Doorbell Cameras: ADT vs Vivint vs Frontpoint (2019)

ADT, Vivint and Frontpoint each offer video doorbell cameras. Which one should you get? Keep reading to find out!

Vivint Doorbell Camera

The first doorbell camera we will be going over is Vivint’s doorbell camera. Vivint’s doorbell camera has some really great features. It has a slim sleek design that will go well with your door frame in which it is being installed. It has a video resolution of 720p with a field of view 180-degrees which will allow you to capture high quality. This camera also includes 2 high-powered infrared LEDs that will allow you to capture video even when there is no light outside. It also sports 2-way audio which will allow you communicate with whomever is in front of your camera. It is powered by the existing doorbell wiring for power and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network.

Video can be viewed through the Vivint app. Video recodings are called “Smart Clips” which are 30 second recordings that are stored for you to view later. The video recording for the Vivint Doorbell Camera will be triggered by the camera’s motion detectors. Vivint’s Doorbell Camera has smart motion detectors that can distinguish human and non-human images, and it will only record when human images are detected.

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ADT Doorbell Camera

The next doorbell camera we will be taking a look at is ADT’s doorbell camera. Most consumers shopping around for home security products have probably heard of the name ADT. ADT does not only make security systems; they also make a wide range of video surveillance equipment. The ADT Doorbell Camera is a pretty great camera that will go perfectly with your ADT system.

This doorbell camera has a video resolution of 720p with a 180-degree field of view. It also has night vision technology and uses LED lights to allow you to capture images in the dark. Just like the doorbell camera that Vivint offers, the ADT Doorbell Camera has a slim sleek design. It also includes 2-way audio with noise reduction technology that will allow you to have crystal clear sound when communicating with someone via the doorbell. For power you will need existing doorbell wiring for this camera to work. A Wi-Fi connection is needed for the camera to sync and start communicating with your app.

The ADT Doorbell Camera will also start to record video when its motion detectors detect motion. The video itself can be viewed through the ADT app which works for iOS and Android devices.

Frontpoint Doorbell Camera

The last camera that we will be taking a look at today is Frontpoint’s doorbell camera. Out of all the other doorbell cameras we tend to like this one best because of its features, and the fact that Frontpoint uses services with this camera.

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The Skybell doorbell camera by Frontpoint has a video resolution of 720p with a 180-degree field of view. The video itself is really clear and has been highly rated from Frontpoint users of this camera.

This camera includes advanced night vision technology that will allow you to see captured video up to 8 feet away in the dark. Frontpoint’s doorbell camera also includes a 2-way omni-directional audio which will allow you to clearly and hear and communicate with the people in front of your door. This camera, like the others, is powered through your existing doorbell wiring. Most doorbell cameras connect via Wi-Fi and this camera is no different.

The video can be viewed through the Frontpoint app which is powered through By the way, we too use Alarm.con at Link Interactive.

We really like the features that allows you to use with their video surveillance cameras. You can set custom alerts, receive push notifications, and customize the settings with the app. Also, ties in perfectly the features of your security system which allows for one cohesive security system.

A word on home security doorbell camera; generally, you will not be able to use these cameras stand-alone. You will need to have a security system through these companies for the cameras to work. For recorded video you will need to pay a fee per month along with your monitoring fee to be able to access recorded video clips, or purchase a plan that includes recorded video monitoring.

You can purchase equipment from these companies knowing that they offer some sort of warranty and usually a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product your have purchased. You can check out our offer out as well. At Link Interactive, we have an amazing video monitoring package that includes the Skybell doorbell camera and a highly affordable monitoring fee.

Since the release of doorbell cameras, they have become the “must have” item in your home security setup. Video doorbell cameras are extremely important for protecting your home, especially if you have a lot of packages delivered to your home. If you are interested in the video doorbells we highly encourage you to take a look at our video doorbell camera or just call us at 1-877-826-5443.