the monitoring services you want to use with your system. If you are looking for video surveillance equipment you want to make sure that the security company you are interested in offers this, and if there is monitoring services for video surveillance as well. After you have checked all of this out, you want to make sure it is going to fit into your budget.

In this part of our post, we’ll be taking a look at GetSafe’s video surveillance equipment, monitoring services, and pricing for their equipment and services.

Indoor HD Camera

GetSafe has a few different types of indoor cameras. The first one we will look at is their Indoor HD Camera. It is a wireless camera that works by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network. It is powered through an AC power source so you will want to make sure you have one nearby. It has a video resolution of 1080P with night vision technology. It has 2-way audio that allows you to hear and communicate with whomever is around your camera. This camera will start recording anyt time it detects motion. The price for this camera is $59.

Indoor 360 HD Camera

The next indoor camera that GetSafe Home Security has to offer is the Indoor 360 HD Camera. It has all the same features of the GetSafe Indoor HD Camera, but it also includes a pan/tilt feature that allows to you tilt and pan your camera 360 degrees. You can purchase this camera for $79.

Outdoor HD Camera

The last camera that GetSafe Home Security has to offer is their Outdoor HD camera. This camera also includes the same features as GetSafe Home Security’s indoor cameras minus the 2-way audio feature. You can purchase this camera for $99.00 USD. The video clips recorded from all GetSafe Home Security’s video surveillance cameras can be viewed directly through their app. You can also stream live video right from the app. The GetSafe Home Security app will send you instant alerts anytime your cameras start to record. cameras

There’s nothing too exciting about GetSafe’s video surveillance equipment, but it should get the job done. We like the fact that they offer 2 different kinds of indoor cameras. We also really like the fact that all of their cameras record in 1080P video resolution. The pricing for their cameras is average when compared to other cameras that are similar to them. If you are interested in a wider variety of security cameras, and greater functionality, take a look at our cameras here at Link Interactive - we have PoE cameras, wireless cameras plus a whole lot of video self-monitoring features through a smartphone app.

Professional monitoring

GetSafe offers 24/7 professional monitoring for your GetSafe home security system. With this service you will have a professional monitoring station watching over your system. If your system triggers a security event, your central monitoring station will be notified. You will then receive a call to see if it was a false alarm. If you do not answer, and if it is not a false alarm, they will immediately dispatch emergency services to your location. You will pay $24.95 per month for this service.


The next type of monitoring service that GetSafe offers is self-monitoring. Their self-monitoring is done through the GetSafe home security app. You will be able to disarm and arm your system on the go, you can customize the features of your sensors and system through the app, and you will receive push notifications when your sensors or system have been triggered. There is no fee associated with their self-monitoring service and it is included with their 24/7 professional monitoring.

GetSafe does not offer a lot of information about their video monitoring services so you will need to reach out to them directly to find out if there is a price associated with using their video monitoring services.

GetSafe Starter Kit

GetSafe offers what they call their Starter Kit for $99. Their Starter Kit includes 1 Smart Hub, 1 door/window sensor, 1 motion sensor, 1 external siren, and 2 window stickers.

You can of course add on other equipment from their equipment list onto your Starter Package, but your upfront cost will change from the $99.

The $99 cost for their Starter Package is for their no contract option. If you go with an annual or 3-year contract option that price drops to $24.95 for your first month, and this is price for your first month’s monitoring.

GetSafe’s monitoring services are pretty much the same as other security companies. Their monitoring prices are about average compared to other security companies. The one thing we did not like about their monitoring services is the lack of information about their video monitoring services.

Today we conclude our look at GetSafe. GetSafe is a good option for basic security, one that provides you with flexible options. GetSafe has a decent variety of compatible home automation devices, security, and video surveillance equipment so that you can really expand your system.

However, if you’re looking for a more traditional DIY system, that is basically a professional home security system converted/configured into a DIY system, look no further than Link Interactive. At Link Interactive, we are proud to provide 2GIG and Qolsys manufactured security equipment (the best in the USA) along with the all-powerful self-monitoring service. With you can control your entire security system and take advantage of the latest and greatest home automation gadgets out on the market. On top of that, we are known for our great customer service.

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