Abode Home Security Kit: An Expert Review 2019

Abode’s home security system falls in the category of DIY (do-it-yourself) style of home security. This simply means that Abode has designed a system that you can set up without the need of an expensive professional installation. Let’s see what they’re all about.

Abode Gateway

Abode wanted to give you the ability to customize your home security experience, so they designed a product that did just that. The hub of their system is called the Abode Gateway.


The Adobe Gateway is the central station that connects all of your security devices to one place. The security devices that are connected to the Adobe Gateway connect wirelessly. You can have up to 160 wireless devices connected to the Adobe Gateway, and there is a lot of compatibility with other security products as well. You can add products that use Z-Wave technology or smart home products from companies like Nest and Phillips. The Adobe Gateway connects to your home’s WiFi network, but Abode does offer the option to have a cellular backup chip included in the Gateway too. It is powered by an AC power source with a 5-hour backup battery so you will want to make sure to there is an outlet nearby, and it includes a 93-decibel internal siren.

The Adobe Gateway itself looks a lot like a wireless modem, and according to several reviews it should only take you up to 30 minutes to install it and its sensors. Control of the features of the Abode security system can done via their remote control or through the free Abode app.

Abode Smart Security Kit

When you purchase the Abode security system, you will purchase it in the form of a kit called the Smart Security Kit. This kit not only includes the Abode Gateway, but a few other types of security equipment as well. Let’s go over each type of sensor one by one.

Door/window sensor

The first intrusion sensor that is included in this kit is Abode’s mini door/window sensors. These are the intrusion sensors that will you will use to secure either the door or windows in your home. These sensors are extremely thin and small. They are designed this way so that they fit pretty much any door or window style of frames you have in your home. They are battery operated with a battery life of up to almost 4 years. You can install them by simply placing them on the door/window and its frame by using the double-sided tape that is provided in the package.

Motion sensor

The second intrusion sensor that is included with the kit is a motion sensor. Abode’s motion sensor uses PIR motion sensor technology, which is designed to cut down on false motion alarms. Their motion sensor is also battery operated with a battery life up 5 years. Installation of the motion sensor is as simple as using the double-sided tape to stick it on a corner wall or mount it using the optional wall mounts.


The last piece equipment that is included in this kit is Abode’s keyfob remote. This keyfob will allow you to quickly arm and disarm your system with a quick touch of a button.


The total price of this kit is around $189 and you can purchase it from Adobe’s website or through other major online retailers such as Amazon.

Abode Monitoring

Now that we have went over the equipment that Abode offers in their Smart Security Kit, let’s take a look at what type of monitoring services they have. If you are looking to control your system via the Abode app and have no need for professional monitoring, you can do so at no cost.

Connect Service Plan

If you are looking to include cellular backup include with your system, then you will need to pay $8 per month for Adobe’s Connect Service plan.

Secure Plan

The last offer Adobe has when it comes their monitoring services is called the Secure Plan. Their Secure Plan offers 24/7 professional monitoring, self-monitoring, and cellular backup for only $20 per month. This plan is only available in the USA.

Pros and Cons

Some other things that we feel that you should know about Adobe is that they are completely contract free. You will need to purchase all of your equipment upfront (at Link Interactive, you can get a much more advanced and elaborate system for as little as $99 down with a contract) and if you chose to include a monitoring plan that will be on a month to month basis. You will need to download the app to be able to control your system outside of using the keyfob. The app is downloadable for Android and iOS devices. Adobe is compatible with several different brands of smart home devices, and you can find a list of what brands that their security system is compatible with by visiting their website.

What we think

Now that we went over the features of the Adobe security system, let us give our take on it. The system itself is really expandable. We really like the idea that you can add brands like Nest to their system to really customize your security and home automation solution. The amount of equipment that is included is probably not enough to cover all of what you will be wanting to cover in your home, so you will need to purchase some additional sensors, or go with a more traditional security company that use professional equipment like Link Interactive.

The price of the basic kit is about average when it comes to other DIY security systems on the market. Their free self-monitoring is a nice added touch to their system seeing that other companies tend to charge for this service. The cost of their actual monitoring plan is pretty cheap, and the most premium plan is cheaper than most major security companies offering the same services. It’s important to note though, Abode is new to the home security business, and their equipment is proprietary and not as advanced as the kind of security equipment we use here at Link Interactive.

Professional enough?

We have found out after researching and reviewing the Abode security system that it is a pretty great DIY security system. If you are looking for more information about their security products you can visit their website for more information. But to get a system that is more professional and complete, and for as little as $99 down from a company that has been in the business for decades, get in touch with us here at Link Interactive.