Frontpoint Home Security: An Expert Review (2019)

Frontpoint is a major provider of DIY (do-it-yourself) home security systems and services. Frontpoint has been in the home security business for over a decade and in this post we will review their latest offer for 2019 and see how they stack up with our offer here at Link Interactive.

Frontpoint Hub

The brains of the Frontpoint security system is called the Hub. The Frontpoint Hub has an extremely simplistic design. It's 100% cellular and comes with an internet-backup feature, allowing you to transmit signals to Fronpoint’s monitoring station and your Frontpoint app without the need for a wired land-line connection. The internet-backup feature gives you the added protection that your system is always connected in case there's a drop in signal from your cell tower.

Crash and Smash

The Hub also features Crash and Smash protection. Crash and Smash is a security feature built into Frontpoint's monitoring service (we have it too at Link Interactive) that ensures the panel (the Hub in this case) transmits a signal to the monitoring station even when the panel is tampered with or damaged by the intruder.

Other features

The Frontpoint Hub will allow you to create up to 50 unique user codes and comes with Z-Wave technology. The Z-Wave will allow you to connect the Hub to smart home devices that are compatible with Fronpoint’s system. It is AC powered, but it does include a backup battery just in case your power goes out.


The Frontpoint Hub is controlled through the Frontpoint Keypad. The Keypad is what you will need to use to arm and disarm your system. The keypad has a push button design and is battery operated by two AA batteries with a battery life of up to 2 years.

Frontpoint Hub vs Qolsys IQ Panel 2

So basically, the Frontpoint Hub is an extremely simplistic home security control panel; it does not have all of the bells and whistles that some other companies include in their control panels (for example, at Link Interactive our Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is feature-packed), but it is well designed to give you the basics. We believe that the Frontpoint Hub is a great option if you're looking for basic home security controls. Some of the downsides include the fact that it needs a separate keypad for it to work and that it doesn't have a touchscreen. At Link Interactive, our Qolsys IQ Panel 2 features a gorgeous 7 inch touchscreen.


Frontpoint has an extensive lineup of wireless home security sensors, from intrusion to environmental to life safety devices. In this section, we’ll go over each type of sensor, including surveillance cameras and all compatible home automation devices.

Door/window sensor

Frontpoint's door/window sensors, just like any other door/window sensors are designed to secure the perimeter of your home. Their small and compact, making them compatible with a variety of door/window frames and designs and they're battery operated, which means they're totally wireless. They will alert you when a door or window has been opened through either a chime from the panel's speaker or a notification via the app on your phone.

Installation is pretty simple; you can use the double-sided tape and simply stick them on the door or window. You also have the option to mount them using the included mounting brackets.

Motion sensor

The next type of basic intrusion sensor is the motion sensor. Fronpoint’s motion sensors have the ability to detect motion up to 44 ft. around the sensor with 90-degree field of view. They are pet friendly so you never have to worry about your four-legged friends setting them off. They are battery operated and easy to install; they work the same as Frontpoint's door/window sensors, with you being able to install them using the double-sided tape or mounting brackets.

Glass break sensor

Frontpoint offers you a way to protect your glass windows in your home with their glass break sensor. The glass break sensor recognizes the sound of breaking glass around the sensor with a 360-degree and 20 ft. detection range. The sensor is battery operated and wireless, and can be installed by simply sticking it on a wall adjacent to your windows.

Garage tilt sensor

If you have a garage door, the Frontpoint garage tilt sensor will alert you any time your garage door is opened or or shut. The garage tilt sensor is battery operated and can be installed using the double-sided tape or the mounts that are included with the sensor.

Smoke/heat sensor

Frontpoint's wireless, all-in-one smoke/heat/freeze sensors will alert you when there's smoke or a fire, and to drastic rises in heat or low temperatures. Battery life is approximately 10 years.

Carbon monoxide sensor

Frontpoint carbon monoxide detectors will alert you to any time there are dangerous levels of carbon monoxide or CO2 gas inside your home. Battery life is approximately 5 years.

Flood sensor

If you live in an area prone to floods or drastic temperature changes which can cause your pipes to burst then it may be a good idea to invest in a flood sensor. Frontpoint’s flood sensors are designed to detect even the smallest leaks that can occur in your home, and will immediately alert you to this event which can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in flood damage. Fronpoint’s flood sensors are battery operated with a battery life to up to 10 years.

