Nest Secure Alarm System: An Expert Review (2019)

The Nest Secure is a sleek and unique home security system, and in this review we’re going to go over the equipment, monitoring plans, pricing and alternative security options. Should you go with the Nest Secure system or look elsewhere? Keep reading to find out.


In terms of equipment, the Nest Secure system is pretty basic. It’s a perfect option for smaller homes and apartments, but if you’re looking for something more elaborate and professional please take a look at our professionally monitored security system here.

Nest Guard

The brains of the system is called the Nest Guard. The Nest Guard resembles the design of smart home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home and actually has Google Assistant built-in, allowing you to control it via voice command.

The round shape of the Nest Guard would go well with the interior of any home, and although we know that aesthetic appeal is not the most important feature of security system the Nest Guard’s sleek and modern design is worth talking about. The Nest Guard isn’t only sleek but also very powerful. It has a built-in keypad making it easy for you to arm and disarm your system. It also has a built-in siren that is loud enough to scare away anyone.

The Nest Guard also includes a built-in motion detector that will trigger an alert if it detects any movement around it. You can power the Nest Guard by plugging it into an AC power source, and in case the power goes out you do not need to worry because the Nest Guard has a 12-hour backup battery.

Getting online with the Nest Guard is easy. The Nest Guard is a wireless security hub that works by connecting to your home’s WiFi network. For an additional fee you can purchase a cellular back-up chip, which will keep your Nest Secure system up and running even when your internet is down.

Nest Tags

Arm and disarming the Nest Secure is pretty simple. The Nest Secure system includes Nest Tags. Nest Tags are little security devices that you can attach to your key ring. You can arm/disarm the system by tapping the Nest Tag on the Nest Guard. The Nest Tags are battery-operated and you get 2 of them in the starter package. You can also arm/disarm the system through the keypad on the Nest Guard. To arm/disarm on the go, download the Android and iOS-compatible free smartphone app.

Nest Sensors

When it comes to intrusion sensors, Nest has decided to combine the standard door/window sensors and motion sensors into one intrusion device called the Nest Detect. Nest Detect sensors are designed to be placed on the door or window frames in your home. Their slim design allows them to be placed on a variety of styles of door/window frames. In addition to alerting you when a door/window is opened, The Nest Detect sensors also detect motion up to 15 ft. around the sensor. These sensors are battery-operated with a battery life of up to 5 years. You can easily install the sensors with the the double-sided tape or you can mount them with the screws are included in the package.


So how does one monitor the Nest Secure system? You can download the Nest app and monitor your system yourself (true DIY style) at no additional cost. With the Nest app you can remotely control the system by arming/disarming, receive push notifications when events are triggered as well as control and monitor video surveillance and smart home devices.


The price of the starter pack which includes the Nest Guard, 2 Nest Tags and 2 Nest Detect sensors will set you back a one time $399. Nest also has other packages available that include an outdoor camera ($498), and another one that comes with a doorbell camera ($548).

Starter Pack Starter Pack + Outdoor Camera Starter Pack + Doorbell Camera
$399 $498 $548
Nest Guard Nest Guard Nest Guard
2 Nest Tags 2 Nest Tags 2 Nest Tags
2 Nest Detects 2 Nest Detects 2 Nest Detects
No Camera Nest Outdoor Camera Nest Doorbell Camera

Professional Monitoring

If you are looking for professional monitoring, Nest has you covered. Nest has partnered with Brinks Home Security to provide 24/7 professional monitoring. You can actually purchase a Nest Secure system through Brinks directly and by doing so you will be able to get a discount on the system.

The Link Interactive Advantage

If you’re looking for a more traditional security option with a ton more options in terms of equipment (think flood sensors, smoke sensors, recessed door/window sensors, glass break sensors and garage tilt sensors), check out our system here at Link Interactive.

Nest equipment is certainly top notch and is on the higher end of the scale when it comes to true DIY home security devices. The Nest Secure is definitely made to last. We like the fact that they let you monitor the system without a fee and we know that a lot of people appreciate that in a DIY security system. However, it’s an added benefit to have professional monitoring through a company like Link Interactive. Why? Because in times of an emergency you know you’re in good hands!

Professional Equipment

But that’s not all. With a traditional home security company like Link Interactive that provides DIY security, you get professional grade equipment, a wider variety of sensors to choose from and a stellar app packed with a ton of features and compatibility with the latest smart products on the market.

The fact that you can sign a contract with Link Interactive means you can save a lot upfront. So another advantage of going with us is that you do not have to pay $400 to get started. Just sign the paperwork, get approved and pay a minimal down-payment (like $99) for a system used by the pros.