Ackerman Home Security An Expert Review (2019)

If you go on a hunt for security systems, you’ll find that there are a lot more choices today than there once used to be. Ackerman Security is a small security company based in Atlanta, Georgia. They currently offer services to the Atlanta metropolitan and a few areas beyond (they are not a national company like Frontpoint, Link Interactive or ADT). If you are not from this area you will not be able to use their services.


The downside is that Ackerman does not share a lot of information on their security system on their website, although it does look like they offer an Alula touchscreen panel and Alula branded sensors. Alula was formerly known as RE Resolution, and are a major player in the home security hardware space.

Control panel

The Alula control panel is a 7 inch tablet, that can be mounted on a desktop or on the wall and comes with a number of control features for your security system. You can arm/disarm your system in Stay, Away or Night mode, get current status on all of your sensors, send panic alerts to the central monitoring station and much more. It comes with a built-in siren as well - so there’s no need to purchase a siren separately unless you want to. You can also purchase a separate, less expensive non-touchscreen keypad that Alula offers to cut down on costs.

It’s also important to note that the Alula touchscreen control panel cannot work without the brains of the system, the Hub. The Hub is kind of like a router - it’s a device that has no controls on it and comprises just a bunch of ports and an on-board LTE connection to establish connectivity between your system and the monitoring station.


The Alula sensors are known for their great battery life. They provide everything - from door/window sensors to motion sensors, to smoke/CO2 sensors to glass break sensors and flood sensors - they have them all. And with Ackerman, you should be able to request any kind of sensor that Alula has to offer, as they should all be compatible with the Alula control panel and Hub that Ackerman provides.


Ackerman provides professional installation for most of Georgia. Most security companies today are DIY but the benefit of getting a professional installation is that it’s all taken care of for you - you have to do no programming or installation work. You just book an appointment and the tech does the rest. At Link Interactive, we have the ability to hook you up with a professional installer. Take a look at our cellular home security system here and ask about our professional installation option.

Home Automation

On the other hand, Ackerman provide information on the type of home automation and video surveillance equipment they offer. They offer a variety of home automation devices such as smart locks, smart thermostats and smart lights. This tells us that Ackerman’s control panel uses Z-Wave technology as most home automation devices are Z-Wave compatible.

Door locks

The smart locks will allow you to create custom user codes, receive lock/unlock notifications, as well as allow you to lock/unlock your doors remotely via the smartphone app.


Ackerman also offers Lyric Smart Thermostats. Smart thermostats are excellent for energy conservation purposes and also help you save on your utility bills. The Lyric Smart Thermostat enables you to set timers for your home’s heating and cooling.

Light control

Ackerman also offers Leviton Smart Switches. Smart switches plug directly into an AC power outlet. You can then plug small appliances and lights into these switches and control them remotely from your phone. You can also set timers for when they should come ON or OFF. Smart switches are great to help save you some money on your home’s energy costs.

Garage door control

The final home automation device they offer is Linear garage door controllers. These garage door controllers can be controlled remotely through Ackerman’s smartphone app. You’ll also receive alerts as to when your garage door was opened or closed.

Video Surveillance

Ackerman offers a wide range of video surveillance equipment – indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras.Their indoor camera allows you to view recorded and live video clips straight from their app. They also offer high definition, waterproof outdoor cameras that will allow you to keep an eye on the things that are taking place outside your home. Their doorbell cameras are motion-activated and will allow you to receive alerts whenever motion has been detected around them. Ackerman’s doorbell camera will also start to record video clips when motion has been detected.


Ackerman Security provides both residential and commercial security and local users in Atlanta are overall satisfied by their service. They offer both types of monitoring: 24/7 professional monitoring, as well as remote monitoring via the app.


Ackerman has a very unique money-back guarantee. While some companies offer a 100% money-back guarantee, Ackerman offers a 200% (no, this is not a typo) money-back guarantee! They claim to pay double of your loss if you’re robbed while your home/business is being monitored. They will pay a 100% of the insurance deductible for your losses, as well as the same amount of your loss in cash.


It’s now time to look at the most important deciding factor when one chooses a home security system – pricing!

Ackerman offers 24/7 professional monitoring for only $19.95/month. This service includes 24/7 professional monitoring for fire, burglary and environmental hazards. Ackerman claims to provide other services such as flood protection as well but they do not have the pricing for these services listed on their site.

Our Take-Away

If you are interested in getting a security system for your home or office and live in the Atlanta area, it’s worth looking into Ackerman Security. However, if you’re looking for a DIY alternative, known for great customer service and it’s amazing smart home features, take a look at our system here at Link Interactive. At Link Interactive, we provide app services along with 2GIG and Qolsys equipment, arguably the best home security manufacturers on the market today.