Home Automation

If you are one of the thousands of homeowners who are looking to use smart home devices with your Frontpoint security system you will have several options to choose from.

Some of the kinds of devices that can be added to your Frontpoint system include smart LED bulbs, switches, automated door locks, garage door controllers and thermostats.

Light control

LED bulbs are perfect for cutting down the energy costs, because they only use 9 watts of energy to produce 60 watts of brightness. You can place the smart bulb into a light fixture and the Frontpoint Hub will allow you to connect it using Z-Wave technology. You can then turn it on and remotely through the Frontpoint app.

If you’re looking for a way to control small appliances or light fixtures you can purchase a wireless light control from Frontpoint as well. The light control device plugs into an outlet, and any small appliance that is connected to the light control device can be controlled remotely.

Door lock

Fronpoint’s automated door locks have a fingerprint resistant keypad design that will allow you to create custom user codes for the people who you want to have access to your home.

These automatic door locks work by connecting to your Frontpoint Hub wirelessly using Z-Wave. You can remotely lock and unlock these automated locks on the go with the Frontpoint app and you will also receive instant notifications any time your smart lock has been unlocked or locked.

Frontpoint’s automated door locks are battery operated and come in a variety of colors that will go well with any style of door.


Frontpoint is compatible with a variety of Z-Wave thermostats that you can control from your phone. Trane and thermostats are the most popular. With Z-Wave thermostats, you can remotely control the temperature and set up automatic rules and schedules based on the time of the day, type of sensor activity or your location.

Garage door controller

The most popular garage door controller that Frontpoint uses (and one that we use here too at Link Interactive) is the Linear GD00Z-4 garage door controller. With this device, you can open and shut your garage doors form your phone from anywhere in the world. The compatible garage door controllers include LiftMaster garage devices, notably the 828LM.


Now let’s go over the video surveillance equipment that Frontpoint has to offer. Frontpoint offers a total of 4 camera; 2 different kinds of indoor cameras, 1 outdoor camera and a doorbell camera.

Indoor cameras

Frontpoint has 2 different indoor camera models; the ADC-522IR and the ADC-V622. They both work by connecting to your home’s WiFi network. Both cameras will allow you to see video in full HD and has 180-degree field of view. These cameras also sport 2-way audio which will allow you to communicate with the people on the other end and they both also have IR night vision technology which means you’ll be able to see images up to 15 ft. in the dark. You’ll need to power the cameras through an AC power source so you want to make sure you have an outlet nearby.

Outdoor camera

If you are looking for a camera to keep an eye on the things that are happening on the outside of your home, you can purchase an outdoor camera, more specifically the ADC-V722W. The Frontpoint outdoor camera is not as easy to install on your own as the indoor camera, as the outdoor camera must be mounted securely onto the outer wall by drilling a hole and running a power cord into the house or to an external power box. However, ADC-V722W has all of the great features that both of Frontpoint’s indoor cameras plus a IP65 weather certified body (of course, for outdoor use).

Doorbell camera

The Frontpoint doorbell camera has a slim design that will fit a wide variety of different door frames. It is powered through the existing wiring for your doorbell and connects to your home’s WiFi network. It also has a high definition resolution of 720p with a 180-degree field of view and infrared night vision technology that will allow to you capture images up to 8 ft at night. The doorbell’s built in 2-way audio along with motion sensors allow you to speak with whoever is on the other side of the doorbell when it is triggered - the doorbell will send an instant alert through the app any time motion has been detected.


Frontpoint offers both professional monitoring and self-monitoring.

Professional monitoring

For those of you who are not familiar with these terms, professional monitoring services are where a central monitoring station is watching over your security system 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Any time an event is triggered by your system, your professional monitoring station will contact to you to see if the event was caused by a false alarm. If you do not answer them or it is not a false alarm then your professional monitoring service will send emergency services to the location of your security system.


Self-monitoring allows you to use an app to control your system and receive alerts any time an event has been triggered by your system. Self-monitoring services also allow you to view and control video surveillance equipment along with smart home devices while on the go through the app.


Frontpoint offers both monitoring services for a pretty reasonable price.

