vs ADT: An Expert Comparison

T**his article will compare two home security providers, and ADT, with an objective to understand how they stack up with one another*. We will look at various* factors such as equipment, monitoring plans, and **a lot more!

In your everyday life, there are several things you wouldn’t want yourself to worry about. That includes ruminating over the possibility of a break-in every time you go out. The sad part is that homes in the United States are often subject to such break-ins. This can be prevented by incorporating a security system at your house. This article will look at the similarities and differences between and ADT. Compatible Control Panels is renowned for its compatibility with a host of control panels, but today we will look at the most superior control panel that works in tandem with - the Qolsys control panel. This is a wireless touchscreen control panel and its 7-inch full-color LCD capacitive glass multi-touch screen is especially attractive. With 1280 x 800 resolution and built-in 5MP front camera, Qolsys managed to create a piece of machinary that is equipped to click and view still images. Furthermore, since it has a slot for an SD card, users have the provision of storing each of the images elsewhere. Another feature provided by the Qolsys control panel is its 85 decibel internal siren, which is equipped with a built-in battery that acts as a backup during power-cuts. The panel operates with an AC power source, and it requires a WIFI network to work effectively. Moreover, the panel has been designed to host a cellular chip with LTE coverage, which is particularly helpful when you face issues with your internet. With the Qolsys panel, users can have exactly 242 user codes and the innovative Smart Z-Wave technology facilitates connections with up to 119 smart home devices. Moreover, thanks to its Crash and Smash technology, your panel will continue to transmit a signal even if it sustains damage during an invasion.

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ADT Control Panel

There are two panels offered by ADT, which link up every connected device at a particular place. There is one elementary panel that is connected to a landline, although it is devoid of multiple bells and whistles. It uses the power source of your home to operate seamlessly. The ADT app or the push-button keypad can be used to regulate this basic panel.

ADT offers another control panel, which is nothing but the digital keypad. It does have a colored scree, and displays useful information pertaining to time, temperature, as well as the status of the system. Owners can either mount the panel onto the wall or it can be positioned on a desktop. The digital keypad provided by ADT enables users to link up with a total number of 250 devices, which includes 16 cameras, 32 key fobs, 8 touchscreens or alpha keypads, and a maximum of 224 Z-wave devices. Moreover, for this particular system, a maximum of 99 personal user codes can be created. Furthermore, with this panel, it is possible to integrate a cellular backup chip, which runs on the same AC power source and to ensure seamless operation even during a blackout, it comes with a backup battery.

Two-way communication with the central monitoring station is incorporated into both panels. Consequently, various emergency situations can be taken care of in a timely manner and without delay.

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Who wins?

As is compatible with a wider range of home security equipment, this category goes to them!

In order to ensure that your home remains safe from break-ins as well as other environmental hazards, a set of wireless safety sensors that are powered by batteries are provided by For the protection of your doors as well as your windows, various types of sensors are offered by With’s range of sensors, it becomes easy to monitor your house, regardless of how big it is. What’s more? These sensors are pet-friendly. The compatibility of’s products extends to the glass break sensors, which respond to the noise of any piece of glass shattering. With key fob remotes, it is possible to arm the system as well as disarm it. It comes with an in-built panic button. The control panels can be used to control their secondary touchscreen keypads that are colored. Furthermore, since these come with sirens that are placed on the outside, owners are informed about potential problems in a manner distinct from the alarm raised by the in-built siren of Qolsys’s control panel. To ensure your home’s safety not just from people, but also hazards in the environment,’s offerings work well against various natural factors such as smoke/heat, CO, and water leak sensors. Through these effective environmental sensors, it is possible to hear audible alerts in case the process of triggering the system is accompanied by the specific environmental parameter. Although each product that can work in tandem with comes in a DIY (do it yourself) form, it is quite easy to set up the equipment.

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Home Automation

The add-on equipment that is offered by is essentially above average. This range includes a host of brands providing renowned smart locks of high quality. It is possible to construct custom user codes, which are capable of getting enabled as well as disabled with the help of smart locks, which function regardless of where you are. Each time the smart locks are locked or even unlocked, they will generate push notifications. For houses equipped with garage doors, the Linear garage door controller is a great fit. With this controller, you can open and shut the doors of your garage on the go. Through the app, you will be notified each time these doors are opened and closed. If you are an environmentalist, you will be thrilled to learn that offers many devices that are eco-friendly in nature and will assist in limiting your carbon footprint. Several kinds of smart thermostats, a smart outlet, and light switch control are offered, all of which can be regulated with the help of the app. It is also possible to predetermine when they open and close using custom timers. With their smart thermostats, it is possible to decrease the overall energy consumption each month.

