Ring Video Doorbell Cameras: Ring Pro And Door View Cam

If you have been shopping around for a video doorbell camera then you have probably heard of Ring cameras. Today we will be taking a look at some of their most popular doorbell cameras!

Ring Video Doorbell Camera

The first doorbell camera we will be taking a look at is Ring’s Video Doorbell Camera. This is the first generation of Ring Video Doorbell Cameras, and it is packed full of features. This camera is battery operated and connects your home via Wi-Fi. The camera has a video resolution of 720p with 180-degree field of view. This camera also includes night vision technology which will allow you to capture video even in the dark. It also has 2-way audio with noise cancellation which will allow you to directly communicate with the people who are around your doorbell camera. The Ring Video Doorbell also has motion sensors that will allow you to customize the areas in front of the camera where you want it to detect motion.

Ring Video Doorbell Camera 2

Ring released a new version of the above doorbell camera called the Ring Video Doorbell 2. This camera includes a rechargeable battery but also can be installed to AC power for continuous powering. It connects to your home’s internet via Wi-Fi. This camera has a video resolution of 1080p with a wide field of view of 160-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical. The Ring Video Doorbell 2 has infrared night vision along with motion sensors. It also includes 2-way audio that is HD quality with noise cancellation. Just like the Video Doorbell, this camera will allow you to set custom motion zones.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

If you are looking for a video doorbell that solely runs off the power from your existing doorbell wiring then the Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro is for you. Ring’s Video Doorbell Pro requires existing wiring from a doorbell setup to work. It connects easily to your home’s network via Wi-Fi. It has advanced video technology for sharper images with a video resolution of 1080p with a 160-degree field of view. The camera includes advanced infrared night vision that will allow you to see crystal clear images even with there is little or no light. This camera also includes advanced 2-way audio with motion detectors that will allow you to customize the motion zones.

Ring Video Doorbell Elite

If you are looking for a super deluxe video doorbell camera then you should check out Ring’s Video Doorbell Elite. This is Ring’s most advanced doorbell camera so it will require advanced DIY (do it yourself) knowledge to install, or to save yourself some trouble you can contact someone in your area to have it professionally installed. The camera is made from high-quality materials that will give you an extra layer of protection from someone damaging it.

It is powered a little differently then the other cameras ring has to offer. The Video Doorbell Elite is powered via Ethernet, so you do not have to have existing wiring for this camera to work. With Ring powering the camera via Ethernet they have eliminated the need for you to connect the Video Doorbell Elite to your Wi-Fi, so basically your Ethernet cable will power and connect your camera at the same time.

This camera has a video resolution of 1080p with a 160-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical field of view. The Video Doorbell Elite also includes advance infrared night vision and 2-way audio technology. Just like all of the other Ring video doorbell cameras, the Ring Video Doorbell Elite has motion detectors that will allow you to customize your motion zones.

Ring Door View Cam

The last camera, and Ring’s newest video doorbell camera, that we will be taking a look at is Ring’s Door View Cam. This camera is designed to replace the peephole in your door. This camera has not been released yet, but is due to come out soon. The Ring Door View Cam has HD video and HD 2-way audio technology. It is battery operated and connects to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Ring currently does not have a lot of information about this camera out yet due to the fact that it hasn’t been released. These are just the basics of what this camera will offer, and we are sure the specifications will be released soon. When they are, we’ll add them here in this post.


Now that we have taken a look at the cameras Ring has to offer let’s go over some of the pricing for these cameras. Currently on Ring’s website:


You can view live video from the Ring app which is free to downloaded at no costs, and the app works with iOS and Android devices. The Ring app also allows you to control motion zones, lighting, and other settings for whichever camera you decide to go with. The Ring App will also send you push notifications any time an event has been triggered. If you are looking to view recorded video clips, there is a fee for that. The fee is only $3 dollars per month for one video camera, or you can upgrade the services to a $10 a month plan for unlimited cameras, and it also includes Ring’s 24/7 professional monitoring services.

Ring vs Skybell

Ring offers a wide variety of video doorbell cameras designed to fit your specific need. If you are looking for a more affordable but evenly matched video doorbell camera then you should check out Link Interactive’s SkyBell doorbell camera with Alarm.com services. Our SkyBell doorbell camera is packed full of features just like the ones that Ring offers. We also offer security systems that go perfectly with the Skybell doorbell camera. If you would like more information on our Skybell doorbell camera here at Link Interactive, please visit our website for more information.