Protect America Home Security: An Expert Review (2019)

Another company in the sea of home security companies is Protect America. Protect America offers home security services both in the United States and Canada.


It’s important to evaluate your security needs before pulling the trigger on a security system. Even if you’re just looking at a basic setup for your home to get started, you still want to keep in mind what options you have in the future if you decide to expand your home security system. There are many devices available today that you can connect to your security system to make it more cohesive. Let’s start with the control panel, and then go over each of the sensors in their lineup.

Simon XTi-5 Control Panel

The brains of Protect America’s security system is the Simon XTi-5 control panel. This panel has a 5-inch LCD colored touchscreen and 2-way communication enabling you to directly communicate with the emergency services. It has 40 wireless zones and 2 of those zones can be used for wired security devices. You can have up to 8 customized users codes and 1 master code.

The control panel can be mounted on the wall or placed on a surface and is AC powered with a 24-hour backup battery.

Door/window sensor

The micro door/window sensors are wireless and battery-operated and are super small allowing you to place them in a wide variety of door/window frame styles. If purchased through Protect America, these sensors come pre-programmed to the system, so all you need to do is stick them in place. The sensors have a battery life of up to 5 years and are tamper-proof. Installation is simple because the sensors come with double sided tape.

Motion sensor

Protect America offers wireless indoor motion sensors as well. These sensors have a detection range of 25 ft. horizontally and are pet-immune for pets that weigh up to 40 lbs. They have an intelligent design that detects the unique heat signatures that people produce. The motion sensor is battery-operated with a battery life of up to 3-5 years. It’s super easy to install these sensors as well due to the double-side adhesive tape that comes with them.

Glass break sensor

Protect America offers glass break sensors that can detect breakage within a 20-ft. radius. The sensors are wireless and battery-operated with a battery life of up to 3-5 years. These sensors also come with double-sided adhesive tape making installation hassle-free.


The keyfob have a 4-button design that includes a panic button, a lights ON and lights OFF button and an arm and disarm button. It has a range of up to 500 ft. and is battery-operated with a battery life of up to 5 years.

Smoke detector

Protect America’s smoke sensor does more than just detect heat and smoke from fires – it also sets off alarms any time the temperature drops to freezing point. The smoke detector is battery-operated with a battery life of up to 10 years and it connects to your control panel wirelessly.


If you already have smoke detectors in your home and are not looking to replace them but still want to integrate them with your system, you can purchase the Firefighter. The Firefighter will listen for the sounds of your current smoke detector’s alarm and trigger an event with your security system.

Carbon monoxide sensor

Protect America’s carbon monoxide detector will send an alert when the carbon monoxide levels reach dangerous levels. It will also alert you when there is a low battery or if the detector has been tampered with. The carbon monoxide detector is powered by 3 AA batteries with a battery life of up to 7 years.


Protect America’s system is DIY (just like ours), therefore there is no installation fee. Like most DIY systems, it is meant for an easy setup. The panel can be mounted or placed on a tabletop and the sensors can be put in place using the provided double-sided tape. The sensors are pre-programmed and activated upon setup.


Protect America offers both professional monitoring and self-monitoring. If you would like to compare Protect America’s monitoring plans with ours at Link Interactive, click here to see our offer!

Professional monitoring

Protect America offers professional monitoring for fires and floods, life and theft emergencies – all through a central station. The service is 24/7 with several monitoring stations spread out across the United States and Canada. You can communicate directly with the central station via the control panel (Simon XTi-5). The central station is alerted any time your alarm is triggered by an event. When an alarm is triggered, the central station will contact you to confirm whether it is a false alarm or a real emergency. If the central station is unable to reach the you, they will immediately dispatch the emergency services.

Self monitoring

You’re also able to control your system remotely through the app on your smartphone or from a computer. Protect America’s app is called SMART Connect. This app allows you to check sensor event history, get alarm push notifications and arm and disarm your system. There are a few premium services that you can upgrade to which will enable you to set times for home automation devices and view live and recorded video. With the app, you can arm and disarm your system, control home automation devices, view live video, receive push notifications and alerts and check the event history of your sensors. You can also control other Z-Wave devices that are connected to your system (for e.g. smart lights) right from the app.

Home Automation

Protect America’s system is Z-Wave compatible and connects to several third party home automation devices that convert your home into a “smart home.” It is also compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Echo and Dot.

Smart thermostats

Protect America offers the GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat, which works with an HVAC heating and cooling system. The GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat allows users to set custom events for when their heating and cooling systems come on and go off. It also allows users to remotely control their heating system directly through the app.

The GoControl Z-Wave Thermostat is battery-operated and is powered by 4 AA batteries. Protect America also offers the Smart Thermostat. The Smart Thermostat allows users to set events, remotely control their heating and cooling system and it has geo-fencing technology which will turn on/off the heating and cooling system when you leave and arrive at your home. This smart thermostat is also battery-operated by 2 AA batteries and works with an HVAC heating and cooling system.

