Fortress Security Review (2019)

Fortress Security provides a do-it-yourself (DIY) security system that caters to the needs of both small and large residential or commercial spaces. It’s one of the cheaper security options out there but is it worth the investment? Let’s find out.

Not particularly new to the security scene, Fortress Security has been providing security systems to homes and business across the United States since 2005.


In terms of equipment, Fortress gives you a variety of options to choose from. Fortress offers 3 lines of control panels: S03 Wi-Fi Panel, S1 Stealth Panel and the S6 Titan Panel. Once you decide on the main control unit that you want to go with, you can then build a package that caters to your personal requirements.

S03 WiFi Panel

This central unit has a simple push-button design. It requires an internet connection through a WiFi network or directly through an Ethenet cable. You may also connect the panel using a landline connection. The S03 panel is powered through an AC power source but also comes with a backup battery that lasts up to 48 hours. It has 32 security zones that you can set up for different security devices.

S1 Stealth Panel

This panel is smaller and more simplistic in terms of functionality than its counterpart – the S03 panel. It does not have a push-button keyboard and can only be controlled through external sources such as the keyfob, external keypad, RFID tag or the My Fortress app. The S1 uses WiFi in addition to a cellular GSM chip, which is used to dial up to 6 phone numbers using the GSM SIM card. It is powered through an AC power source and also has a backup battery that comes in handy in the event of a power outage. The panel has a built-in siren and can connect up to 100 sensors.

S6 Titan Panel

This panel is the most versatile out of all the options for main units that Fortress has to offer and connects in 3 ways - over a WiFi, cellular SIM card or landline connection. The Fortress S6 Titan Panel sports a full-colored display for better viewing of the system status and unlike the S1 Stealth panel it has a push-button design. It is powered through an AC power source and has a backup battery.

Door/window sensor

The door/window sensors are wireless and battery-operated, allowing for an easy install. The My Fortress app will notify you any time a door/window is opened/closed.

Motion sensor

The motion sensors are wireless and battery-operated. A single motion sensor can cover several entry points (doors or windows), so you can actually save money by buying one motion sensor as opposed to several different door/window sensors. The motion sensor needs to be strategically placed in the corner of a large room, several feet off the ground and pointed in such a way that it covers the maximum area. The My Fortress app will notify you any time the motion is detected once the system is armed.

RFID tag

RFID tags work with the S03 and S1 security panels only. The tags are keychain-sized electronic tags that allow you to quickly arm/disarm the system with a simple tap to the panel.

Keychain remote

The keychain remote has a 4-button design that enables you to arm/disarm the panel with the simple push of a button. It also has a built-in panic button to notify your security contacts/central station in the event of an emergency.

Panic button

A separate panic button is also available and is particularly useful for elderly parents or family members. The panic button is wireless and battery-operated.

External keypad

External keypads are also available for purchase and are useful for larger homes or offices where users may require easy access to the keypad in different locations other than where the main unit is placed. The external keypad is required to control the S1 Stealth Panel (but having just a keychain remote, RFID tag or the app works too).

Pricing and contracts

Fortress Security is a good option particularly if you have a large home or office that you need lots of equipment for - they’re slightly cheaper than the competition, but that’s probably because not only are their systems not professionally-monitored but they also lack some important features like home automation. Their security systems are good for homeowners and renters alike and if you’re looking to monitor a temporary place like an RV or vacation home, this system could be for you. They’re also worth considering if you don’t want to get into a contract.

Pros and cons

What do we think about Fortress Security? Well, we like the fact that their system is DIY and that they offer different lines of security systems to choose from.

However, Fortress Security does come with its fair share of cons, and one that’s mentioned by many a user across various forums is the lack of quality in the hardware. Fortress also does not offer home automation.

Meet Link Interactive

Our Link Interactive system on other hand is made of top-notch materials and built to withstand commercial use. With our Z-Wave compatible system, you can connect several home automation devices such as smart thermostats, automated door locks, light switches and modules to convert your home into a smart home.

That being said, we do share some similarities with Fortress Security. We both offer DIY, self-install systems. But circling back to our initial question - are they worth investing in? Here’s our answer. If you’re a first-time security system owner, maybe. In all honesty we think your money is better spent investing in a more well-rounded, professionally monitored system like ours. To learn more about our offer, click here.