CPI Security w/ inTouch: An Expert Review (2019)

CPI Security is an Alarm.com home security provider based out of Charlotte, NC - let’s see what makes them different and how they stack up with the competition.

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, CPI Security has been a part of the home security industry for roughly 25 years. They offer several different services: intrusion monitoring, home automation and video surveillance.


The basic security sensors that CPI Security has to offer you are pretty standard - in fact, at Link Interactive we carry the same exact sensors for a lesser price.

So the add-on equipment that CPI Security offers is pretty great. Their environmental sensors are great at keeping you and your family safe from unexpected disasters. And their home automation equipment can help you cut down on your energy costs per month along with turning your CPI Security system into a cohesive smart home and security hub.

They only thing we wish is that CPI Security had more spec information about their environmental and home automation devices listed on their website. Nonetheless, here’s an overview and break-down of all the main equipment CPI offers:

CPI Security can also come out and install your equipment in an era where the hottest home security systems are DIY (do it yourself) types of security systems.

Control panel: inTouch SmartHub

CPI Security uses the Qolsys Panel IQ 2 (the same we use here at Link Interactive) as part of their standard control panel offering. They call it the inTouch SmartHub.

The inTouch SmartHub is the central hub that connects the system to all of the security, home automation and video surveillance devices. It is a 7-inch, full-color touchscreen control hub with an easy-to-access display and HD resolution. One unique feature of the inTouch SmartHub is that it has a front-facing built-in camera that takes a snapshot of whoever is in front of the control panel when the system is being disarmed. The Qolsys/inTouch SmartHub also has a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with the central station.

The inTouch SmartHub is Z-Wave compatible and users can connect up to 119 home automation sensors to the system, as well as create up to 242 custom user codes. It also has a built-in Micro SD slot that allows for additional storage. The inTouch SmartHub is powered through an AC power source with a backup battery in case of a power outage. The hub is wireless and transmits data cellularly, in addition to having a WiFi backup feature.

Door/window sensor

The door/window sensors are wireless and battery operated, and can be monitored from the Alarm.com app - receive notifications via email or text or on the app itself any time a door or window is opened. Battery life is a good 3 to 5 years.

Motion sensor

The wireless motion sensors are meant to be placed in the corner for maximum coverage. The field of view is 90 degrees, and is pet immune. Battery life is a good 2 to 3 years.

Glass break sensor

If you have a property with a lot of glass windows it might be worth your while to invest in a glass break sensor. CPI Security offers glass break sensors and a single sensor can cover several windows. This is a cost effective ways to cover maximum ground.

Keychain remote

An alternative to the app, the keychain remote has a built-in panic button for emergencies. The keychain remote is portable, battery-operated and a quick means to arm or disarm the system.

CPI Security offers a variety of products outside of their basic security sensors. CPI Security does offer a couple of different types of environmental safety sensors.

Smoke/fire sensor

When smoke or a rise in heat has been detected around this sensor it will make an audible alert informing you that this has been detected. The fire sensor will also send an alert to CPI Security’s professional monitoring station letting them know that this event has taken place.

Carbon monoxide sensor (CO2)

CPI Security also offers CO2 detectors that are also battery operated and wireless. Their CO2 detectors will constantly monitor the levels of CO2 gas in your home, and if the levels start to rise this sensor will make an audible alert to let you know this event is taking place. It will also alert your professional monitoring station as well.

Water/flood sensor

If you live in an area that is prone to floods or where there are drastic drops in temperature you may want to purchase a CPI flood sensor. This sensor is normally placed around pipes or areas of your home that are prone to floods. When a leak is detected you will be instantly notified. CPI Security’s flood sensor is also battery operated and wireless sensor.

Medical pendent

The last safety device that CPI Security has to offer you is their Medical Pendent. CPI Security’s medical pendent is a great device to have especially if you have a family member who has health issues. This pendent is wireless and battery operated, and it has an easy to push push-button design that will immediately let your central monitoring station know that you are in need of assistance.

Home Automation

If you are looking to use all of the great features of a CPI Alarm.com powered security system then you may want to add smart home devices. CPI Security offers a variety of home automation devices that will turn your home into a smart home.

Garage door controller

If your home has a garage door, you have probably forgot to close it at one point in your life, but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. CPI Security offers garage door controllers which will allow you to remotely close and open your garage through the CPI Security app (Alarm.com app) which is called inTouch. You can customize the notifications from the app such email, text and push notifications when your garage door opens or shuts.


CPI Security also offers smart thermostats that are really great at cutting down the energy cost for your home. Their smart thermostat allows you to set timers for when your heating and cooling system comes on and off, receive push notifications when drastic changes in temperature have occurred, and allows you to remotely control the thermostat with the inTouch/Alarm.com app. We all know that our power bills for our home is one of the more expensive utility bills that we have to pay per month. Purchasing an inTouch or Alarm.com compatible smart thermostat can help with this.