Z-Wave wall outlet

If you’re looking to be able to control small appliances remotely you can purchase the Z-Wave Single Wall Outlet. This outlet has a two-outlet design and allows users to set timers and remotely turn off appliances.

Z-Wave light and appliance module

You can also purchase the Z-Wave Light and Appliance Module to remotely control small appliances and dim lights. This module is compact so you can easily fit more than one of these modules into a single outlet. It gives users the ability to remotely control small appliances along with a light dimming feature.


Protect America offers both indoor and outdoor cameras. Both cameras are wireless and work by connecting to your a Wi-Fi network.

Indoor camera

The indoor camera has a video resolution of 720p HD with a 60-degree field of view. This camera also has 4 infrared LEDs that will allow users to see images of up to 16 ft. at night. It also has a built-in 2-way audio feature along with live video streaming that can be viewed via app. The indoor camera also has a micro SD slot allowing users to store recorded video.

Outdoor camera

Protect America’s outdoor camera has a video resolution of 720p HD. It comes with 24 infrared LEDs allowing users to see images up to 65 ft. at night. You can also see live and recorded video via app.


Protect America offers several packages that are designed to fit different needs.

Copper Silver Platinum
Standard control panel Standard control panel Standard control panel
3 Door/window sensors 9 Door/window sensors 14 Door/window sensors
1 Motion detector 1 Motion detector 1 Motion detector
1 Yard sign 1 Yard sign 1 Yard sign
4 Door/window stickers 4 Door/window stickers 4 Door/window stickers

Copper Package

This is their basic security package. This package includes the standard Simon XTi control panel, 3 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1-yard sign and 4 stickers. The cost of this package is $0 upfront with a 36-month contract. If you’ve been shopping around for a system and have done your fair share of research you must have realized by now that contracts get you a significant discount on the equipment.

With a landline connection you can get the Copper Package monitored for $19.99/month – this includes 24/7 professional monitoring and doesn’t include access to their app. Those looking to remotely control their system via the app along with some home automation features would want to go with Protect America’s $41.99/month plan – this lets users connect their system via broadband and unlike the no-app-landline only plan, no landline is required.

Those looking for a system that runs off cellular data would want to go with Protect America’s $41.99/month plan. The Copper Package works best for those looking for a simple security setup for smaller homes.

Silver Package

For something a little more comprehensive, you can opt for Protect America’s Silver Package. This package includes the Simon XTi control panel, 9 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1-yard sign and 4 stickers.

The remaining packages are broken down based on landline (landline connection is required), broadband (internet connection is required) and cellular (works via cellular connection). For the landline packages you want to keep in mind that these packages will not include access to Protect America’s app and will only include 24/7 professional monitoring.

The landline monitoring service for this package is $37.99/month, the broadband monitoring service is $49.99/month, and the cellular monitoring service is also $49.99/month. This package works best for those with larger homes looking to cover more entryways to their homes.

Platinum Package

The final package that Protect America currently offers is the Platinum package. This package includes 1 Simon XTi control panel, 14 door/window sensors, 1 motion sensor, 1-yard sign and 4 stickers.

The monitoring services for landline is $42.99/month, the broadband monitoring service is $54.99/month and the cellular monitoring service is $54.99/month. This package works best for those looking for complete coverage of the entryways to their homes. Users with multi-story homes should consider this package.

Build Your Own Package

Protect America also has a “build your own package” option. The Basic package has the same equipment as the Copper package listed prior but also includes a keychain remote. The pricing for equipment and monitoring services are different from the packages listed above. For the following packages, there will be an amount that needs to be paid upfront for the equipment, a 36-month contract requirement and the packages will include the following – 24/7 professional monitoring, cellular monitoring service, access to the app, home automation capabilities, price lock for monitoring services and a lifetime warranty on the equipment.

Basic Package

For the Basic Package you pay $141.99 upfront for the equipment and $31.99/month for monitoring. Protect America offers a Complete package which has the same equipment as the Silver package but also includes a keychain remote. Users pay $149.99 upfront for equipment and $39.99/month for monitoring.

Complete Plus Package

The last package that Protect America offers is the Complete Plus package which has the same equipment as their Platinum package plus a keychain remote. For this package you pay $154.99 upfront for equipment and $44.99/month monitoring. In our opinion these packages are the best deals that Protect America offer. You are required to pay something upfront unlike with the Copper, Silver, and Platinum packages but you are getting more value for your money with these packages.

Life Emergency Monitoring

A few other services that Protect America offers care life emergency monitoring (smoke, carbon monoxide and medical) and video surveillance services. If you are looking for life emergency monitoring you will need to pay an additional $10/month for that service. Video services are automatically enabled for those who purchase the Silver plan or higher. If you’re not on a Silver plan (or higher), you will have to pay an additional $10/month for video monitoring services.