Cove Home Security An Expert Review 2019

There are several new companies out the market today that can provide you with home or office security. Today we will be taking a look at one of them, called Cove.

There are a lot of statistics out there on home burglaries. One fact that may surprise you is that most home and business owners tend to only purchase a security system after a home burglary or robbery has happened. This can cost home owners thousands of dollars in property loss due to theft. We highly recommend that you do not wait until a robbery or a burglary has taken place before investing in a security system.

Cove Smart is relatively new security company that specializes in do-it-yourself alarm systems. Their company is composed of security experts that have years of experience in the security business and their goal is to provide customers with high quality but low-cost security solutions.

Cove Touch Alarm Panel

The brains of the Cove security system is called the Cove Touch Alarm. The Cove Touch Alarm is a central hub/control panel that connects all of your Cove security devices wirelessly to one place. It has a full colored touchscreen that easily lets you arm and disarm your system with a push of a single button, and it is a wireless panel that is powered through an AC power source. It also comes with a 24-hour backup battery, and includes a built-in audible alarm that will trigger when your Cove system triggers an event.

You can have up to 20 customized user codes for the Cove Touch Alarm panel, and they can easily be disabled and enabled at any time. It also includes a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with your central monitoring station.

Another really cool feature of the Cove Touch Alarm is that it includes Crash and Smash technology - check out Link Interactive’s Crash and Smash technology. What this means is that the Cove Touch Alarm has a cellular chip that will still transmit a signal to your central monitoring station even when your control panel has been damaged. The Cove Touch Alarm will make sure your system is working properly by using its self-diagnosing software that constantly makes sure your hub and security devices are working properly.

We didn’t really like the fact that the tech specs were hard to find for this panel. Cove also does not list exactly how many security devices can connect to its Cove Touch Alarm panel.


Now that we have taken a look at the main panel of the Cove security system, let’s go over some of the basic sensors that are used with it to keep your home protected.

Door/window sensor

The first type of security sensor that Cove has to offer is door/window sensors. Cove’s door/window sensors are battery operated and wireless, and can be installed on either your door or window frames. When a door or window that has a door/window sensor on it is opened, you will immediately be alerted.

Motion sensor

The next sensor that they offer are motion sensors. Cove’s motion sensors are also wireless and battery operated with a battery life of up to 5 years. You generally want to install motion sensors in large rooms where you want whole areas covered. Cove’s motion sensors are pet immune which means that as long as your furry friends are under 45 pounds they will not trigger an alarm.

Motion sensors are a really great way to save yourself some money purchasing a lot of sensors due to the fact that they cover large areas.

Glass break sensor

Cove also offers glass break sensors to help secure the windows of your home by detecting glass breakage. Cove’s glass break sensors are wireless and battery operated with a battery life up to 5 years. Glass break sensors listen to the sound of glass breaking in your home and Cove’s glass break sensors have a range of 360-degrees. Glass break sensors would be perfect additions to your security setup especially if your home has a lot of glass windows. One glass break sensor can actually cover multiple windows so you shouldn’t have to add a lot of them.


The last type of basic equipment that Cove has to offer is the keyfob, also known as a keychain remote. Cove’s keychain remotes are battery operated with a battery life up to 5-years. Their keychain remotes have a four button push-button design, and allow you to arm your system in stay, away, or home mode. It also includes a built-in panic button that will immediately alert your central monitoring stations that there is an emergency.

Cove Smart has great variety of basic equipment for you to choose from. We really like the fact that their motion sensors are pet immune. We also really like the fact that all of the basic equipment is really easy to set up. The basic equipment and control panel that they offer are high quality, and will last you for years to come. On the other hand, the variety that Cove has to offer in basic equipment is also pretty standard - check out our basic equipment at Link Interactive and compare.

We also want to make sure that we inform you that all of the equipment that you purchase from Cove is DIY. What this means is that you will need to set up all the equipment yourself. Cove gives you step by step guides on exactly how to get everything up and running in no time. DIY security systems are really great at saving you money in not having to have a professional installer come to set up your equipment - we too offer a DIY system here at Link Interactive. Check us out.

Additional equipment

There are several factors to take in consideration when you are thinking about purchasing a home security system. One of the factors you want to take into account is how expandable is the security system you are purchasing. Modern security systems have several ways that they can be expanded. One way to expand a security system is to add some life safety, home automation, and video surveillance devices to your system. Earlier took a look at Cove’s core security equipment, and now we will be taking a look at what type of add-on equipment you can purchase for your Cove security system.

Smoke sensor

The first type of basic equipment we will be taking a look at is Cove’s life safety devices. Cove Smart offers smoke detectors to help protect you and your family from the dangers of fire. Their smoke detectors are wireless and battery operated with a battery life up to 5-years. Cove Smart’s smoke detectors come pre-programmed so setup is a breeze. Cove’s smoke detectors also have a self-testing feature; they will run a self-test every 60 seconds to make sure that they are working properly. When smoke is detected by a Cove smoke detector it will make an audible alarm. It will also make your Cove security system trigger an alarm.

Carbon monoxide sensor

The next life safety device we will be going over is the Cove Carbon monoxide detector. The Cove CO detector is also wireless and battery operated with a battery life of up to 5 years. This sensor will also come to you pre-programmed. The Cove CO detector has an audible alarm that will sound any time it detects rises in CO gases.

Cove flood sensor

Cove also offers flood detectors that can help protect your home from unexpected water damage. Cove’s flood detectors are super compact and easy to place. They are also wireless and battery operated like the other life safety devices that Cove has to offer. It will also come to you pre-programmed so setup up is as easy placing the sensor. When the sensor has been covered with water it will trigger your security system and notify the authorities. It is best to place flood sensors near the pipes in your home or places that can experience water leaks.

