Best Yale Z-Wave Smart Locks 2019

Yale has been specializing in making locks since 1868. They currently produce an array of smart locks that will work with a variety of different security products such as home security systems. In this post we’ll be going over some of their best known models!

Nest x Yale Lock

** The first Yale lock that we want to go over is the Nest x Yale Lock. Yale and Nest decided to come together to produce this smart lock, and anyone who is reading this who has a Nest security system or other Nest products should definitely check this lock out.

The Yale x Yale Lock is a key free deadbolt lock that is secure and pick proof. You don’t have to worry about losing your keys because it uses keyless locking and locking technology.

You can create up to 20 custom user codes, and the codes can easily be entered on the Nest x Yale’s illuminated push-button keypad. The Nest x Yale Lock can also auto lock when your Nest system detects that you are away from home. You can also unlock and lock the lock with a quick tap on the keypad or through the Nest app. You can also use the Nest app to check the event history of this lock.

The Nest x Yale Lock is battery-operated, and installed by replacing your existing deadbolt lock. With it’s DIY style of installation it only takes a matter of minutes to have this lock up and running.

Yale Real Living B1L Lock

The Yale Real Living B1L lock is one of Yale’s Z-Wave compatible locks - this technology will allow you to connect your Yale lock to a multitude of smart home products, including home security systems (such as the one we sell at Link Interactive).

This particular lock is not a cylinder type of lock, and instead has a motorized deadbolt lock which gives the Yale Real Living B1L Lock a cleaner appearance. It’s also keyless, with the ability to create custom user codes for different people in your household or guests.

The B1L is powered by 4 double A batteries, but also has a 9V backup battery.

Normally Yale locks work with a variety of home security systems, and can be controlled from the same app as your security system. But if you do not have a security system, you can download the Yale’s own app to control your Yale locks remotely. The Yale app will also notify you of your Yale lock’s events such as when it has been locked or unlocked.

nexTouch Sectional Mortise Lock

The last lock we want to look at is the nexTouch Sectional Mortise Lock. This lock is the perfect lock for you if you have a business where multiple employees need access to your doors.

You can purchase this lock in either a touchscreen or push-button keypad design. You can create up to 500 custom user codes for this particular lock, and set the access for your access codes to only work during your business hours.

The nexTouch is made from UL listed material so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or damage from constant use. It is also a battery-operated lock that is powered by 4 double A batteries with a 9V battery backup. You also have the ability to have your nexTouch Sectional Mortise Lock hardwired to a power source.

The nexTouch Sectional Mortise Lock by Yale works really well with security hubs like the Qolsys which is a great security panel that Link Interactive offers. This lock can also be remotely controlled with the Yale app or the app of your current security provider, such as Link Interactive’s app.

Customer Feedback

These models are just some of the more popular ones Yale offers. The models we have discussed have been highly rated by the people who have used them, and they seem to integrate well with other major brands of security products such as Qolsys.


The only area that we don’t care too much for is the price for Yale branded locks. They tend to be a little pricey which we understand, but still there are other branded locks that offer some of the same features as Yale locks but at a cheaper price. For example, Kwikset’s Z-Wave door locks are a lot less expensive, and are compatible with home security and automation systems such as ours as our Qolsys and system.


We didn’t go over pricing for these models due to the vast differences of prices in the places that sell these. You will probably find the best deal for a Yale lock by checking out what your current security provider’s pricing is for a Yale lock, or going through a major electronic provider like Best Buy to purchase a Yale Lock.

In all, we really like what Yale has to offer. They have been in the business of making locks for a long time now so we know if you decide to go with a Yale lock you will be purchasing a lock that is going to last you for a long time. The variety of models of smart locks, and even the non-smart locks that Yale offers is pretty great, and you can find one that will fit your specific security needs without too much hassle.

If you are looking for more information about Yale locks you can always visit the Yale website directly, or any electronic retailer to find out more information or to make a purchase. However, we highly encourage you to take a look at our lineup of smart door locks which you can tie in with a security system today, or some time in the future.