Brinks Home Security: An Expert's Review (2019)

Brinks Home Security (formerly LiveWatch) has been protecting homes and offices since 1994. The company has gone through a few mergers to help them perfect their brand while providing customers with an improved home security experience.


Brinks Home Security offers a wide variety of products that can fit any customer’s security needs. Brinks is currently offering a couple of different security system setups. Brinks has their own branded security equipment, but they also offer the Nest Secure security system. This move was done to attract customers who are in love with Nest products, but they also offer equipment packages for customers who may not particularly like the Nest brand. Non-Nest security system bundles at Brinks are called the Home Complete and Home Complete With Video. Let’s take a deeper look at all 3 packages:

Home Complete Package

The Home Complete package includes a 7-inch full color LED touchscreen control panel called the Qolsys IQ Panel 2, which can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface such as a table top. This control panel comes with a cellular chip that supports LTE data transmission, which allows the system to work without the need of an internet connection. Other features include:

With the Brinks control panel you also have the ability to create up to 242 user codes, which can be set as Master, User or Guest. Z-Wave is also supported allowing you to integrate smart home automation devices such as smart locks, thermostats and garage door controllers and control them all from one place.

The Home Complete package includes 3 door/window sensors that are wireless and battery-operated with a battery life of 5-7 years. The design of the sensors allows them to be placed on a variety of styles of door and window frames. The Home Complete package also includes 1 motion sensor that is wireless and battery-operated, as well as pet immune for pets under 40 pounds. The range on the sensor is 30 x 50 ft with an 80-degree detection radius, giving it the ability to cover larger rooms.

Home Complete With Video Package

The Brinks Home Complete With Video package includes the same equipment as above with the Home Complete bundle, but also includes an HD indoor camera along with a SkyBell doorbell camera. Both the HD indoor camera and SkyBell doorbell cameras are wireless and work by connecting to WiFi. Both of these cameras also include night vision, 2-way audio, and the ability to view live and recorded video, which can be accessed remotely through the Brinks app.

Nest Home Security Package

Brinks has recently made the move to start offering Nest Secure systems as an option to their own branded security systems. Nest itself is a very highly rated company that specializes in making video surveillance equipment, smart home products, and recently security systems.

The Nest Secure package includes the Nest Guard, which is the central hub/control panel the sensors communicate with. It’s also an all-in-one keypad, motion detector, audible alarm and panic button. And just like the IQ Panel 2, it comes with a backup battery as well. Other than the control panel, the Nest package includes 2 Nest Detects, which are a two-in-one type of security device. It looks and acts like a door/window sensor, but also includes a built-in motion sensor. Lastly, the Nest package includes 2 Nest Tags, which are kind of like security tags that can easily be placed on a keychain and used to quickly arm and disarm the Nest system with a simple tap of the tag to the Nest Guard.

Additional Equipment

Brinks also offers a wide range of life safety devices such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors and home automation devices that are compatible with their systems. These devices can be purchased directly through Brinks or from an outside vendor.


Let’s take a look how much a Brinks system costs:


Brinks has several different pricing options for the systems they offer. Let’s first take a look at the price for the Home Complete package. Customers have a few different buying options for this particular package. Customers can purchase the equipment upfront for $399 or finance the equipment at 0% APR for $11/month for 36 months.

The Home Complete With Video package can be purchased upfront for $499 or financed at 0% APR for $13.86/month for 36 months.

The Nest Secure package can be purchased for $299. Brinks does not offer financing for the Nest Secure package, so consumers will need to pay the price upfront.

The Home Complete and Home Complete With Video packages require consumers to sign a 36-month agreement for their monitoring services while the Nest Secure has no contract. Existing users of a Nest Secure system can use Brinks’ monitoring services with their Nest Secure systems. Both the Nest Secure and Brinks Home Complete packages come with a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 2-year warranty.

Home Complete Home Complete With Video Nest Secure
One-time $399 One-time $499 $299
OR $11/month OR $13.86/month N/A
0% APR 0% APR N/A
36-month contract 36-month contract No contract
30 day trial 30 day trial 30 day trial
2-year warranty 2-year warranty 2-year warranty


All monitoring plans include app control for all security and home automation devices, Crash and Smash protection (a feature that calls the authorities even if the panel is damaged by an intruder), live voice assistance and 24/7 professional monitoring.

The Brinks Home Complete bundle’s monitoring is only $29/month with a 36-month contract.

The Brinks Home Complete With Video bundle offers the same deal but if you’re wanting access to video storage or access to live video, you will need to pay an additional $10 a month, making it a total of $39/month with a 36-month contract. Video is stored via the Cloud, making for easy access for you to view live and recorded video.

The Nest Secure has the same features included in the Brinks Home Complete package and is $29/month, but there is no contract required. All self-monitoring services are controlled via the Nest Secure app, which is free to download for iOS and Android devices. The 24/7 professional monitoring is handled by Brinks’ professional monitoring station.

Home Complete Home Complete With Video Nest Secure
$29/month $39/month $29/month
Professional monitored by Brinks Professional monitoring by Brinks Professional monitoring by Brinks
Self-monitoring ( Self-monitoring ( Self-monitoring (Nest Secure)
Crash and Smash included Crash and Smash included No Crash and Smash
No Cloud storage option Cloud storage for $10/month No Cloud storage option

Brinks Home Security and us (Link Interactive) are pretty similar in terms of equipment and monitoring services. We both offer the Qolsys control panel, self-monitoring and third-party professional monitoring. We both also offer home automation control and the same video monitoring services. So if you’re still in the process of comparing different home security offers and haven’t quite made up your mind yet, we encourage you take a look at our offer here, get a quote and compare. You can also call us direct at 1-877-826-5443 for further details and speak directly with a rep!