Best August Smart Door Locks 2019

If you are looking to give your home or office an extra layer of security, we recommend that you look into getting a smart lock. There are several brands of smart locks out on the market, and August smart locks are at the forefront of this new and emerging technology.

Before we go over some of the popular models of August smart locks, here’s some background info on August. August Home was founded in November 2012, and their head office is located in San Francisco. August primarily makes smart locks that can be used for your home or office. Their first lock was released in 2013 and since then they have really made a name for themselves becoming one of the top-rated brands of smart locks in 2019.

August Smart Lock + Connect

There are several different models of smart locks that August has to offer you, and today we will be going over some of their most popular models. The first model will be going over is the August Smart Lock + Connect.

This lock will allow you to remotely lock and unlock your August Smart Lock while on the go through the August app for smart phone devices.


One really cool feature about this particular lock is that it attaches to your existing deadbolt lock so you it makes the installation of this lock much easier than other smart locks. You simply place the August Smart Lock on the inside of your door where your deadbolt is located to make your lock a smart lock. This allows you to still be able to use the keys that are used for your existing deadbolt lock.


This Smart Lock + Connect works by connecting to your WiFi by using the WiFi bridge that is included in the package. It is powered by four double A batteries which are included with the lock as well, and through a 110-240V power source.


When it comes to features, this lock does not disappoint. It’s packed full of features, and this is why is it so highly rated. You can create digital access codes for whomever you want to like to enter your home, keeping you from having to worry about your guests misplacing your keys. You can also set the lock to automatically lock and unlock when you arrive and exit your home. You can also use your August Smart Lock with Amazon’s Alexa or Google assistant which will allow you to control the lock via voice commands!

August Smart Lock Pro

The next lock we want to go over is the August Smart Lock Pro. This lock does not need the a WiFi bridge for it to connect to your home’s WiFi network because it has this technology built into the lock.


The August Smart Lock Pro installation works the same as the August Smart Lock + Connect, in which you place the August Smart Lock Pro onto your existing deadbolt lock on the inside of your home. The August Smart Lock Pro is also powered the same was as the August Smart Lock + Connect which is through a 110-240V power source and four double A batteries.


The August Smart Lock Pro has the same great features as the August Smart Lock + Connect, but also includes Z-Wave technology which makes it more compatible with security and home automation hubs. It also works with a wider variety of virtual voice assistants such as Siri, and it will work really well with the Apple Home Kit. Just like the August Smart Lock, the August Smart Lock Pro can be controlled on the go through the August app.

Door Sense Technology

There are some other great features that we would love to share with you that both of these locks have. One of these features is what August calls Door Sense. Door Sense is a technology that will always alert you to when your door is closed and when your lock is unlocked or locked. August smart locks also use a two-way authentication factor that will provide you with top level security. They also include a lost phone feature that will disable all your virtual keys and any associated August products.

August App

Control of your August Smart Locks will be primarily through the August smartphone app. With the August app, you will be able to create and control custom user coders, receive event alerts, and unlock and lock your door. The app is free to download and use with your August smart locks.


If you are looking to purchase these locks you can do so through the August website directly or through any major electronic retailer. The August Smart Lock plus Connect will cost you $179.00 through the August website. The August Smart Lock Pro will cost you $199.00 through the August website. Pricing for these locks are pretty average when it comparing them to smart locks of roughly the same quality.

However, we recommend taking a look at our door lock offers at Link Interactive. With Link Interactive, you can integrate door locks from different brands to a central security system. Yale, Schlage and Kwikset are the big three door lock companies that we are compatible with. In terms of features, all three of these locks provide many more features than August smart locks.

Pros and Cons

We really like August smart locks due to the fact that they are placed on existing deadbolts which makes installation really easy. We also really like the features that they offer with their locks. The automatic locking and unlocking of your smart lock is one feature we know you are really going to love (and you can get that with our Kwikset, Yale and Schlage locks as well). It is really hard for us to find a flaw in August Smart Locks, but if there was one thing we didn’t care for when it comes to these locks is the fact they need two power sources to work.

Today we have covered some of what August has to offer you when it comes to their smart locks. August makes high quality locks that are extremely popular with home security enthusiasts. They are easy to install and would make the perfect addition to your home or office security setup. If you want to find out more information on these smart locks you can visit the August website directly. If you would like to explore alternatives, visit our door lock offers by getting in touch from here.