Light control

Adding a CPI Security smart switch can help lower your power bill per month. Their smart switches plug into standard outlets, and they allow you to plug in small appliances into them. You can control the appliances that you have plugged into your smart switch on the go through the inTouch/Alarm.com app. You can also set custom timers for when your small appliances come on and go off.

Door lock

CPI Security also offers smart locks that allow you to quickly lock and unlock your door with a simple touch of a button on your phone. You can create custom user codes that can be enabled and disabled at any time. With the inTouch/Alarm.com app you can remotely lock and unlock your lock along with setting up email and text notifications that will be sent to you whenever the lock is triggered.

At Link Interactive, you can actually get the same home automation features with the same Alarm.com app. See our offer here.


CPI Security offers several different models of cameras that will give your home video surveillance coverage. All of these cameras are manufactured and designed to be used with Alarm.com - a widely used and highly reviewed home security app.

InTouch 180 Indoor Security Camera (ADC-V622)

The first camera they offer is the ADC-V622, dubbed as the InTouch 180 Indoor Security Camera. The InTouch 180 Indoor is a wireless camera that works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. It is powered through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have one nearby. The resolution on this camera is 1080P with a 180-degree viewing angle. It includes 2-way audio that allows you to hear and communicate with the person in front of the camera, and it has infrared night vision that will allow you to stream and view live video even when there is little or no light. One really cool feature of the InTouch 180 Indoor camera is that you can stream music to this camera using its Bluetooth feature.

InTouch HD Indoor Security Camera (ADC-522IR)

The next camera that CPI Security has to offer is the InTouch HD Indoor Camera. The InTouch HD is a bit more simplistic than the InTouch 180. It works pretty much the same as the InTouch 180 in the fact that it is a wireless camera that is powered through an AC power source and works by connecting to your home’s WIFI. The InTouch HD Indoor Security Camera has a video resolution of 1080P, and comes with infrared night vision technology. A really cool feature of this particular indoor camera is that you can use Alarm.com’s Stream Video Recorder to store all of the clips you capture for this camera. This camera also includes the same 2-way audio feature as the InTouch 180.

InTouch HD Outdoor Security Camera (ADC-522IR)

If you are looking for video surveillance to cover the outside of your home you can purchase an InTouch HD Outdoor Camera. This camera is another wireless camera that is powered through an AC power source, and it works by connecting to your home’s WIFI network. Since it is an outdoor camera, you would have to run the power cable to an external power source or drill a hole next to or behind the camera if you planning on running it inside.

Just like the indoor cameras, the inTouch HD Outdoor has a video resolution of 1080P with infrared night vision as well. This camera also gives you the ability to use a zoom feature to get more detailed images. You can also use a Stream Video Recorder with this camera to store captured video clips.

InTouch HD Outdoor Security Camera (Skybell)

The last camera that is offered by CPI Security is the Skybell WIFI doorbell camera, also known as the InTouch HD Doorbell Camera. CPI Security’s doorbell camera will need an existing doorbell wiring for it to be able to work. It has a video resolution of 1080P with a 180-degree viewing angle. and includes infrared night vision and a 2-way audio feature. This camera has motion detectors that will trigger it to start recording when it detects motion. You can also record on demand by starting a recording from the app.


Professional monitoring

CPI Security offers a few different options when it comes to how you can monitor your CPI Security system. CPI Security offers professional, self, and video monitoring services. Their professional monitoring is done through a professional monitoring station, and this station will monitor your CPI Security system 24/7. When a security event has been triggered your professional monitoring station will be notified of this event, and they will contact you to make sure that it is an actual emergency. If for some reason you do not answer they will dispatch emergency services to your home.


CPI Security’s self-monitoring is done through their InTouch (Alarm.com) app for smartphone devices. With the Alarm.com app you can control your security, smart home, and video surveillance equipment on the go. You will also receive push notifications any time your security system or a sensor has been triggered.

Video monitoring

The last service that CPI Security offers is video monitoring service. Their video monitoring service allows you to view live video, recorded video clips, and you will receive push notifications when your video cameras have triggered an event. You will also be able to use the InTouch/Alarm.com app to hear and respond to whoever is on the other end of your camera as long as your camera has a 2-way audio feature.


CPI Security offers several different packages that include a variety of equipment. All of their security equipment packages include the InTouch control panel (same Qolsys panel we use at Link Interactive) along with at least 1 motion sensor, and several door/window sensors. The amount of door/window sensors included in a package depends on what package you choose to go with. They also have packages that include video surveillance and life safety devices. The pricing for their packages is not listed on their website. CPI Security, like many security companies, require you to reach out to them via email or phone to get a pricing quote.


CPI Security has a lot to offer you when it comes home security. They have a variety of devices that will allow you to create a specific security solution. They also have several different equipment packages for you to choose from along with different monitoring services.

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