Protect Plan

If you are looking for just professional monitoring services without the need for self-monitoring, you can go with Frontpoint’s Protect Plan. The Protect Plan will give you 24/7 professional monitoring for $34.99 per month.

Interactive Plan

If you are looking for 24/7 professional monitoring along with self-monitoring, you should go with the Interactive Plan. The Interactive Plan not only includes both professional and self-monitoring services but will also give you Crash and Smash protection and Geo Location services. This plan will cost you $44.99 per month.

Ultimate Plan

If you are looking to get some video surveillance coverage included with your Frontpoint package then the Ultimate Plan is the plan for you. It includes the services listed in the prior two plans but also includes recorded and live video streaming services and remote-control use of smart home devices. This plan will cost you $49.99 per month.

It is important to let you know that the prices listed for these plans are only valid with a 3-year contract. Frontpoint will give you a 30-day risk free trial so you will have the chance to try out your system before having to commit to the 3-year contract.


There are several different ways for you customize your initial security equipment package with Frontpoint. We will be going over the most popular packages that Frontpoint is currently offering, but know that you do have the ability to build your own package with them through their website.

Safe Home Everyday

The first package that we will be taking a look at is their Safe Home Everyday package. This package includes 1 Frontpoint Hub, 1 Frontpoint Keypad, 3 door/window sensors, 2 motion sensors, 1 yard sign, 5 window decals, and 1 door sticker. The package will set you back $99 upfront. The package is great if you’re looking to get just a basic security system and it will pair well with either Fronpoint’s Protect or Interactive Plan.

Safe Home Plus

The second package Frontpoint has to offer is called Safe Home Plus. The Same Home Plus package includes all equipment in the Safe Home Everyday plan but instead of the 2 motion sensors you will get 3 glass break sensors. This package words really great if you have a home with a lot of glass windows that are in need of being secured. The Safe Home Plus package will also cost you only $99 upfront and will pair well with Fronpoint’s Protect or Interactive Plan.

Safe Home Select

If you are looking to include some environmental safety sensors in your Frontpoint package then you should go with the Safe Home Select package. This package includes 1 Frontpoint Hub, 1 Frontpoint keypad, 4 door/window sensors, 2 motion sensors, 1 glass break sensor, 1 smoke and heat sensor, 1 yard sign, 5 window decals, and 1 door sticker. This package will cost you $201.90 upfront. This plan would pairs well with either Frontpoint’s Protect or Interactive plan.

Safe Home Preferred

If you are looking to bundle in some video surveillance equipment into your security package then you should go with the Safe Home Preferred package. This package includes the same equipment in the Safe Home Select package but also includes 1 additional door/window sensor and an indoor camera. This package will cost you $334.88 upfront and works best with Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan.

Safe Home Elite

If you are looking to for the most deluxe security setup that Frontpoint has to offer then you should go with their Safe Home Elite package This package includes 1 Frontpoint Hub, 1 Frontpoint keypad, 6 door/window sensors, 2 motion sensors, 2 glass break sensors, 1 smoke and heat sensor, 1 indoor camera, 1 outdoor camera, 1 doorbell camera, 1 yard sign, 5 window decals, and 1 door sticker. This package will cost you $832.84 upfront and you will definitely want to go with Frontpoint’s Ultimate Plan so that you can get the most out of the equipment included in this package.

There are companies that offer some of the same monitoring services for a cheaper month to month price. For example, at Link Interactive, we offer the same self-monitoring app, the same kind of third-party professional monitoring services for a far more competitive monthly price. Therefore what Frontpoint offers when it comes to monitoring services, is about the same as what other major security providers (such as us) offer.

Also, we know the idea of being in a contract to get a good price does not appeal to absolutely everyone, but in all honesty most companies will have 3-year contract that will be offered to you to be able to get a discount on your security equipment. Now there are other companies who have really great deals on security equipment without having to sign a contract, but your upfront costs will normally be higher.

If you are looking for a comparable system to Frontpoint with the same exact self-monitoring app, video surveillance features and home automation control, along with amazing customer service then look no further than Link Interactive. In fact, with Link Interactive you can get a 7 inch touchscreen keypad, something that Frontpoint does not have (Frontpoint offers no touchscreen).

To get an instant quote call us at 1-877-826-5443. You can also visit our offer online here.