Video Monitoring/Cameras

Among’s wide range of products, you will also find several video surveillance cameras, which again, can be used in tandem with the other systems powered by Some of their other products include indoor, outdoor, and video doorbell cameras, which are sought-after since they offer night vision, audio systems on both ends, motion sensors, as well as video recording capabilities in HD. These surveillance cameras run on WIFI network.

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ADT Equipment

A range of security equipment is manufactured by ADT as well, all of which can be controlled using their control panels. One advantage is that the products offered by ADT come in two forms- wired and wireless. Batteries are used to run their wireless sensors. With the door and window sensors offered by ADT, it has never been easier to secure various points of entry in a home. Each time that a door or window-mounted with these sensors are opened, the alerts are triggered. With ADT’s motion sensors, large areas of your home can now be protected without any hassles. Any time motion is detected at home, they activate the motion sensors. There are glass break sensors offered by ADT too, and are perfect to protect your glass windows, if any. These sensors function by triggering the system any time a glass breaks. There are a few life safety devices- both wired and wireless- that are provided by ADT, including smoke and CO detectors. Each time these devices detect smoke and CO gases, an alert emerges.

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Additional Equipment

An array of add-on equipment is offered by ADT, which includes other branded equipment associated with home automation. This article will look at a few examples. To begin with, Kwikset automated door locks are offered, which permit the construction of custom user codes that are capable of being both enabled and disabled. These locks can be locked as well as unlocked remotely, with the use of the ADT app. There are smart thermostats offered by ADT too, which are compatible with the majority of HVAC heating and cooling systems. These thermostats enable the regulation of your home remotely. In fact, with the custom timers option, you can predetermine when the heating and cooling system are turned on and off. In order to regulate a door of a garage, ADT’s garage door controller can be purchased, which enables remote operation of these doors. Each time your garage door is opened or closed, you will receive a notification. Moreover, these controllers run on your home’s WIFI network. Several smart plugs and light switched can also be purchased from ADT, which allow remote regulation of your lights and small appliances. Similar to thermostats, you can predetermine when these appliances and lights switch on and off, using the custom timers.

Video Cameras

In comparison to other security-based companies, the video surveillance equipment offered by ADT is elementary in nature. They provide an array of wireless equipment including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras. The video resolution of the cameras is exceptional and they come with a 2-way audio feature, facilitating easy communication with people situated near your doorbell camera.

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Home Automation

ADT enables easy expansion of your system with its extensive add-on equipment, which includes LED bulbs that help mitigate your home’s energy-based costs. The ADT app can be used to switch on and off these smart lights. Its wireless light control enables the regulation of small appliances as well as lights. You would need to plug in the light control into some outlet allowing you to regulate the appliance affixed to the light control. The app by ADT can also be used to operate these appliances. Its automated door locks come with keypad designs that are resistant to fingerprints and enable users to develop custom user codes. With ADT’s garage controls, homeowners can control their garage doors remotely and you will be alerted by the app if you forget to close your garage door.

Video Monitoring

ADT’s video surveillance selection is pretty standard when comparted to other security companies that are similar. They offer indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras that are all wireless. Their cameras work by connecting wirelessly to your home’s WIFI network. All their cameras have excellent video resolution, and their doorbell camera even includes a 2-way audio feature that allows you to directly communicate with whomever is around your doorbell camera.

Who wins?

This category goes to They have a wider variety of compatible equipment to choose from, and an impressive lineup of video cameras and video monitoring options as well. vs ADT App

With, professional, self, and video monitoring services can be used in tandem with your devices that are connected, enabling you to overlook your security system. The app must be used to avail of their self-monitoring services. This can be downloaded for free. With the self-monitoring service, you will be able to regulate and adjust your devices remotely. The system can be armed and disarmed, the device status can be checked, devices can be added or removed, and the app can be used for live-streaming as well as recording videos. The services offered by ADT including self, professional, and video monitoring aspects. But the fact is that the features offered by the ADT app are quite limited. vs ADT vs Link Interactive can provide you with a solution that fits your specific security needs. Link Interactive has an easy to use system, and their month to month monitoring cost are some of the cheapest out on the market currently. Link Interactive’s control panel has a lot of great features, and the system is super expandable.

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