Medical alert system

The last safety device we will be taking a look at is the Cove medical alert system. The Cove medical alert system has a portable design that allows it to easily be transported from place to place and is a great addition to your Cove security system especially if you have someone in your home who has medical issues. Cove’s medical alert system is a wireless push button sensor that is battery operated, it has an LED indicator light to let you know that a distress call has been made and when the system’s button has been pushed your central monitoring station will be immediately notified.

As you can see, Cove offers a nice variety of life safety sensors that you can add to your Cove security system to give you some extra coverage. We really like the fact that all of the life safety devices that Cove offers come pre-programmed which makes setting them up super easy. Cove is not alone in this though - at Link Interactive, we provide all of our customers with pre-programmed, easy to install/place sensors as well. In fact, our equipment is touted for its industrial grade quality and extensive range of features. To find out more about our equipment, please see our offer here.

Home Automation

If you’re into home automation, that’s another reason for you to look into Link Interactive. The one thing we did not like is that Cove does not seem to offer any home automation devices currently. So if you’re looking to make your home ‘smarter’ than look no further than Link Interactive. With us, you can add light control, door control, garage control, irrigation control, thermostat control and a whole lot more in home automation to your security system.

Video Surveillance

When it comes to video surveillance equipment Cove is a bit limited as well. Cove does not offer their own branded video surveillance camera, but they do offer the YI Indoor Camera. The YI Indoor Camera is packed full of features. It has a video resolution of 1080P with a 107-degree wide viewing angle. It has night vision technology that allows you to capture images even when there is no light around. You can use the YI Indoor Camera’s zoom feature to zoom in on images up to 4x which allows for crystal clear images.

One really cool feature of the YI Indoor Camera is its Baby Cry Detection technology. With YI Indoor Camera’s Baby Cry Detection technology, it will listen for the distinguishing sound of a baby’s cry, and ignore background noise. If this noise is detected by your YI Indoor Camera, it will alert you. It also includes a 2-way audio feature that allows you to hear and respond to whomever is around your camera. The YI Indoor Camera is powered through an AC Power source, and it works by connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi network wirelessly. Video clips can be stored on a Micro SD card or viewed through the Cove Smart app.

Cove Smart may be limited in what video surveillance equipment they offer, which is why if you’re serious about video monitoring and surveillance you should check out the video and camera options we offer at Link Interactive.


When purchasing a security system for your home or office you want to make sure you are aware of what services are included with your system. Generally, most companies offer professional monitoring, self-monitoring, or both for you to keep an eye on your system. Prices for these services can be quite different from security company to security company.

Let’s conclude our discussion by looking at what type of monitoring services they offer while giving our readers some pricing information on these services along with some equipment pricing.

Professional monitoring

The first type of monitoring that Cove offers is their professional monitoring. Cove offers 24/7 professional monitoring through their professional monitoring station. Their professional monitoring station is UL listed and TMA Five Diamond Certified. The have two central monitoring stations so that your system is always being monitoring and they are located in the USA.

When your Cove security system triggers your central monitoring station will be notified. They will then make a call to you to make sure that your system is not triggering a false alarm. If you do not answer, and if there is not a false alarm then they will immediately dispatch emergency services directly to your home.


The next type of monitoring service that Cove has to offer is self-monitoring. Cove Smart’s self-monitoring is done through the Cove app, which is built on the SecureNet platform (the same app used by Protect America and Vivint - with some variations). The Cove app allows you to control the features of your Cove security equipment, arm and disarm your system on the go, and it will send you instant notifications any time your Cove security system triggers an event.

Video monitoring

The last type of monitoring service, which is included with Cove’s self-monitoring plan, is video monitoring. If you decide to add a YI Indoor Camera to your Cove system you can use Cove’s video monitoring services. Cove’s video monitoring services are used through the Cove app, and the video monitoring services allow you to view live and recorded video clips right from your smartphone. You will also receive instant alerts anytime your YI Indoor Camera starts to record.


The pricing for Cove’s monitoring varies between what type of package you choose. Cove gives you the option to go with their 36-month contract, or you can do a no-contract.


With the no-contract option you will pay $15 per month for professional monitoring only, or you can pay $25 per month for both professional and self-monitoring.

36-month contract

If you choose to go with the 36-month contract you will pay $25 per month for professional monitoring only, or you can pay $35 per month for both professional and self-monitoring.

The reason the price is higher with the 36-month contract is due to the fact there is no upfront cost for your equipment, and instead you are charged per month for your equipment which is included in your monitoring fees. With a no-contract plan your equipment costs will need to be paid up front which gives you a lower monthly rate for Cove’s monitoring services.

So all in all, Cove offers the same types of monitoring services that similar security companies like Frontpoint and Link Interactive offer. The fees associated with the monitoring plans are about average when compared to other security companies that are similar as well.


Now lets take a look at some of the pricing for Cove’s equipment. Cove does not really offer bundled packages. When you are on their website, and choose the option to purchase they will ask you a series of questions that are meant to build a package for you. After they have built you a package you will then be able to see the prices for each individual item in your package.

Cove’s add-on equipment like their:

You can of course remove any items in your security package, and as mentioned above you will have the option to pay for your equipment up front or pay overtime within 36-months for your equipment.

This last part concludes our deep look into Cove. Cove is not a well-known name yet in the security world, but they are really starting to make a name for themselves. If you would rather go with a more established home security company with a proven track record for great customer service and an outstanding security system, look no further than Link Interactive. At Link Interactive, you get the best in home security, smart automation (Z-Wave) and video monitoring.