Abode Iota Review: An Expert Review (2019)

Today we will be taking a look at Abode and one of their new products out on the market known as the Abode Iota, an all-in-one DIY home security system.

All-in-one home security

We all like combining things together that help us save money. When you go to a fast food restaurant you know by ordering a combo you will save a little bit of money. When purchasing a home security system this same idea applies that when you bundle security equipment you save. You can actually go even further with this idea when it comes to the home security market. Every year companies who produce security equipment are trying to pack all the features that you love into one system.


The Abode Iota is an all-in-on security hub that can basically do the jobs of different types of security equipment.


The Iota is a wireless system which means that all the sensors that you will add to your Iota will connect to it via a wireless signal. To power your Iota, you simply need to make sure there is an AC power source nearby. If for some reason your power goes out, your Iota includes a backup battery that will keep your system powered for up to 6 hours. The Iota works by connecting it to your home’s Wi-Fi network so it can pretty much be placed anywhere. It does have a cellular backup chip that supports LTE data, but if you are going to use this feature there is a month to moth fee. To arm and disarm the system you can use an Abode keypad, keyfob, or the Abode app.

Camera with motion detector

The Abode Iota has a built-in camera which eliminates the need for you to have to purchase a separate indoor camera for your home. The camera itself has HD quality with a video resolution of 1080p. The camera is located on the front of the camera and has a wide field of the view which will allow you to have video coverage in a large area in your home. That’s not all the Iota has built-in, it also includes 2-way audio which will allow to directly communicate with whomever is around your security system. It also includes a built-in motion sensor that will can alert you to whenever motion is detected around your Abode Iota and trigger a recording.

Z-Wave compatible

The Abode Iota is super expandable. The Iota allows you to connect up to a 160 security and smart home devices. The Abode Iota does include Z-Wave technology which will allow you to connect smart home devices that use this type of technology. The Iota works with a lot of popular smart home device brands such as Nest, Phillips, and Yale. This will allow you to customize your Iota to not only provide you with security but also allow you to make your home smart. Adding devices such as smart bulbs and smart thermostats can help you save money on your home’s energy costs per month.


The Abode Iota is insanely easy to install - it’s basically plug and play. The Abode app will also give you a step by step guide on how to set up your system, and a how-to guide that shows you how to set up any other devices that you decide to use with it.


Abode offers a couple of different ways you can monitoring your system. You can self-monitor through the app at no cost. They also offer 24/7 professional monitoring.


The Abode Iota can be remotely controlled through the Abode app for free. The Abode security app is free to download and works great with iOS and Android devices. The Abode app will allow you to control your system while on the go, and you will receive push notifications any time an event is triggered by your system.

Professional monitoring

There is a fee for the use of their professional monitoring as well as a fee for cellular backup. Abode offers both 24/7 professional monitoring along with cellular backup for just $20 per month. If you do not need professional monitoring but still would like to use the cellular backup feature, you will pay $8 per month for that service.

If you decided to go with these services Abode does offer a discount if you pay for a year’s worth of these services upfront. Abode also has different promotions on their systems that tend to change month to month.

Abode Iota Kit

When you purchase your Iota system there are a few devices included with the package. You will receive 1 Abode mini door/window sensor. This sensor allows you to protect either doors or windows in which it is placed. It is battery operated and you can install it by using the included double-sided adhesive stick tape. The package also includes 1 Abode keyfob. The keyfob allows you to quickly disarm and arm your system with a touch of a button.


The base package currently cost $299. Abode does offer financing if you do not have the money to pay for the system upfront. Abode also has a wide variety of other sensors that you can purchase that will go great with your Iota.

Abode Iota Comparison

In all the Abode Iota is a really cool system. Abode decided that they wanted to make a security hub that included some of the basic features that you would be looking for. If you are interested in purchasing and Iota you can do so by visiting the Abode website or you can purchase it from another online retailer.

How does the Iota compare to traditional home security? Well, the Iota is an all-in-one security hub. So, if security is your top priority you’re better off getting a traditional DIY security system. It doesn’t have to be professionally installed. Companies like us offer traditional home security systems in easy to install DIY kits - the benefit to you is that you get a professional system that’s easy to install and the best part is, you do not have to give up on key security features that make professional systems like the Qolsys and 2GIG so great.

All-in-one systems come with compromises. To disable your security all an intruder would need to do is find your Iota device and unplug it. With a system like ours at Link Interactive, you have layers of security. For example, our control panel comes with a feature called Crash and Smash, which basically calls the monitoring station even if gets damaged. On top of that, you have options to add additional keypads throughout the home while keeping your main control panel hidden.

So if you’re interested in a more professional security choice, take a look at our offer at Link Interactive today!